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Entropia Universe Auction House where most of the trades are done !

Profit in Entropia Universe is made with Markup not with Globals ?


We're now going to speak about the most important part of EU Economy, Buying and Selling !

In EU you buy and sell all kinds of things different ways…

  1. Buying and Selling from a Trade Terminal
  2. Buying and Selling from other players
  3. Buying and Selling from the Auctions

The Trade Terminal is also referenced as TT ! When you buy or sell something at TT Value, it means you're either not going to profit from your sale, or the person you're buying from is not going to make a profit. So as a result if you buy something at TT Value… It generally means a FAIR price !

This happens if you buy from the Trade Terminal, and sometimes from a friend. Because like in Real Life, even friends or members from the same society will want to profit, and won't sell you things at the very same price they bought it (TT price). Remember in EU we play with our real life money, so when we can make some profit… we do ! ?

Okay let's take an example now :

Here is some Purpurite Crystal, it's one of 4 crystals on Next Island which sells for nice Markup.

If you right-click on this material and click on the market indicator at the bottom right, you'll see a little window with the recent Markup (also referenced as MU), indicating this resource have been sold up to 500% in the last week, and that during this time there have been more than 178 peds spent in trades related to Purpurite Crystal !

  1. 1 Purpurite Crystal is 0.06 Peds, so at 500% it means you can sell it for 0.3 peds.
  2. If 178 peds have been spent in the last week, there is obviously a market for it.

So if you have let's say 10 units of Purpurite Crystal, don't sell it to the TT ! You would only make 0.6 peds out of them (0.06 x 10) when you could have sold them all for 3 Peds to other players ! (0.06 x 10 x 500%). MU is everything in EU to make more money and profit when the game is not nice with you regarding loots ?


How do we sell to other players ?

Very easily… Just advertise in the main channel for what you have to sell, and someone will eventually contact you… And if it's someone else selling in the chat, just click on his name and you'll be able to send him a private message. You don't really need to negotiate unless the price is bad, just ask the person the MU he does on his stuff and the total amount in Peds. Then go meet him / her at the nearest TP, or he / she can also send you his / her location.

Once you're in front of the person, right click on him / her to start the Trade.

Then in the window each of you will have to place what you want to trade.

As an example below on the first screenshot i made a deal with someone who was willing to buy SWEAT ! (You know we talked about Sweat Gathering before…). I haven't been greedy about it and only told him my price was 1.5p/k, meaning for every 1000 units of sweat he would give me 1.5 peds. He wanted to buy 5k (5000 units of vibrant sweat), so we agreed on 5k for 7.5 peds (1.5 x 5), which by those days is a good price

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #66-1
One Nice player buying sweat for a good price.

On the second screenshot below i wanted to buy 880 units of Lysterium Ingot, it was for a mission related to Manufacturing. So i contacted a guy on my friend list who is a Very nice and Known Reseller in EU ! His prices are more than fair, and i was glad that he was on Next Island. Just told him what i needed, he gave me his MU of 105%, then the total in peds and we traded near the sweat circle.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #67
Vill one of the best Sellers on EU !

Just for Your Information (FYI) when you want to give your money, you have to right click on your Ped card like on the right of the 2nd screenshot, select “Extract Peds” and extract the amount you need. Then just drag and drop the Peds and the Cents from your inventory to the trade window ?


How do we sell via the Auctions ?

Even more simpler than doing it with the other players… Auctions can be browsed at Auctioneers. These NPC's (Non-Player Characters) are scattered around planets, but mostly can be found in big cities or big outposts. It's up to the will of the designers to place them where they think there will be enough players to use them… That would be irrelevant to place an auctioneer in the middle of nowhere ?

Important to know : Every time you sell at an auctioneer, there's a small FEE of 0.50+ cents. So make sure it's worth it… It would be useless to sell something for a price which would barely cover the fee expenses of the auction.

So as an example let's take this Auctioneer on the screenshots below…

This one is located in a place called the Oasis on Next island. You simply interact with him with a right click, and then the auctions window will appear. As you can see i already typed in the word purpurite, to know at which price the other players were selling it. Useful to determine if your price will be in the right range to compete !

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #68
Welcome to the Auction system of EU !

Click on the SELL Button to open the Sell Window, then drag and drop the item you want to sell.

  1. You need to indicate the opening bid you're ready to sell it
  2. You need to indicate the number of days you want the auction to run (max 7 days)
  3. You need to indicate if you implement a Buyout Bid or not…

If a player Bid at the Buyout Price, the auction will stop and the buyer will get your item instantaneously.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #69
Time to define your auction details

So on the 2nd screenshot above, i indicated that the players must bid a minimum of 2 Peds (MU of 175.44%), and i agree to let it go at any moment for the price of 5 Peds (MU of 438.60%). When you put your Buyout Bid at a lower MU on an item where the demand is high, you're obviously going to sell it fast !

Now be careful on one thing… If someone bids on your auction, even at a price that you're not very happy with, because you would have thought it would have gone for higher than that, then you won't be able to stop the auction ! Look at the screenshot below… I wasn't happy with the price, i clicked on Remove but of course it wasn't possible anymore to stop the auction.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #70
Sorry too late to remove your auction !

There are players who are buying and reselling all day…

It's all a matter of finding good prices and reselling at a higher MU to make a profit. Hunting, Mining or Manufacturing are good activities… But Ultimately You will not beat MindArk. A Casino is always against the player and House always wins in the end. You'll be able to profit if you invest your time and money, but focus on MU ! That's the name of the game, and that's what you have to understand if you want to prosper or self-sustain in this game.


How to Win Auctions against other Players ?

Sometimes on popular items there can be several players fighting to get them ?

As an example I have acquired one Rare and Beautiful Blue Wazir Pleat ! Even more than a year later, i didn't find another one like the one i got. The Wazir Pleat is a direct competitor of the master coat which is very popular by old school players in EU, and still… I think the Master coat is not worth the high price for its low design… On the contrary the Wazir Pleat shines and sparkles ! Basically you really stand out of the crowd !

So when the auction was near its end… One guy began to fight for it, and the funny thing was… He made a bid 2 minutes before the end thinking i would not have the time to bid higher ? First i was ready for that, as i was in front of my screen refreshing the auction every 10 seconds, and Second… In Entropia Universe when you bid higher than the other player in the last 5 minutes, it Resets the counter to 5 Minutes ❤️

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #71
You're not alone to want the coolest garments…

So whenever you Bid higher… At 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 minute before the end of the auction… The counter will be put back to 5 minutes for everyone. That means you can't Ninja Bid like it was possible in other games, auction platforms on the web or real life systems… No ! On EU, everyone will get the chance to outbid their opponents with 5 more minutes and take their time, to think about if it's worth it or not.

So the guy had to wait for 5 more minutes, and then i made a bid at the last minute to outbid him (vengeance!) ? Basically by doing that we were both forced to stay on the auction screen, waiting 5 more minutes every time there would be a higher bid… So yeah if both bidders are stubborn it can last for a LONG time !

And in EU, other players like to Bid with just 1 Ped higher… I wasn't ready to stay 2 hours in front of my screen so i went to Bid 10 more Peds every time ! The guy even searched for my name in the global roster, and sent me a message to try to trick me as you can see on the screenshot below ?

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #72
Sorry i am 44 years old… doesn't work !

Telling me that if i was going to his position (which was just a position he randomly picked up from the map) and giving him 5 peds, he would let the auction go to me lol ? That's the kind of trick which could work on someone New to Internet, a little Naive maybe… But i am on Internet since 1995 so i have seen all kinds of shit going on, so i didn't even care to answer the guy… I continued the fight in silence !

Eventually as you seen on the same screenshot, he wrote me that he was giving up. It's all a matter of not falling into your opponent trap and showing that you have bigger balls. By bidding way higher than this person, is also a way to show your opponent that you're not afraid, as opposed to a 1 ped Bidder who seems very cautious about its budget.


Big BankRoll will Help to Profit from EU ! In order to minimize your Losses, you need to have a Big BankRoll… And that means to have thousands of Peds (or at the very least hundreds…) available at all times.

Why ? Because when you hunt mobs, there are many loots from them you can sell with a Markup of 101% to 110%. Problem is… 101% is not much when you're about to sell 5 or 10 peds of this loot. You'll have to spend time to find a player to sell your stuff to, and sometimes it takes hours, all of that to get 1-5 pecs in the end (0.01 to 0.05 peds).

But isn't there an Auction system ?

Yes and we spoke about it previously… But i said there was a minimum fee of 0.5 peds ! So if you plan to sell even 10 peds of stuff for 101% on the auctions, it will be useless as you'll get 0.1p (101%) and then you'll subtract the fees of 0.5p, so 9.6p in the end… So in the end you'll lose 0.4p ? (at that rate better sell directly to the Terminal !!)

Of course you can try to sell your stuff at a higher price like 102% or even 105%… But there are many other people selling their stuff ! So if your price is higher than the rest, you'll lose the 0.5p auction fees and nobody will ever buy your stuff ? Okay… sometimes 105% can be sold even if the markup is 101%, it's all about quantity and… Luck !

That's why you need to make stacks of ~100 peds value !

Every time you have something to sell… Check the Daily and Weekly Market Markup, and if you see 101% or more, that means there is a business for it (as low as it can be) but it's better to wait for the total value of your loot to reach 100 peds ! That's why the personal storage terminal is useful, put there all the loots you find, and only sell them in the auctions when the value of a stack have reached 100 peds ! (or high enough to be worth the auction fees…)

Doing so… You won't be able to sell your loots right on the spot, you'll have to wait and hunt even more, until you find more loots and it can take days depending on your activity. But in the end it's to profit even more ! And only the players who have a Big Bankroll will be able to do that, only them will be able to really Profit! Free to Play Players who need the money urgently in order to go on another hunt won't be able to wait.

Yes you can also go back to sweat to make ridiculous amounts of peds for days… ?

But let's be honest, if you have to sweat 4 days to hunt 1 hour… where is the FUN in that ? Is your life so boring that you'd be willing to spend days gathering sweat ?!?

Remember you make money with money ! So if you want to Profit from EU, think about Depositing Money first !


Drama is a real thing in Entropia Universe ! As you have seen it (or not) in the cover picture at the top of this page, “kaiser kaiser soze” have been scammed by “Kunrad Solo Reez” for roughly 375$ bucks and i believe him, because that wasn't the first time i heard about scam histories involving Kunrad. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, as many people are scammed in this game… and not only by MindArk but by the other players themselves !

It's sure contradictory with many people saying on the forum that “The EU community is the best !” ?

Remember that 1$ = 10 peds… and so 1 ped = 0.10$ cents. Why do i speak of that ? Because there are many… MANY players who are going to spend hours, literally hours in the game trying to sell things at a higher price of 0.5 peds sometimes and even less… That means the player is trying hard for hours to win 0.05$ to 0.01$ cents !

QUESTION : Would you spend a long time in real life fighting to get 5 cents ?

Most of us don't care about 5 cents… we wouldn't even care about it if we could find them on the street.

And don't tell me “these are poor people…“. They have a computer and an internet connection ! They could achieve so much more with that, than wasting their time fighting for cents !

So when you know this… It's very easy to deduct that if some players have the possibility to scam you for 375$, oh my god they'll do it right away ! Friendship or not ! ? And anyway Friendship is very relative in EU…

As a sign that doesn't deceive… Most mmorpgs out there have conventions, fan faires… Where players are gathering to meet in real life, talk with each other, play with each other ? There is no such thing in EU, because most EU players don't want to meet others in real life. They don't care about it, they just want to (try to) make money from this game.

And when someone tries to organize something…

  • The organizer takes it too seriously and it doesn't feel FUN…
  • When the organizer is genuinely caring, Veterans on the forum tries to discourage him… (it's always a HE)
  • People who like to think they're “Wise” will begin to create some Drama on the thread, saying there are many people they don't want to meet… People who are trash talking in the game… But these Wise guys should look into the mirror.

And in the end Every players playing to Entropia Universe are staying behind their screen…  In fact the only LAN organized by MindArk involves MindArk employees only. It's a gathering for the community… But… where nothing is said, nothing can be said and in the end you don't learn anything new from it. So they could stop it right away, it's not worth it. ?

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