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There are too many of them !

Clash Royale Bots ?!?

Clash Royale Bots is it true ? Yes 100% !

I am playing to Clash Royale since more than 2 years now, and when i started it's a question which wasn't in my mind at all… I was sure i was competing with only Real people. The game was hard right from the start, i mean i remember my frustration when i had a hard time to go from 3000 to 3300.

Besides in the Supercell Support there is a little part related to the bots, it's only a 1 year old paragraph but it reinforces my inner conviction that when i started the game, bots if they existed were drown into the mass of real players.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #1
Not even close to reality anymore…

But things have changed the other way !

As i said above this message is already 1 year old… And the term they use “infrequently” is now completely out of date ! I even went to check the “french” version of this paragraph and the word used is even stronger, it's written RARELY !

When something is done Infrequently, or Rarely… You can expect it to happen maybe 1 time on 5, or even 1 time on 10 ! BUT NOT 9 TIMES on 10 ! Because Boys and Girls i can guarantee you that before 4000 trophies, and more exactly between 2600 and 3600 trophies… Which is now still part of the Tutorial in clash Royale, you'll encounter SO MANY BOTS that one new guy to the game could genuinely think Clash Royale is only filled with BOTS ! -_-

So here is the 100% Proof below, and you know what ? Their Artificial Intelligence became better than ever…

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Clash Royale Bots between 2600 and 3600

If you have read my other article about Clash Royale Clan Recruitment

  1. You know i have a secondary and even third low level account
  2. And that i used them to recruit Clanless members (in the 2600-3600 range)
  3. So i had to stay a long time in that range, and that means losing voluntarily !

So my results here are based on HUNDREDS of matchups, literally i am not even joking ! To fill my clan with new fresh blood, i had to play 300 or 400 matches in the 2600-3600 trophies range, and send as many invitations to the players post-match.

How to recognize a Bot ?

It's harder than before to recognize them, because overtime the mathematicians of Supercell have developed an even stronger Artificial Intelligence (A.I). Yes if you didn't know… The team of developers at Supercell got some brillant minds in terms of Mathematics and Statistics.

Example 1 : Too close to be “infrequently” or “rarely”… Some Generic Name, Same Deck and the same way of placing cards on the field. Also they never used any emotes nor either answered to a Good Luck / Good Game. And statistically it's RARE to get the same deck twice in a row.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #2

Example 2 : It was after Tony as you can see the name at the bottom of the picture, we have again 2 kinds of similar decks, players are not reacting to emotes, and their cards placements are the same ! They begin to place their cards with patience, and as soon as you get the upper hand… Their Artifical Intelligence is designed to make them “Choke” like a real human losing its logic.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #3

Example 3 : Same kinds of decks as seen previously, but this time THRICE in a ROW ! I am sorry but we're very far from the “unfrequently” or even “rarely” qualifiers written in the supercell support… It's obvious that their strategy have changed drastically since the Introduction of Clan Wars and Trophy Road.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #5

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Because Clash Royale is a “Frustrating” game ! You can't win all the time… And unless you're a Good player up to Pro Player, you're going to LOSE MORE than everything else. That's why many players left the game after investing a lot of time in it, because they were frustrated. And it's no use to spend a LOT of money into the game, as when you're level 13 with maxed cards… More Money won't help you to win ! But that's a good thing because in this very sentence, it means clash royale is NOT a Pay to Win game (P2W).

The thing is our mind is mostly used to games where we only play against the “Computer”, meaning the Artificial Intelligence… And most of the time, after learning all the patterns of the A.I, it's becoming easy to defeat it. But Clash Royale is about Humans versus Humans, and in that case it's not really about “taking pleasure” in a game between friends… It's more about COMPETITION ! And competition is Stressfull, Frustrating and Infuriating sometimes 😉

That's why since the introduction of Clan Wars, which is even more Stressful because all your clan is watching you, and also the Trophy Road, which is now called the Tutorial as long as you don't reach the 4000 trophies, they decided to put in place Bots in order to make Clash Royale look easier than what it's really is 😉 The little problem is THERE ARE FAR TOO MANY BOTS NOW in the lower levels…

But that's not all folks… As i have kept the BEST for the end !

Sneaky part about Clash Royale BOTS

Sneaky Part ?!? What are you talking about man ?

I am talking about the fact that Supercell developers managed to create an even better Artificial Intelligence, one that will make these bots look like real humans ! Because you know what ? There are 2 types of Bots now in Clash Royale…

  • The usual Bot you're matched up with and who won't react to anything…
  • The New upgraded Bot who will JOIN YOUR CLAN and PLAY CLAN WARS !

Yes guys ! And i am not joking at all… As i already stated in my previous article Clash Royale Clan Recruitment, i used 2 secondary low level accounts between 2600 and 3600 in order to recruit new fresh blood for my clan. And so i have made HUNDREDS of matchups against “clanless” players, and MOST OF THEM were BOTS ! So i have seen their behaviors, and post-match i always invited them and the upgraded BOTS did answer to my call.

You see when you invite a HUMAN, you welcome him/her in your clan… There is usually a response from him/her. And if not at some point, humans will begin to speak, to trade cards… And when playing Clan Wars, they will have human reactions. By watching their replay, some will be stressed and will use emotes right from the start “Crying Emote” meaning “Please let me win“, or by the end of the battle when they lose they'll use the “Laughing Emote” meaning “I don't care… But in fact i am FURIOUS !” but the Upgraded Bot won't have these reactions…

The upgraded bot will play or miss his Final War battle, like some real humans do. But if they play, by watching their battle you'll see the same “strange” placement of cards, the same “choke” reactions when the opponent will get the upper hand ! Because the opponent will get the upper hand… I've never seen any of these upgraded bots win a battle in clan war… They participate but when they do… They RARELY win…

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Differences between these 2 Bots

Usual Bot : Same range of statistics as all the other bots, they have a low donation score but it's only a lure… They never been in a clan whatsoever because they're not designed to accept invitations.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #6

Upgraded Bot : They got better statistics, are higher in trophies and their donation score is a little better. They do Donate from time to time but don't expect too much. And the main difference is their Clan War stats ! They managed to collect cards, but nearly always LOSE their War Day matchups.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #7

And no i am not crazy… After HUNDREDS of matchups against BOTS and inviting all of them, you begin to see things which were not obvious at the very start. You see “CLARENCE” joining the Clan at the bottom of the picture below ? Again it's an upgraded Bot… It will never speak, will maybe participate or not to the clan war but ultimately… It's no HUMAN. It's only designed to make you believe you are attracting new members, and your clan is growing !

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #8

Again “Ruhan” on the picture below is an upgraded Bot, it even requested cards but never answered to anything. Actually this Bot participated to Collection Day, but never did his War day Match… Its player statistics were also like any other upgraded bots mentioned above.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #9

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Are these Bots useful for something ?

In the end i'd say all these Bots helped me to grow my clan, so yes despite the fact that i don't like to play against bots, because clash royale is normally Humans versus Humans, and also despite the fact that i lost HOURS inviting Bots when i was thinking i was inviting real humans… Yes they have been useful in a way. Because the more members you have the more appealing your clan is…

And with the help of these bots i managed to grow my clan up to 40 players, even reaching 2nd and 1st place in War and raising our War Score over 250. It's not big but coming from a clan with 1 guy (me) and no friends at all since a little more than 1 month, it's not that bad of a result 😉

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #10

I even began to walk out in other clans with one of my secondary account to recruit players from dying clans 😉

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #11

And if you do that please remember that you have to stay at least some minutes in their chat, in order for your message to stay visible in case you leave. That's why you can see i have left and came back to check 😉 In the end, Clash Royale BOTS are now part of our CR life, we just have to do with.

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