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Challenging, Unbalanced, Hard !

Druidstone Difficulty is actually one of the main subjects if you go to the Community Hub on Steam ! The Creators from Ctrl Alt Ninja have taken a new road, from their famous Dungeon Crawler Legend of Grimrock, to this Tactical RPG with a Steep Learning Curve !

Impossible to Win ?

Druidstone Difficulty… Frankly when you launch the game, it does look nice with cutie characters and funny dialogs 🙂 And then the first mission starts… And you retry it 5 times ! Because you want to Fulfill the Bonus Objective… But it Fucking Looks Impossible ! No kidding i literally spent 20 minutes on the very first mission to get it ! Is it a Tactical RPG or a Puzzle Game ???


  1. But the 5 first missions are a Pain in the Ass !
  2. Trust me… the beginning of this game is NOT Enjoyable !
  3. You literally have to Think “Puzzle Game” over Tactical !
  4. And that's why SO MANY players complained about it
  5. Because passed this stage… The game is Enjoyable 🙂


Here are some Hints below

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  • At the beginning Think “Survival“, NOT Experience
  • By the end of the 5th Mission, you'll become Stronger
  • So You'll have all the time to Replay all Missions later
  • Play in HARD Mode ! though the start of the game
    is really hard, it really becomes easier by Mission 6.
  • About Money… There is an Item you can buy early,
    giving you Unlimited Coins by Replaying Mission 1.
  • Many missions have a Limited number of Spawns,
    even if you think it never stops… There's a limit !
  • If you can handle the Waves, you'll clean the map.
  • When there is a Bottleneck (door, small passage)
    Use this to lure and kill the enemies one by one !
  • A few missions have Unlimited Spawns, Careful !

Replays are a Must

for Bonus Objectives

No Shame in Replays

  • It's not Easy to get All the Bonus Objectives
  • That's why you can Replay every Missions !
  • Don't hesitate to Replay them twice, to get the
    Bonus one by one if there are many to win.
  • Don't worry, You won't become too powerful !
    The more you Replay the less XP you get 🙂


  • a Few missions have Unlimited monster spawns
  • It means the Mission is designed to “RUN
  • So if you're too slow… You'll be overwhelmed !
  • Many players who like to take their time and play
    relaxed, have complained about it on Steam…
  • I think it's a good idea to Break the Routine, as it
    brings a sort of Timer Challenge to the mission.
  • Survival and Relaxed Tactics are quite different 😉

Druidstone Difficulty even bigger

When you think it's over… There's More !

Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #1
Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #2

Too Many mobs ! (Click to Enlarge)


  1. We can really Praise the Developers Reactivity !
  2. It's not AAA Game, but there are 2 updates per week !
  3. They understand more than anyone else, the importance
    of Good Customer Satisfaction, so they listen and Fix !
  4. This Keen behavior from the Team, is translated by
    New Positive Notes and Feedbacks every day !

The Best Skills

  • Always Position your Warden to use Guard !
  • Don't underestimate your Basic Teleport Ability
  • Focus literally raise spells to the next level !
  • Regenerate allows you to go for Endurance Battles
  • Crowd Control Spells like Forcefield, Sleep, Freeze
    or MindControl are just a “Must Take” to Survive !
  • Free Movements Abilities like Dash and Shift, are
    very important for missions including “Timers

Synergy of Skills

Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #3
Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #4

Choose Carefully ! (Click to Enlarge)


Frankly there are some situations…

Where i don't know how i got out alive !

Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #5
Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #6

Gold Help Me ! (Click to Enlarge)


  • At first most fights will seem very unfair !
    …That's until you figure out how to Win 😉
  • Sometimes you have to sacrifice a member,
    just in order to buy yourself time to prevail !
  • Remember that a Knocked-out member
    can always be brought back to life !
  • Though… Avoiding Knock-outs during the
    mission, can be part of the Bonus Goals 😉
  • From a mission to one another, you can
    completely reorganize your Skills Sets.

Is it Cracked ?

  1. Like 99% of games released on Steam, it was on Day 1 !
  2. Will it hurt their business ? I don't know, all i hope is the
    positive feedbacks are coming from paying customers.
  3. In the past some little gems like Paper Sorcerer were
    badly hurt by piracy… Resulting in Dev Giving up.
  4. Anyway remember that you'll get the latest game
    updates faster by paying, than to wait for new cracks.
  5. As of 05/27/19, Druidstone is updated to 1.0.24, and
    latest crack is 4 updates old ! (always better to pay)


  • Don't let Druidstone Difficulty crush your motivation
  • Passed the first difficult stages, you'll understand
    the game mechanics and begin to enjoy the game !
  • There are only 35 missions ingame, but trust me
    these will take hours to complete on Hard Mode.
  • Like there was a sequel to Legend of Grimrock,
    i really hope to see a sequel to Druidstone.
  • The Devs of Grimrock know how to keep us
    entertained, and Druidstone is no exception
  • The game can be bought for 21€ ($24 ?),
    and for its lifetime it's certainly a Good Price !

Pictures are better than anything

If you like what you see, you'll like it !

Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #7Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #8Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #9Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #10Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #11Druidstone - The Secret of the Menhir Forest Screenshot #12

You're the Boss here !

Your Feedback is important !


  • This page was designed to promote Druidstone
    (not paid for this, i am just a random guy ^_^)
  • and to help you overcome Druidstone Difficulty
  • So if you have any comment, please write them in
    the comment section below, i'll be happy to answer !
  • All the comments are moderated, so please come
    back and your writings should appear in 24 hours.
  • Thank you for visiting Largegamer Website ! ♥

Difficult !

If you like Druidstone, there are 2 other games you might fall in love with ! First is Age of Decadence and the 2nd (designed by the same studio) is Dungeon Rats. Both are Challenging Tactical Rpgs ! They have been created by the Iron Tower Studio, and they're like the “Dark Souls” of Tactical Rpgs 😉

Developers have to be paid for their hard work !

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