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Entropia Universe Hunting Smart is essential to Profit or not lose too much peds !

You don't always use the same gear in Entropia, it changes constantly !


Hunting Smart means the right setup for the right mob, or the right weapon at the right moment… ?

First of all, there are 2 main types of weapons in the Entropia Universe, melee and range weapons. And then inside these 2 branches of the “weapon” tree, you'll find hundreds of different weapons ! And as in every other role playing games out there, the most powerful and efficient the weapon, the more expensive it is !

In EU there is also a distinction to be made between the UL (Unlimited) and L (Limited) weapons.

  • UL weapons are the MOST expensive, because you can repair them. you're buying them just one time, for an expensive price, but then every time it needs to be repaired, you just go to a repair terminal and… repair it !
  • L weapons are FAR LESS expensive, because you can't repair them. So whenever you're buying a Limited item from a seller, you know that you'll have to buy another one when the item value will reach 0.
  • When you buy a weapon there is a Markup, meaning a price set by the Seller, it means on the long run it will cost you less to buy an Unlimited Weapon only once, than a hundred of limited weapons paying each time the markup.

But it's also your own decision… Some people prefer to go for (L) Weapons all their life, because sometimes the price set for an Unlimited weapon is so high, that it looks more a scam than anything else and doesn't justify it.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #20Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #21
Here are 2 melee weapons, both of them are Unlimited but not that expensive as they're not that efficient.

Efficiency is KEY in Entropia Universe… Remember you're going to play with your real money, so you want to make the best out of your little peds ! And the more efficient a weapon, the better the profits on the long run.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #22Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #23
Here are 2 ranged weapons now, both of them are Limited weapons and they're quite good !

Important : Most people go for ranged weapons right from the start, because they're less expensive than Melee weapons. More specifically we all go for Rifles at first rather than Pistols. Because the Rifles fire from far away, and you can land a few more shots before the mob arrives to melee, compared to the Pistol where you have to get close.

That's said… High and Uber skilled players generally use Pistols, because there are great pistols out there ?

Now you also have to know that you can apply Enhancers on your weapons like Amplifiers, Scopes or Enhancers. By doing so you can increase the damage, efficiency but also the rate at which you gain skills with your weapons. And it's also a way to get more globals from the creatures you're hunting… The more you spend peds, the more you increase your bet like in a casino… So if you add Enhancers which are going to make you burn more peds, it will potentially gets you more loots in the end.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #24Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #25
On your left my Karma Killer without Enhancers, and on the right with Enhancers !

Karma Killer is one of the most Inexpensive Unlimited pistol in the game, and still efficient enough for its price !

The only issue, it requires you to have a High profession level (100) to use it to its maximum efficiency. But you can begin to use it like me if you're close to level 60… It's working quite good even if you have only 6.8/10 in Hit ability and Critical chance. Tests have been done over the years by other veterans and can be searched on the official calypso forum, where when you are above 6 in Hit ability, the loss of peds is negligible.

Just add a nice Omegaton Amplifier to it and you'll raise the efficiency to 62%+ ?


Therefore it's good if you can carry with you multiple weapons… But of course if you're new player you won't need more than 1 weapon, even if you have the financial resources, you'll mainly stick to the Bukin (Laser Rifle) and won't change before a long time! So just remember all of this for later in the game ?

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #26
I have several weapons and enhancers for different situations…

Overkill : Overkill is basically when you use a weapon that does like 100 damage to kill monsters who have maximum 30 hp… This is called Overkill because you're going to waste peds, as the mobs you hunt don't require such a powerful weapon ! You can use something less powerful to stay in an economical and smart hunting mindset.

Overkill is something tied to EU, as in other Mmorpgs where you don't use your real money, you wouldn't care! You would just Wreak Havoc everywhere with your biggest weapon ? But not in Entropia where You Care about how many peds you're going to burn by firing with this or this weapon.

No matter how low the hit points of the creature, you'll still consume the ammo needed to do full damage.

DPS vs regeneration : Economical hunting is not always the best option… There are creatures with a high regeneration, and if you don't want the fight to last for hours, you need to use your best weapon. Otherwise as the monster will naturally regenerate HP, you'll have to land a few more shots to kill it.

Team Hunt : Not really popular in EU, mostly because items can drop and it will be give randomy to any player of the team, and there is no system in the game to share the value of an item worth hundreds to thousands of dollars. It's like a jackpot in a casino, and when it's about money, people don't share unless they're very good friends. So word of advice… Unless you really know in Real Life the friends you're playing with, DO NOT join a Team Hunt.

The Markup is King, Hunt mobs for seeked out loots with Good Markup :

  • Do Not chase the Swirlies (globals)
  • Do chase loots with good markups !

Look at the Purpurite Crystal below, even if it's an old picture and the markup has dropped to 170% since, it's going to be a good example. Purpurite Crystal drops from several mobs on Next island, and it's highly seeked out by players. As a result it used to be sold, like you see on the picture below, at an average of 500% !

It literally means that by finding just 1 little Ped of it, you were able to resell it fast for 5 Peds !

People have to understand that chasing globals will only lead them into the wall… If you chase the jackpot, you'll end up ruined or frustrated. Entropia Universe is a Casino Mmorpg, and the same rules you find in a casino also apply here, the house always wins and so… Most of the time Globals (also called Swirlies as it swirls around you) only appear to cover your losses, not to make profit. Profit is 90% done with Markup and 10% with Luck !

So with Time and Experience, and only in the case you want to profit from EU, you'll have to find by yourself which creatures drop what, and if these loots are highly sought after by players. That's how you make money in EU, and nothing is written in stone, as Markup can evolve with time but also with events organized by the developers.

As an example, WOOL is generally sold for a few more % when sold to other players. But if there is an event where the main creature will drop WOOL, there will be TONS of WOOL on the market and the price will drop ! And at the same time the creatures dropping ANIMAL OILS will be less hunted, and so it will be the right time to hunt them.

It's all about staying organized in your hunting sessions, from January to December.


And what about armors ? One Size fits all ? Not in Entropia…

In the previous part we talked about Mentorship and that it could bring you your first good armor, which will last a long time. But there are many other armors in EU, Unlimited and Limited as it's the case for the weapons, and with different protections as well… So every armor has a purpose, to hunt many or just a few categories of monsters.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #27Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #28
To the left my Garments and to the right my Gremlin Armor.

When you have enough skills you can even begin to Hunt without armor, because armor decays like weapons, so every hits you'll take with cost you Peds to repair it! I know i know we never stop paying in EU ? So if your Evade / Dodge Skill is high enough you'll take less hits from the mobs, because to be honest we ALWAYS take a few hits from the mobs whatever your skill.

After the Mentorship armor, the next best Unlimited armor is the Gremlin. Because it's protecting nicely from many types of damage, and it's still affordable as a whole set will cost you around 600 Peds or less. Some Unlimited armors can cost thousands of Peds per part, and you need 7 parts for a whole set… So yeah 600 Peds is nothing ?

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #29Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #30
Now a little more expensive the Vigilante to the left, and the Perseus to the right.

If you want to fight Robots, the Vigilante (Unlimited Armor) is the way to go as it has protection against Burn and Penetration damage. It's very important to understand that in EU, there's not One Armor to rule them all. Every armor has its purpose, and buying one or another will highly depend on your fighting needs.

Then the Perseus which can be found in (L) or (UL) versions is an armor for Big Damage Monsters ! I bought the Limited version of course as the Unlimited is 1-Hard to find 2-Crazy Expensive ! And it's a very useful armor to kill mobs which are doing like Hundred points of damage. Again it depends of what you're going to hunt.

Sometimes having the right armor for the right mob is not enough… You need to Reinforce it with Plates !


Armor plates are Armor Attachments, that you just need to drag and drop on the piece of armor you want to protect even further. As an example with the screenshot below, i bought Armor Plates adding Electric Protection when i participated to the Easter Mayhem in 2022. The Robots we had to kill in the mayhem were doing 33% of Electrical Damage, and my Gremlin had only a low Electric protection.

Of course you need 7 of those as a Full Set of armor is composed of 7 pieces ! These armor plates are usually crafted by the players and can be found in the auctions. They're usually sold for more than their TT Value, as people are using them a lot so… Markup on them is going up ?

Then you can see this as an investment, as these armor plates have a VERY LONG Durability so they're not going to be depleted any time soon ! For your information i spent around 47 hours in the 2022 Easter Mayhem, and the armor plating which suffered the most damage was the one on the Torso, and after 47 hours of shooting (which is very long trust me !) it still had 26% utility left !

Now let's say you don't have the money to buy 7 armor plates…

Which parts of your armor should you Prioritize ?

  1. The Harness : Suffers Damage 20.09% of the time
  2. Face Guard : Suffers Damage 15.77% of the time
  3. Shin Guards : Suffers Damage 14.66% of the time
  4. Arm Guards : Suffers Damage 14.35% of the time
  5. Thigh Guards : Suffers Damage 13.99% of the time
  6. Foot Guards : Suffers Damage 11.09% of the time
  7. Gloves : Suffers Damage 10.05% of the time

The Harness which is the Torso (bigger part of the body) suffers the more !
…And the gloves which are only protecting your hands suffers the less.

As a rule of thumb, always remember to detach the armor plates when you don't need them. Otherwise they will decay even though they were not required to hunt the creatures…

Once more you are in EU, only use what you need to Hunt Smart !

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #31Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #32
You're hunting Big level 40-50 mobs ? You need a big weapon and a Big Armor (Perseus).

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #33Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #34
You're hunting level 10 mobs ? You just need a smaller weapon and a Gremlin (or even no armor)

SHRAPNELS > Ammo from the Trade Terminal :

My final advice related to smart hunting will be about getting more ammo for the same amount of peds. Shrapnels are looted from mobs all around EU, and you can decide to convert them to Unlimited Ammo.

  • Unlimited Ammo can't be traded / sold anymore
  • But It works with all weapons / most mindforce chips and Mining
  • And It converts at a rate of 101%, so you gain 1% more ammo in the end
  • Let's say you convert 1000p of Shrapnels, you get 1010p of Ammo (that's a 10p value)

Converting Shrapnels is a way for MindArk to keep people reinvesting their loots into the game.

As a Hunter you want to make out the best with your peds, so Buying Shrapnels to convert them to Unlimited Ammo is the way to go ! The average buying / selling price is 100.5%, meaning you'll have to pay 1005p for it and you'll get 1010p of Unlimited Ammo. In this example you're going to win 5 peds value of ammo, and it will work with your weapons and most mindforce chips. We can see that as More ammo + Peace of Mind.

But during big events like Mayhem where some people shoot a lot, the price can go down to 100.2%, meaning you'll only have to pay 1002p for it and you'll get 1010p, so a value gain of 8 peds this time. And if you play to EU since a long time, you know every little peds of ammo can potentially bring you more profits !

2023 edit : Unfortunately the advice above related to buying shrapnels is no longer possible… Since the shrapnels have been authorized into the auctions, their price have increased from the usual 100.3 / 100.4 to 100.7 minimum, which is no longer worth it to convert them to unlimited ammo. It's now only bought by players gambling with recycle blueprints.



Once you'll have an Unlimited Weapon, it's up to you to decide if you want to Tier it up ?

The more you use a weapon (Unlimited or Limited) the more it can access higher tier ranks. There are 10 ranks total on every items (Weapon or Armor), and each of them will give you a slot where you can put a “weapon / armor enhancer“.

On Unlimited weapons you have to pay for some materials to Tier it up, while on the Limited weapons the new Tiers will be reached automatically for FREE. The problem is of course, the new Tiers on the Limited weapons will serve no more the day your weapon will expire as it was… Limited ? On the Unlimited you pay because the weapon will never die !

Most of the time we Tier Up unlimited weapons first, armors can be tiered up as well but only for long term players. What's more interesting is to unlock slots on your weapon to add… “Weapon Damage Enhancers” !

Weapon Damage Enhancers

  1. Will increase the base damage of your weapon (so the higher the base, the more damage Bonus !)
  2. Will increase the amount of ammo burn (of course because you're doing more damage)
  3. Will potentially increase your returns ! (because more ammo burn = more peds spent)
  4. Will decrease very slightly your weapon efficiency, but it's totally negligible.
  5. Will die at some point without warning, that's why you need to buy stacks of 10 to 100 of them.
    The “Death Rate” of Weapon Damage Enhancers is Random, and also depends on the weapon used.

As an example, the Karma Killer i spoke above is a very good alternative if you want to participate to the Mayhem events in low categories (1 to 3). As you will shoot with it in Category 1 over and over, it will reach higher Tiers that you'll pay to unlock or not. And if you do you'll be capable of shooting in higher categories (2 to 3), as you'll use weapon damage enhancers in order to do more damage. Again just remember that you'll spend more peds to do so.

Buying an Unlimited Weapon

If you decide one day to buy an Unlimited weapon… read carefully the following points below.

  1. Buy it from the auctions, that's where you'll find the better prices if you check them every day.
  2. Try to avoid buying one from a vendor in #calytrade or #trade channels, if they didn't announce the price.
  3. Buy it only if the Tier Rate is 130/200 minimum ! I would even suggest 150/200 minimum. Then this 3rd point is not a rule of thumb as it depends if there are many weapons of this kind on the market… If there are not, then you'll have to make with what's available, and that means buying a low Tier Rate if there are no other choices.

People who are selling something without announcing the price like…

“WTS Karma Killer” instead of “WTS Karma Killer 75 peds” are going to try to rip you off ! They know their price is higher than normal, so that's why they don't indicate it. If a price is good it's sold in a matter of minutes ?

Then of course you can try to bargain… It's up to your bargain skills and if the other player is open to offers…

The Tier Rate is important because the higher it is, the faster you will reach higher ranks ! So if you plan to use your Unlimited gun for a LONG time, you will reach Tier 10 faster with a Tier Rate of 150/200, than with a 32/200. Then of course if you're buying it to have fun, and you don't think long term… You can even buy one with 10/200.

Careful about Buying a High End Weapon

Uber Weapons or High End weapons in Entropia Universe are sold at gold prices… Because people are betting that their investment will return BIG TIME ! ? So it's not unusual these days to see UBER weapons sold between 100.000 and 300.000 peds… Yes i didn't make a mistake, there are virtual weapons sold between 10000$ and 30000$.

Yes… for the same price you can have a brand new car in Real Life !

Why ? Because these weapons have a Very High Efficiency… High damage… Low Decay… etc etc.

Then nobody can tell you : With this weapon you're going to be Rich and your investment will be back in no time !

Because it's impossible to tell ? We are in a Online disguised Casino remember ?

But still… There are many UBERS or Veterans on the official forum or in the game, who are going to tell you that these weapons are literally “Peds Printers” ? Meaning once you'll have them you'll make money and more money !

Why are they saying that ? Because most of the time these players are the same who own BIG Weapons, and if the false rumor of “Ped Printing” continues to spread, they will be able to sell their old investment BIG TIME ! And scam / screw you in the process ? Don't look for friendship / acts of generosity / altruism in Entropia universe…

That's why… If you plan to buy an Unlimited weapon in Entropia Universe, do this only if it's not hurting your Real Life budget, like if it was money you could part with any day. Do not think this as an investment ! Several years back in time, the prices of Unlimited weapons on EU were still Okay like 50000 peds at most for the best available weapon, and still it was 5000$ to invest ! But those days… Prices have skyrocketed to DELUSIONAL PRICES !

Think to it twice, it will take you 10 years at least to have your investment returned… By playing 10+ hours / day ! Do you really want to spend your life on one video game when there are much more interesting things to do out there ?

That would be like locking yourself up in a Casino in Real Life and Gambling all day long your life away…



Darkaruki was one of the most Knowledgeable players in Entropia Universe. He even got hired by MindArk in the end, and then was subsequently fired… Losing both his avatar (as you can't have one as a MA Employee) and his new job in the process. Why ? Because he tried to date a 16-17 year old young woman… He never even touched her, it was just talk.

Following that… Without even trying to understand the situation, most of his former so-called “friends” decided to dissociate any relations they could have with him… Darkaruki was then considered a disease, abandonned by his so-called friends, banned from Twitch (though he recreated an account) and banned from the forum.

Now anyone going out in the real world knows…

  • That women are Rarely Virgins past the age of 16… ?
  • That comparing Pedophilia with dating a 16-17 young woman is Nonsense.

So despite this bad ending of Darkaruki, i don't want his Findings to be lost forever.

So i copy pasted below the results of his intensive testing and findings on using Extenders with CDF Weapons.

  1. All extenders are entirely useless on 0.20, 0.40, 0.60 CDF Weapons (excluding P30 on 0.60)
  2. P20 extenders absorb 25% instead of 20% on 0.80 CDF Weapons (due to favorable rounding)
  3. P15 extenders absorb 20% instead of 15% on 1.00 CDF Weapons (due to favorable rounding)
  4. P30 extenders absorb 33% instead of 30% on 0.60 CDF Weapons (due to favorable rounding)
  5. P30 extenders are extremely overpriced and should never be bought
    (because the only niche use for it is with 0.60 CDF Weapons)

If you are like me doing daily missions for the daily token, you know how CDF weapons are good ! And you'd like them to live a little longer than their original TT life. And thanks to the findings of Darkaruki, we now know exactly what type of Extender we have to use in order to extend their lifetime

Besides despite their price, Extenders can last for a long time ! As an example as a casual player using P20 Extenders on my 0.80 CDF Weapons at the time i write this post, you have to know that my P20 Extender will last more than a year !

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