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or How to be a Good Leader !

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Clash Royale Clan Manager

Learn to become a Good Leader

First of all, if you're reading these lines it means you already got your own clan in Clash Royale. If not, you're maybe thinking about creating one, and in that case there are 2 posts you should read first ! It will save you some time…

Because unless you have LOT of friends to help you, your clan will take a LONG time to build and grow. And once it's built, once it's filled with players… You have to make sure that your team is active. There are MANY clans filled with 50 members in Clash Royale who are completely INACTIVE.

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #1
By the way if you like to War, and want to join us, you're welcome !

Keep your members motivated

Having your own clan is a good thing ! But if you have 10 active members and the rest are sleeping it's no use… in that case your clan is worthless, because it's composed of slackers. That's why we're going to teach you here how to manage your clan, and how to keep your players active and happy.

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Clan Wars 24/24 7/7 ? a Must do !

If you build a clan in Clash Royale, ultimately it's to participate to Clan Wars !

  1. You want players with a strong spirit of competition !
  2. You don't want players who are scared of participating to clan wars
  3. You have to NUDGE the players who are not participating enough !

In order to make Clan Wars 24/24 7/7, you must have a strong foundation of players willing to participate to clan wars. So even if some members need a little pause from time to time, at least there will be enough players in your clan for a reliable turnover.

And there is a Good feature called the NUDGE ! If you go into the War Tab, then click on the little clan button at the top right… You'll see the list of players participating, and below the others who are not. In that case you need to click on the profiles of the members who are slacking too much, and select NUDGE. This way they will receive a notification on their mobile if they activated the notifications of course…

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #2

Keeping Track of your Members

Don't NUDGE everyone, just those who are never participating or who haven't connected since a long time. If you click on your clan, you'll see below the trophies of each player, the last time when the player connected. It's an efficient way to see if your members are active.

  • They already participated to War ? Don't nudge them, it's good to take a pause.
  • They're Active but never participate to War ? NUDGE them twice every war !
  • They're Active but never participate to War since 1 week ? Kick them !
  • They never participated and are gone since 4 days or more ? Kick them !
  • They participated but are now gone since 7-8 days ? Kick them… sadly.

Yes there are holidays which are different in every countries, but in that case tell your members to notify you. And as you can see on the screenshot below, members do feel the need to take a pause from time to time, it's normal even for you 🙂

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #3

Clan Wars Deck building

As a leader you should be an experienced player… You don't need to be the best player of your clan, but at least you should know a few principles. Like to build a war deck with the cards won during the collection day, and then share it to your clan.

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #4

Because you know there are MANY PLAYERS who don't have a clue on how to build a good deck… So if you're sharing a good war deck to them, some will probably use it and it will probably be for the best !

  • Share your deck to the team with a message like “seems a nice deck, any suggestions ?”
  • Tell your members to only choose the highest cards available for them.

The first show your team that you're open to suggestions, because a good leader listen. The second is only about logic… But unfortunately many players lack that logic ! Many players are taking lvl 5 units because they love the card, and then they're matched against lvl 9 cards or more. That you love this card or not… a lvl 5 will be crushed by a lvl 9 ! So tell your members to either raise their cards, either choose a different deck.

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #5

Dealing with the War Pussies

An important part of the Clash Royale Clan Manager is to deal with them ! You can see on the screenshots below 2 different players Alexey21 and Robbie. Both participated to the first day of war, the collection day ! But on the second day they were completely gone…

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #6

This is a thing i can understand, because sometimes we have life urgencies… And as long as it doesn't happen everytime No Problem ! nethertheless for both these players, i nudged them 2 to 4 times, because i have 3 accounts, and 2 of them are Leader and Co-leader in my clan. So i can send 4 notifications to one player if i want to… And in that case they never answered to my war call… BUT THEY DID HAVE TIME TO CONNECT TO REQUEST CARDS !

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So you have the time to connect to request a card, and i am pretty sure you don't have a life urgency in that case, because who would think to go request a card in case of a critical life urgency ?!? But you don't have the time to do a simple fucking war match ! In that case YOU ARE NOW a PUSSY ! And i simply don't keep PUSSIES in my clan 😉

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #7

And for the second Robbie… It was even more laughable… He was nowhere to be seen as long as the War was LIVE… And as soon as the WAR was over, he connected to request ! Big Major LOL ! That means he saw ALL my notifications, so this Guy is not only a Pussy, he is a Coward !

Tell them when they're good !

Do you know what's important to do as a Good Clash Royale Clan Manager ?

  • To congratulate your fellow old members who are following you since a long time !
  • To share how proud / how excited you are after having seen an incredible Win !
  • To tell each one of them in the chat how happy you are to have them in the clan !

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #8

Because without your team, you're a leader of NOTHING ! So if your members are doing a good work, tell them at soon as you notice it ! Watch their war replays, it will help you to decide if they're good or if they're playing like shit. War Replays are the best way to see the skill level of your members, and as i already stated it… You should only keep the best and kick the rest 😉

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #9

People like to hear from their boss when he / she is happy ! If you want to keep people happy and Loyal to you, You MUST TELL them you're proud of their work ! If they're doing a good job of course… Don't keep someone who is bad and lie to him by saying he is good… No No ! A Good and Strong Leader have to take decisions, and these decisions must be made towards the “Better Good” for the Clan.

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #10

A Good Clan is Built from Good Players !

You want your clan to Grow ? You want your clan to Shine ?

  • You don't want to keep people who are playing like shit
  • You don't want to keep people who are missing wars over and over
  • You don't want to keep people who are making the same mistakes ever
  • You don't want to keep people who are questionning you too much…

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #11

A Good Leader must HAVE BALLS ! That's why you're a leader… You have to listen to your members, but in case one of them is not happy and ask too many questions about your way to drive the clan, Kick him / her. Because it's BAD Vibe when a leader spend too much time trying to justify his / her actions.

Clash Royale Clan Manager in the end

You're the leader to motivate your troops, to ensure that everything goes well according to the plan. You're keeping track of the progress of each of your members, you replace some by some others with time, all of that for the good of the clan. Because you want your clan to grow, and you want your people to live happily in the clan, while retaining a dose of discipline.

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #2

So as on the screenshot above, wish them good luck before the war, remind them of anything you think that could help them to prevail. You're not their father / mother, but you know… you have to show them the way. A leader is not for everyone, there are bad leaders who never give a shit about their clan, which kind do you want to be ?

Remember something… If you care about the performance of a member, it's because you care about them, it's because you care about the survivability of your clan, it's because you don't want to see it crumble to dust, so get your ass onboard ! You have a crew to drive on ! 😉

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