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Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober

What's better to bring some new features than Halloween ? 😉 Yes after 3 seasons, a good first one, a dubious second episode but a great third one, the 4th had to be… different ! And here it is, with the Elixir Golem, the Free Gifts and the Gold Bank !

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober

Yes i am still a Royale Pass Customer ! Why would i go back the way it was before ? Yes i was a FREE to Play player for more than 1 year… first of all because i didn't feel like paying for gems in the shop, but since the introduction of a monthly pass, granting me all the rewards whatever my ingame performances and even more, well i've never maxed so many cards in my entire clash royale life ! 😉

Every month i am maxing 2 more cards, and i am raising some others to level 12… So all in all, since i am a Royale Pass customer, i can finally take pleasure in competing in the ladder against maxed decks. And if i lose i can only blame myself ! Because everyone need to understand that… When you're matched against someone else, it means both of you are counters to each other. So in case you lose… you can only blame your own skills.

By the way If you want to know about the Royal Pass Rewards

I wrote a whole post on all the rewards you can get from being a Royal Pass Customer.


  1. You can't get a perfect matchup everytime…
  2. You have to learn how to defeat the decks you hate
  3. Don't blame the game or the Royale Pass when you lose
  4. Just accept that other players can be way better than you 🙂

Free Gifts !

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober Screenshot #1

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober

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  • Every Time someone in your clan buy the monthly
    Royal Pass, you can feed on his / her purchase !
  • That means you can click on the CLAIM button
    and automatically receive 500 gold FREE !
  • 500 Gold is the same amount you could already
    gain, by giving a FREE epic on every sundays !
  • However The amount of FREE Gold you can
    claim is limited to 5000 Gold every season.
  • Your teammates can't complain anymore out of
    jealousy, as they can now feed on your money !
  • If one dare to complain about the “Rich Kids”, but
    still claim these free gifts ! Kick him / her out !

First challenge and already a Legendary !

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober Screenshot #3

Big Bags of Gold in every Challenges !

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober Screenshot #5


  • Before the 4th season, crowns won throughout matches were
    only useful to unlock the 35 Tiers of the crown chests.
  • Even for a Casual Gamer like me, in one full season you'd
    get largely more crowns, so these extra were wasted !
  • The community asked Supercell to do something about it…
  • They actually listened and created the Gold Bank, and now
    you can unlock 10000 FREE Gold by the end of season !
  • For every 10 extra crowns earned, you'll get 250 gold…
    So to get the 10K you'll need to gather 400 crowns !
  • If you're not the farming type, and just playing to get the
    chests and do the challenges, it should be good enough.

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober

Always more Rewards, thank you Supercell !

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober Screenshot #2

We want More

  1. Personally i've noticed 2 bad changes !
  2. The first one is the Epic Chest in the shop,
    Before it was 1 time a week, now it's RARE !
  3. The second one are the 100 gems you can
    win while climbing the ladder… Before it was
    100 gems above 5k, now you must reach 6k !

Elixir Golem

  • The Elixir Golem is the card released for Halloween
  • In the hands of an amateur ?
    It's without a doubt the WORST card in the game
  • In the hands of a Pro ?
    It's without a doubt the BEST Card in the game !
  • It's a cheap 3 elixir card to give you approximately
    the power of a golem, but without death damage.
  • The counterpart is… Upon death your opponent win
    4 elixirs. So it's only to be used in specific scenarios.
Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober Screenshot #4


Clash Royale Season 4

2 Tournaments better than 1

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober Screenshot #6

2 Tournaments

  • Generally… We have 1 global tournament
    every season, not a single more…
  • This time we got 2 global tournaments !
    The normal and the mini-collection one.
  • Global Tournaments are excellent for 2
    things, Deck Training and Rewards !
  • In every tournament you can also spend
    500 gems to unlock the Bonus Rewards.
  • It's only worth it if you reach 11 / 12 wins.
  • If we could get from now on 2 tournaments
    every season… That would be great.
  • And that would also be great for Supercell
    to get the customers to spend more gems.

Don't be Greedy

  1. Along with these new features i also noticed
    a surprising greedy behavior from Supercell…
  2. First of all… the option to skip Crown Chests Tiers
    for 100 gems… Who on earth would do that ?!?
  3. Second… Exclusive Shocktober quests which are
    not giving any quest points !! Only crowns…

Come on…

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober Screenshot #8

Clash Royale Season 4

Where are our Quest Points ?!?

Clash Royale Season 4 Shocktober Screenshot #7

Worth it ?

Yes ! Though for old Free to Play players like me, i don't think supercell will succeed in keeping us as monthly customers for much longer… At some point we'll manage to max 1 or 2 decks we love, and then we won't need the extra rewards anymore.

Clash Royale Season 4 is still good !

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