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Entropia Universe Daily Missions to make the game more entertaining !

You won't have to buy guns anymore and you'll never know what you'll have to hunt !


I previously spoke about doing the CDF chain of missions on Calypso, finding a Mentor as soon as possible, and also grinding monsters to gain rewards from the Codex. These things are very important and should be known and done by any new starters in EU. So now let's speak about the Daily missions and their rewards which are Daily tokens.

Generally speaking, before going to grind a specific type of mob, you should ask yourself at all times : Is there a quest or a mission available for this kind of mob ? Like Go and Kill 200 Kerberos, that's why it's important to speak to every npcs with a yellow question mark. It would be a shame to grind 50 Kerberos that won't be counted towards a local mission which was rewarding you for the very same thing, but you didn't speak to the guy first…

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #35 cdf
Rule of thumb : Kill mobs when you have a quest for them 😉

But now back to the main subject of the day, the Daily missions ! You can see these as quests which are repeatable as they reset every 16 to 20 hours. They can be found either at a Npc giving them or at a Daily Mission terminal. On Calypso you have these terminals where you can choose a Daily mission on Hunting, Mining or manufacturing, and for Hunting there are 3 levels of difficulty displayed as Category 1 to Category 3.

  • Category 1 daily missions are for low level players below level 20
  • Category 2 daily missions are for players between level 20 and 40
  • Category 3 daily missions are for players who are in their 40-60 and even more than that !

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #35Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #36
Here is the Daily Terminal at Port Atlantis on Calypso, and you can of course abandon any missions.

Why would you abandon a mission like on the 2nd screenshot above ?

Abandoning a daily mission is no problem, and it can happens when…

  1. The creatures you have to kill are way stronger than you
  2. The creatures population is so scarce that it will take hours to find them (not worth the time)
  3. There are too many strong creatures to kill for the low reward (not worth the effort)


Daily missions are totally random ! Let's say we select a daily mission in Category 1 Hunting, you'll get a mission to hunt 50 Argonauts, or 50 Merps, or 50 Daikibas. For all of these mobs, you'll only be required to kill the Lowest Maturites (Punies excluded). So take the mission, go on exploring the world to find them, try to find a spot with the lowest maturity to make it even easier, and once it's complete go back to the daily terminal to get your reward.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #37Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #38
These are 2 Npcs each giving a quest (Feffoid and Argonaut Cave) rewarding you with 1 Daily token.

These rewards will be either Daily Tokens if the mission comes from a Daily Mission terminal or a Npc on Calypso, either something else like Items or Codex Skills. Tokens can be exchanged at a Daily Token terminal for Limited CDF Weapons or other stuff, and these weapons have an exceptional durability ! Meaning they will last a very long time, and when you know that every weapons in EU are decaying overtime, it's good when you can exchange tokens for them, so you won't have to spend your Peds to buy a new weapon + markup from other players.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #39Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #40
Here is a Daily Token to the left, and when you have enough you can buy Weapons with them.

Make sure you exchange your token for a weapon you have the skills to use ! Check the 2nd screenshot just above, and look at the stats of the weapon and you can read : Damage Interval, Range, Hit Ability and Critical Hit Ability

  • The numbers to the right are the maximum this weapon can offer you if your skills are high enough
  • The numbers to the left are what you're going to get with your actual level of skills

So if the numbers on the right are equal to the numbers on the left, you're Good 😎

If the numbers on the left are FAR from the numbers on the right, that means your skills are not high enough for this weapon, you're going to make less damage while using it, shoot from a shorter range, miss the creature more often, and rarely do a critical damage (which is double damage and less peds consumed to kill the mob).

There are people in EU who want good gear right from the start and who end up losing many peds, because they can't use their weapon at its full potential. So don't make the same mistake and only exchange your Daily tokens for a weapon you have mastered.


How many tokens do you need to get a FREE Weapon ?

There are several Limited CDF Weapons to get with your tokens, there is a full list of them at the Terminal.

The cost in tokens goes from 20 to 100, and it's always by steps of 20 tokens.

There are several weapons which all cost 20 tokens, several which cost 40 and the same thing applies to the weapons requiring 60, 80 and 100 tokens. They're all separated by the level of skills you need to use them efficiently, so you can buy a stronger weapon for the same 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 tokens than the previous one…

Then one could say : Why spend the 20 tokens on the less powerful version ? let's directly take the stronger one !

As i stated above, if you exchange your 20 tokens for the stronger version, but you don't have the skills to use it effectively yet, you're not going to be efficient with it and you're going to lose peds. So be patient, skills will come with hunting and soon with the same amount of tokens you spent today, you'll be able to buy a more powerful one.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #41Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #42
Example : On the left a weapon requiring 20 tokens, on the right a weapon requiring 40.

How many Tokens do you win from daily category missions ?

  • 1 Token from Daily Category 1
  • 2 Tokens from Daily Category 2
  • 3 Tokens from Daily Category 3

So yeah you might think it's going to take some time to get 20 or 40 or even 100 tokens to get a Free weapon ! But… As i already said it, these weapons have an Exceptional durability and i mean it ! These weapons will endure Hours and HOURS of non-stop shooting. So by the time your CDF weapon reaches 0, you'll have more than enough tokens to buy a new one. As long as you only shoot creatures from the dailies, and not too many mobs outside of them 😉

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #43 cdf
Here is another CDF weapon even stronger !


Whatever your level… Always take the 3 daily hunting missions every day from the terminal !

Why ? Because you can get LUCKY and get a Bonus Mission ! This Bonus Mission is ALWAYS Very EASY to achieve, and it can come from ANY of the Daily Categories, not only Hunting but also Manufacturing and Mining.

MANY low level players never take Daily Category 2 or 3 Missions thinking it would always be too hard for them…

They don't know about the Bonus missions. These BONUS awards you from 10 to 20 Tokens ! When you know you can exchange 20 Tokens for a nice exceptional Gun, that's like getting a Free Gun in 10 minutes. Because Bonus Missions are like to Kill 3 kinds of creatures which will Run away from You ! So whatever your level you'll never die 😂

Best Practice is to click on every daily missions on the daily terminal every day !

Complete those you can and Abandon the rest. Then wait for the next day, Rinse and Repeat 😁 This way you'll finally get those Bonus and you'll never have to buy a gun anymore to complete the other dailies… Then of course if you also participate to other events, in that case at one point… Your CDF won't be enough.

That's why keep your CDF weapons for the dailies, and buy an Unlimited weapon for the rest.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #44Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #45
On the left using my Unlimited weapon, on the right my 80 tokens weapon i keep for dailies only.


For casual players like me (and maybe like you ?) who have many other things to do in their lives… Managing our time is not always easy with a Mmorpg ! We all know it's time consuming as it basically never ends…

That's where daily missions are coming in, because they're a great way to set daily goals !

Without doing dailies, one player can certainly spend his life in Entropia all day and night long… But by setting yourself goals like “do your dailies and then you're off“, you can manage your playtime sessions more efficiently.

Speaking from my own experience, if i take every daily hunting challenges from level 1 to 3, i am going to spend an average of 60 to 90 minutes to complete them. Managing your time in a game like Entropia Universe will prevent gambling addiction on the long run… It's not something to be taken lightly.


  1. Calypso – Obviously the best planet for its dailies rewarding daily token for FREE weapons.
    90 minutes on average, depends on the dailies, sometimes it can go up as 2 hours+.
  2. Cyrene – Many dailies to be done there as well, rewarding only with skills unfortunately.
    60 minutes on average if you are disciplined, otherwise doing them all can take 3 hours+.
  3. Next Island – Few dailies to be found there, rewarding with Oil so you can manage to break even !
    90 minutes on average, and unless you go for the VIP missions as well it won't be longer.
  4. Monria – 4 dailies on this satellite, but only 3 are interesting and they reward daily token.
    60 minutes on average if you stick to the 3 dailies and avoid the 4th Shub mission (not worth it!).

Rocktropia… Despite the fact that missions there are more oriented on the long run, it's a very colorful planet with lots of good ideas, and if you're short on peds it might be a good decision to go there for Vixens / Trolls / Haters.

I wouldn't recommend Toulan… Dailies reset too fast, without discipline you can literally play for days there 😐
More a planet for people who are going to spend their entire life in EU, not for casual gamers.

I will never recommend Arkadia… Dailies are done in a taxed area and it's not interesting.
Honestly ? Arkadia is to my eyes the worst planet.

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