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Excitement is gone, is it still worth it ?

Pour le Français – Clique Juste Ici !


After the excitement of the first season, where the pass was offering features never seen before, and a new (useless :-D) legendary… The expectations were big for this 2nd Royal Pass ! Unfortunately the announcement came at the same time as a Nerf on several cards, and from a marketing strategy… I think they made a big mistake ! How do they expect customers to buy their pass if they begin their sales pitch by frustrating them ?!?

Actually i am frustrated since the Nerf on Inferno Tower, and then now they kill the Barbarian Barrel, and fix a bug on the Valkyrie… All these cards are part of my main deck, so i guess next step is Hara-Kiri -_- As for the expectations towards a new legendary card, well… One couldn't expect a new legendary card every season, it would be far too much for the balance of the game. So… let's compare the game with and without this Clash Royale Season 2 Pass.

Clash Royale - Season 2 Pass Screenshot #1


First to assess this Clash Royale Season 2 Pass, we need to compare it to the 1st Season. On the social networks many players complained about the lower rewards. Rest assured you got the exact same rewards, but they have been re-organized… So the order you win them is not the same, but in the end you win exactly the same amount as in the First Season.

  • 40.000 GOLD
  • 2 Legendary Chests
  • 4 Epic Lightning Chests (nearly an epic… 18 cards instead of 20)
  • 1 Emote and 1 Tower Skin.

These are the most important extra rewards, i am not counting the rest. It's just to show you that the rewards haven't been touched.
And now let's talk about the most common complaints…

Why do i have to pay a second time for the pass ?

Because the pass have been announced at the very beginning as a Monthly Subscription, and it was designed to only last for a season, it's not permanent… You can't expect to pay such a small fee for a Yearly subscription.

Where is the Season 2 New Legendary Card ?!

We've all been announced the first season with a New Legendary Card on the front cover ! So one might expect a new legendary card EVERY season ! But no… You know it's not possible, it would hurt the balance of the game. Still from a marketing point of view it was a nice move from Supercell, as it made the players believe there would be a new card every season. But on the other side of the coin… now many players expectations have been broken.


Let's compare the rewards as if you had to pay for them in the shop…

Clash Royale - Season 2 Pass Screenshot #2

As you can see for the same price of the Pass you can only have 500 Gems in the shop.

Clash Royale - Season 2 Pass Screenshot #3

And how much gold can you get for 500 Gems ? You can get 10.000 GOLD.

Now of course the 500 gems is not the most interesting price… The best price are the 14000 gems for 110€.

500 gems for 5€49 is like 100 gems for ~1€10 Cent.
14000 gems for 110€ is like 100 gems for ~0.8 Cent

So let's assume you got the best deal of 100 gems for ~0.8 Cent, you could have 500 gems for only 4€, and so in the end you could have 10.000 GOLD for just 4€. And even 3€60 if you count that the best price for Gold is buying 100K, and it's 10% lower than buying it at 500 gems.

Well… Still the best deal of the shop won't be better than the rewards you're going to win with the pass.



Better than words let's calculate how much GOLD (and GEMS equivalent) you can win with the Pass.

  1. 40.000 GOLD from the extra pouches. (that's like 2000 Gems)
  2. 4 Lightning Epic Chests of 18 Epic Cards. (that's like 18 * 500 * 4 = 36000 GOLD or 1700 Gems)
  3. 1 Emote. (you know they sell for 250 Gems in the shop, so it's worth 5000 GOLD)
  4. 1 Tower Skin. (i guess one day they'll be available for 250 gems as well… Worth 5000 GOLD)

That's already 86.000 GOLD from the most important rewards alone. If you include the 3 Rare Lightning Chests it's again 35 * 100 * 3 = 10500 GOLD. So we're now at 96500 GOLD… And if you add to the mix all the little lightning Common Chests… Even if they're not worth that much, you can calculate that we reached 100K GOLD ! So you paid 5€49 for 100K GOLD worth of rewards… I think i have seen far worse rewards 😛

Oh wait ! There is also…

  • The Queuing of chests
  • The unlimited retries during the whole season for every challenges ! (global tournament excluded)
  • The bling bling side of the golden name

All right… is there someone in the audience who still want to complain about the Clash Royale Season 2 Pass ? Go for it in the comments below… Of course you can also comment if you love this pass, or if you had any ideas to make it even better !

So as a conclusion, with or without a new legendary card… I guess we can agree that the Clash Royale Season 2 Pass is still a great offer from Supercell. And by the way… Is there anyone here really playing the fisherman ? Please give me your deck in the comments, i'd like to hear your strategy.

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