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How to find Players Fast to Fill your team ?

Clash Royale Clan Recruitment

Clash Royale Clan Recruitment (update 03/19/20)

Let's be realistic… When it comes to “Finding new players” to fill your clan, Clash Royale is horrible ! It's very easy to find any clan in the world, but there is NOTHING to find players. When you start a new clan from scratch it's a PAIN in the ASS ! Either you got a LOT of FRIENDS in real life or via facebook, who are willing to help you grow your clan, either you'll stay alone in your newborn clan for weeks before it fucking dies…

So you're here because you want to SAVE your BABY Clan ! And that's what we're going to teach you !

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #0
29 members so far by following this Action Plan

First… a note for Supercell !

Supercell… if you're reading these lines one day, please implement a search feature for your database of players ! It would be easy to implement with any Oracle / SQL database, and all you'd have to do would be to put a “filter” in the search, so that if there are too many returned results, you'd just ask the player to filter even more until the search box bring a max of 100 results ! Technically it's possible !

Social Clash Royale Clan Recruitment

Now maybe… They didn't implement this feature because they wanted to prevent “Players harrassment“. Well… It's possible but still there would be ways to prevent players to receive too many invites. I mean in 2020 when you really want to make things better for the players, there are always more and more viable solutions to be found ! And Clash Royale players / customers are asking for this feature since years !

So now… Most of the players are resorting to social networks for fresh blood ! But in case you don't have any friends, it's just a waste of time ! I have seen all these Facebook Pages and Groups, where everyone is advertising about their clans ! It's a REAL MESS ! There are 99% of the time clans advertising, and 1% of the time players seeking a new clan… When it's not a Fake account to just excite this crowd of Hyenas ^_^

Besides most clans are also advertising on other clans posts, and admins are doing nothing… i have seen it !

So in the end, if your clan is NOT…

  • a World TOP Clan
  • a Legendary Clan (3000+ War points)
  • a Clan owned by a Clash Royale Celebrity

You WON'T HAVE ANY CHANCE of finding new players for your clan !

Basically if your Clash Royale Clan Recruitment is freshly new… You can advertise your clan for weeks even months in facebook pages / groups, in Reddit Forums, in Twitter, in Private Forums and still GET NOTHING OUT OF THEM !

So it's High Time we Change the Rules !

My friend… If you really want to Grow your Clan, you'll have to…

  • Create a LOW Secondary Account !
    (in case your MAIN Account is at least 5K)
  • Invite all the NO Clan Players !
    (starting around 3000 trophies)
  • Send Savage Invites in Tournaments !
  • Walk into other clans To Steal their members !

Otherwise your Clash Royale Clan Recruitment will stay Shitty for Life ! Now… It's up to you 😉


Clash Royale Clan Recruitment

Actually… there are 3 options that really work !

  1. Inviting Low members (Working Best !)
  2. Savage Invites in Tournaments (If you have at least 20 members)
  3. Acquiring members by stealing them (If you have a good clan)

And if you'd rather seek the righteous way with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Private forums… have it your way, it's your clan dying… not mine 😉

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