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Clash Royale Season Pass

Supercell is well known for their Awesome Business Plans ! Let's face it… There are more paying customers in Clash Royale than in any other mobile games ! It means every time they release a new paying feature, the players see the benefits and want to pay for it !

How does it work ?

First of all i am a FREE to Play Player ! But… this Clash Royale Season Pass which is a monthly subscription offers many cool benefits ! Between you and me i really think it was made to target Players, who feel like paying for Gems is a Rip-off, but paying a monthly subscription makes more sense ! And actually i am that kind of Free to Play player… Because i like to think “long term” over “short term”.

(2020 Update) I posted on Seasons 2, 3, 4 and 8

  1. Did some math about the rewards and speak about Season 2 – Click right here.
  2. Explained how to pay cheaper for Android users Season 3 – Click right here.
  3. Also a Full Review of the latest Shocktober Season 4 – Click right here.
  4. Finally i explained why i have decided to Not Renew the Pass Royale after Season 8.

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(2021 Update)

Though i said in 2020 that i wouldn't go for another Pass Royale, the introduction of the Magic Items changed everything ! Now for Every Pass Royale you get a “Book of Books” and a “Magic Coin”… These 2 items can be better than all the rest ! The Book of Books can get you 20 legendary cards in just a click, if you have a legendary lvl 12 and need 20 cards to max it. And the Magic Coin is equivalent to 100.000 gold in case you have enough cards to max a card to lvl 13, but not the money. With these great additions to the game, the Pass Royale is now cheaper than ever !


  1. I always thought paying for Mobile Games was Overpriced
  2. The only time i injected money was to change my Name…
    (yes this f…ing game charged me 1000 gems the 3rd time)
  3. Apart from that i am a real FREE to Play player !
  4. But this Season Pass for me is like a “Peace of Mind”

Benefits List

Clash Royale - Season Pass Screenshot #1

Clash Royale Season Pass

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  • It gives you an Extra Reward every time you complete
    a Crown Chest, up to 35 by the end of the season.
  • Rewards can be Chests, Tokens, Emotes and Skins !
  • When you lose in a special challenge, you can retry
    it without the need of spending extra gems !
  • When you begin the Opening process of a Chest,
    you can also Queue the next one ! Very Useful !
  • Your Name is displayed in GOLD everywhere !
    In Battle, in your Clan list, and in the Chat !
  • If i forgot something, please tell me in the comments !


  • Crown Chests are now separated in Tiers, every time you gain
    10 crowns, you advance one Tier and unlock Chest + 1 Reward.
  • It's like the Extra Rewards you can gain in Global Tournaments,
    but this time it doesn't cost any gold… You just need the Pass !
  • You don't have to wait anymore for the 24 hours to complete
    another crown chest. For players like me who can play a LOT
    one day, and not so much the next day it's a good thing !
    Because sometimes i was winning a few more battles, but i was
    feeling like “All these crowns won won't be used for the Chest”.
  • And as we can now complete up to 35 chests, it means we can
    participate even more to the wars, for even more crowns !

Clash Royale Season Pass

Even more Rewards for Big Players !

Clash Royale - Season Pass Screenshot #2

More Please… ?

  1. For the VERY BIG Players… It might be interesting
    to add even more than 35 chests in the future !
    Supercell should consider this for more customers.
  2. Because some players can acquire LOADS of
    crowns in 1 day… For them, even 35 chests will
    be filled in less than a month ^_^

Unlimited Tries

  • The BEST FEATURE of Clash Royale Season Pass
  • Special Challenges / events are now very common
    in Clash Royale… And for most of us we're certainly
    not successful on 1st try ! Even more when it's Draft.
  • Oh God i don't remember how many times i said…
    “What ??? 50 Gems to Retry this Shit !! No Way !!”
  • Because sometimes you're just VERY UNLUCKY and
    you have to pay Gems to pay for your Bad luck :'-(
  • Besides we're not all Very Good Players… We're not
    all One-Shotting Special Events like Pros…
  • So now i'll be able to Retry as much as i want, without
    spending any gems for the entire Season ! Holy Cow !
    For me It's like THE ultimate “Peace of Mind” Feature.

Clash Royale - Season Pass Screenshot #3

We offer you 10% Off (via Paypal)
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Only with our code 78301, click above then
send us the receipt at


Clash Royale Season Pass

Queuing Chests is just great !

Clash Royale - Season Pass Screenshot #4

Queuing Chests

  • Another Useful “Peace of Mind” Feature
  • As you might know, every time you start
    the opening of a chest… It takes time !
  • And when it's done, notifications activated
    or not, you don't necessarily have the time
    to open your application to open the next.
  • You might be at work, in the center of an
    important meeting… Whatever… Busy !
  • So this Queuing feature is great to plan
    your day, without having to think too much
    to “When is my next chest opening ???”
  • Even better with the new ladder system,
    giving you a “Boost” to your Openings,
    every time you reach a new Skill Level.

Customer Now !

  1. Frankly so many good features in this update…
  2. I really don't see any reasons to refuse to pay !
    Yes i might be stubborn and say “I am a FREE to
    Play Player”, if i pay it's like i'm breaking my vow !
  3. Come on… I am having FUN since more than 1 year
    on Clash Royale. 5€ are not going to Kill me, besides
    Google Play offered me 1 Free Euro lol…


  • You want to stand out of the crowd ? Your desire
    just came true, as Your Name will become GOLD !
  • It will appear in Flashy Gold on your Profile, in the
    Clan Roster, in your Clan Chat and in Battles !
  • The animation is similar to “Legendary Cards”
  • When you buy the Pass for the first time, There is
    a Big Announcement in Clan Chat. If you want to
    stay Anonymous… Sorry won't be possible 😉
  • Clash Royale just created the “Bling Bling” Status !

Clash Royale Season Pass

Everyone will know you got the Pass !

Clash Royale - Season Pass Screenshot #5

Clash Royale - Season Pass Screenshot #6


  • Get ready for Jealous reactions from your teammates 😉
  • As you can see if you click on the picture, you'll see
    players saying “Rich Kids” -_- Of course you just got
    something they won't have unless they pay 😉
  • Between you and me i'd really like to be “Rich”, and i'd
    love to be a “Kid” once more… Because i am looking
    for a Job 🙁 and i am already 40 years old…
  • This picture is a mix i made from several messages we
    had in our Clan Chat, but you can clearly see how the
    game emphasize players who buy the pass 😀

It's Cheap

Actually i didn't even pay 5€49, because when i clicked, i didn't buy right away and then Google Play offered me 1 Free Euro to buy the product ^_^ So in the end i only had to pay 4€49 which is really cheap for a One month subscription.

Clash Royale Season Pass is a must buy !

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