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How to find Players Fast to Fill your team ?

Clash Royale Clan Recruitment

Clash Royale Clan Recruitment

Update 2021 : Go straight to the Full guide section.

Let's be realistic… When it comes to “Finding new players” to fill your clan, Clash Royale is horrible ! It's very easy to find any clan in the world, but there is NOTHING to find players. When you start a new clan from scratch it's a PAIN in the ASS ! Either you got a LOT of FRIENDS in real life or via facebook, who are willing to help you grow your clan, either you'll stay alone in your newborn clan for weeks before it fucking dies…

So you're here because you want to SAVE your BABY Clan ! And that's what we're going to teach you !

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #0
29 members so far by following this Action Plan

First… a note for Supercell !

Supercell… if you're reading these lines one day, please implement a search feature for your database of players ! It would be easy to implement with any Oracle / SQL database, and all you'd have to do would be to put a “filter” in the search, so that if there are too many returned results, you'd just ask the player to filter even more until the search box bring a max of 100 results ! Technically it's possible !

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Social Clash Royale Clan Recruitment

Now maybe… They didn't implement this feature because they wanted to prevent “Players harassment“. Well… It's possible but still there would be ways to prevent players to receive too many invites. I mean in 2020 when you really want to make things better for the players, there are always more and more viable solutions to be found ! And Clash Royale players / customers are asking for this feature since years !

So now… Most of the players are resorting to social networks for fresh blood ! But in case you don't have any friends, it's just a waste of time ! I have seen all these Facebook Pages and Groups, where everyone is advertising about their clans ! It's a REAL MESS ! There are 99% of the time clans advertising, and 1% of the time players seeking a new clan… When it's not a Fake account to just excite this crowd of Hyenas ^_^

Besides most clans are also advertising on other clans posts, and admins are doing nothing… i have seen it !

So in the end, if your clan is NOT…

  • a World TOP Clan
  • a Legendary Clan (3000+ War points)
  • a Clan owned by a Clash Royale Youtuber

You WON'T HAVE ANY CHANCE of finding new players for your clan ! Basically if your Clash Royale Clan Recruitment is freshly new… You can advertise your clan for weeks even months in facebook pages / groups, in Reddit Forums, in Twitter, in Private Forums and still GET NOTHING OUT OF THEM !

So it's High Time we Change the Rules !

My friend… If you really want to Grow your Clan, you'll have to…

  • Benefit from Lossless special events
  • Benefit from Royal Pass and unlimlited continues
  • Send Savage Invites in Tournaments !
  • Invite all the clanless Players you come accross !
    (the players you beat or who beat you…)
  • Walk into other clans To Steal their members !
  • optional : Create a low secondary Account
    (in case your clan is really starting from 0)

Otherwise your Clash Royale Clan Recruitment will stay Shitty for Life ! Now… It's up to you 😉


Clash Royale Clan Recruitment

Actually… a few options really work !

  1. Invite members from lossless special events
  2. Use your Royale Pass in any special events
  3. Invite any clanless player you come across in 1 versus 1
  4. Savage Invites in Tournaments (If you have at least 20 members)
  5. Acquiring members by stealing them (Only if your clan is good)
  6. Inviting Low members (Only for starting clans)

And if you'd rather seek the righteous way with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Private forums… have it your way, but trust me i had 3 people coming from Facebook in maybe… 30 advertisements from my part ! And these were not the best players… But more some kind of frustrated players nobody wanted !

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1 – Lossless Special Events

Special events where there are no losses are great to recruit new players !

How ? very simple, you'll have to participate, launch battles and… let yourself lose ! There are more clanless players participating to events than to 1 versus 1 or 2 versus 2. So there is a higher % of chance to be matched with a clanless player. So just lose all your matches until you're matched with a clanless player, and after the match just click on their profile and invite the guy. You have nothing to lose if not your pride… but who cares about that ? ^_^

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #15

Also challenges where it's 2 versus 2 can potentially bring twice the amount of clanless players 🙂

2 – Use your Royal Pass

Very same thing than the first advice with free special events…

But with the Royal Pass, you can apply it to every events during the month. Because of course you have unlimited continues to retry the event for Free ! So you can lose as much as you want… The only impact will be on your clash royale profile, your Win % will lower as you'll lose every game on purpose. But no one is going to look at your stats unless you're a pro player, and if you're a pro player you shouldn't be on this page ^_^

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #16

3 – Invite any clanless player

Now this one should be obvious…

whenever you're matched with someone, in 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, tournaments or any challenges… If you need to recruit players for your clan, you should invite every clanless players you're matched with. Whatever the outcome of the mach (you lost ? you win ?) just invite the guy.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #17

Then of course if the guy a prick, just kick the bugger off 😉

4 – Savage Invites in Tournaments

You know (or not…) there is a place in Clash Royale called the Tournaments ! I mean a place where you can participate to, or create your own tournament 🙂 To find it, it's on the home screen of clash royale, just touch the “Burger Menu” on the right, and then touch “Tournaments” in the list.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #1

At first you won't see any results… nothing ! Because you don't necessarily know the name of a private tournament, nor either their hashtag ! Yeah… Another friendly interface from Supercell ! Most people discovering this screen for the first time think it's only for people who are in the secret of gods -_-

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #2

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That's because you simply need to Put in ONE LETTER or NUMBER ! But that… Nobody told you 😉 As an example if you write down the letter “A“, you'll get all the tournaments containing “A” in their name, whatever this letter is alone or attached to other letters. (meaning a full word…)

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #3

Now… Select a clan by touching it, and then press the BLUE Button “Info”, you don't want to join it !

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #4

Once you're inside the tournament, you'll see the full list of players ! Your goal now… is to scroll players until you find those who are CLANLESS ! You can scroll fast and still notice them, very easy as their Clan Coat of Arms will be COMPLETELY BLACK ! Once you find one, touch his / her name !

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #5

Now you're on the Player's profile ! And you can see the BLUE Button “INVITE” ! You don't know this guy, you've never met before… But still you'd like him / her to join your clan ! So you're going to touch the Invite Button, and then if his / her mailbox is not already full, you'll see the message “INVITE SENT SUCCESSFULLY” ! That means you just sent him / her an invitation to join your clan !

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #6

That's what we call a SAVAGE INVITE 🙂 because the guy don't know you, you surely never saw him / her in action, so you don't even know if this player was worth the hassle to scroll and invite… But what you know is… YOU NEED PLAYERS TO FILL YOUR CLAN !

Because the more players you'll have, the easier it will become to attract new ones. Now… If the mailbox of this player is already full (because obviously you're not the only Savage around here 😉 ) you'll get another message ! “CAN'T INVITE, PLAYER'S INBOX IS FULL“. In that case just go to the next CLANLESS player in the list, you don't want to wait for the player to clear his / her mailbox.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #7

Is this method working ? yes of course it works… Otherwise i wouldn't speak about it ! As you can see on the picture below…

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #8

Now… acquiring new players is one thing, keeping them is another ! Some will accept your invitation and will stay for a long time. Some others will only stay for a few days, and if you don't manage to find other players quickly they will leave. It's all a matter of managing the “impatience” of your members, who are waiting of you to recruit more members and start clan wars ! Because as a Leader it's your Job.

Then as your clan will grow towards the Non-Stop Wars, you'll be able to proudly walk into other dying clans to propose a Fusion with their best players ! (This time you won't need the low levels) and that's what we're going to talk right now 😉

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5 – Deception and Fusion (Stealing players)

This is the oldest trick since the dawn of time… Promise something to your future members, something they wouldn't have in their previous clan, and they'll join you ! The bigger the promise… The best your chances of recruiting them will become 😉 Like offering them FREE GEMS by the end of the Clan War season, for let's say the TOP 5 or 3 players of the clan ! It allows them some margin… Just a TOP 1 wouldn't be that interesting.

If you promise someone just a little more than what they already have, they won't be interested ! But Promise them MUCH MORE than what they already have, and though some could think “it's too good to be true”, most will become interested ! You just have to find the right balance between “not enough rewards” and “too good to be true”. Okay but where can you advertise and do that ?

Look at the picture below… Yes my friend you're going to join other clans, clans which are now dying mostly because their leader were too lazy…

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #9

You get the idea of what we're about to do meaning stealing members. Besides there is a sentence on this picture telling you that the clan is dying or not doing so well… And this is “CLAN WAR CANCELLED” !

Please note : You can't enter a clan, write your message and then leave right away… Because it's considered SPAM by Supercell and they implemented a simple rule against it… Now if you join a clan and want your message to stay visible even if you leave, you have to wait for roughly 10 minutes in clan chat. So That's why you have to play it the smart way…

What's the smart way ? You enter the clan and propose a Fusion between your clan and their clan. You'll stay the leader and they will come to your clan, you'll give the old leader the position of Co-Lead, and the old Co-Lead a position of Elder because “you have to see by yourself what they're worth” 😉

Now how do you find these Clans which are dying or not doing so well ?

Just go to the Social button at the bottom of your screen, press it, and in the new screen press the search icon located at the top right of your screen. Finally enter a single Letter or Number, and you'll find TONS of THEM ! And as you can see… The name of a clan isn't really important… Look at all those clans with stupid A A A A A Names… If there are that many people who have joined these silly clans, they will join yours for sure 😉

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #10

Try to look for clans between 5 and 15 peeps, with a low war score… (less than 500) These clans have started war one day, but then their clash royale clan recruitment process have stopped ! The leader haven't put enough time in the clan to make it grow… so they're slowly dying by gasping for air !

And of course after that if you want to kick some of them… You're the Leader 😉

5b – Deception in your own Description

Deception / advertising can be put in your clan description too… And there you could think that once the “deception have been unveiled”, maybe the players will leave your clan ? A few maybe yes… but trust me just a few ! If you're a good leader, if clan wars are working non-stop, if there are many requests and enough donations to fill them, and if members in your clan are basically feeling good… they'll stay !

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #11

None will be stupid enough to leave a boat where it feels good, even if the promised rewards are gone… They know what they would lose, and they surely don't know how the grass is elsewhere 😉 and by the way you're a Leader ! If people are not happy with it… KICK THEM ! At some point you got to be Bold !

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6 – Low Secondary Account

I called it the “secondary account” because i couldn't use my main account to do it, but if your main account is low level, then you'll be able to do it while climbing the ladder. You'll be surprised to know how this help for Clash Royale Clan recruitment ! You see… Most people begin to join Clans by level 8 and 9… Why ? Because level 8 is the requirement for Clan Wars, and level 9 is the level where you can do challenges with the same chances as anyone else.

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #12

But i recommend you to start as soon as you're level 7, and you should be around 2300 trophies. At this level you'll meet several players in 1vs1 or 2vs2 who will be Without CLAN ! So your mission will be to invite them after your match, whatever the result of the match… It's not important to know if you won or lost, put your pride aside as all you want are new members !

Look at the picture below, it's my activity log… Faced 2 players without Clan. So after the match, click your activity log, touch their name, enter their profile and click the blue “INVITE” button ! Maybe they'll join, maybe they won't, and maybe they won't even see your invite as they're fairly new to the game 😉 Also you can notice i've lost a match 0 – 3 at the bottom, that's because YOU DON'T WANT TO WIN TOO MUCH !

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #13

Let's explain the basics… You'll begin to recruit your new members by 2300 trophies. So as long as you don't get around 5-10 members, you don't want to grow to 2600 trophies, because you'll be stuck at 2600 trophies. So once you have your 5-10 members, reach 2600 trophies and begin a new cycle of recruitment. Once you get 10-20 members reach the 3000 trophies and stop before 3300.

Between 3000 and 3300 is the BEST RANGE for Clash Royale Clan Recruitment ! That's why try to not reach 3600 before you get at least 30 members ! And how do you stay in that range ? YOU LOSE ! Deliberately, intentionally… You start the match, say Good Game and do nothing until you die 😉

Clash Royale Recruitment Screenshot #14

By the way… It's good practice to ALWAYS SAY “Good Game” and then “Well Played” to your opponent ! Even more if you're going to invite him / her after the match… Clash Royale is a game filled with Frustration ! So if you want people to join your clan, at least make them feel good… even if you won !

Best practices to know…

If your Main Account in the clan is at least 5K trophies, it will attract players even more ! You can also put the requirement to enter your Clan at 4000, as it's motivating for a low level player to enter such a clan ! It's like being on the guest list of a nightclub !

It's of course necessary that your secondary low level account is part of the same clan ! And even promote it as the “LEADER” of your clan, and your Main Account just as “Co-LEADER“. Like that you'll be able to leave the clan with your main account, to exchange tokens with another clan player as an example, or also to propose a FUSION with another clan… Like we talked about that in Part 5 of Clash Royale Clan Recruitment.

Beware : If a Clan War just started, do your first match before leaving the clan or you'll lose the opportunity to do so, even if you come back shortly after… It happened to me one time.

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