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Entropia Universe Starting Planet because this Mmorpg is HUGE !

So is there a planet more profitable than the others in EU ?


As a new player to the Entropia Universe you should carefully consider your starting place… Old players would tell you to “Choose another Planet instead of the boring Calypso“… But even if Calypso might be boring for people who are playing since years, for newcomers it's not !

Also some players will tell you that there is “Better loot to be found on Planet Partners

Understand It's only true in part, as other planets have an average loot % you find on mobs, which is slightly better than on Calypso, and so you could break even or profit more than if you were shooting mobs on Calypso… Alright ! But there are just a few things these people haven't told you…

  1. Calypso got the highest population of players
  2. Calypso got the longest chain of missions for newbies (newcomers)
  3. Calypso got several daily missions, and at some point you'll never have to buy a gun anymore
  4. There is an important event happening 3 times /year on Calypso called the Mayhem…
  5. And even between each Mayhem… There are also other “temporary” hunting events !

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #5Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #6
Calypso Planet is the best planet to start, it's Huge as well and you'll need a Vehicle to Explore.

Regarding the Mayhem : Even if players can participate to it from any part of the Universe, they have to come back to Calypso at one point ! Why is that ? Because the Codex of MAYHEM creatures, meaning the skills rewards you get after a lot of shooting, can only be retrieved from one place in the Entropia Universe… Calypso ! 😁

Ultimately first point is the most important : High population ! That means you'll easily find and buy everything you might need as well as selling your stuff fast ! MANY players buying and selling all day long on the main trade channel #calytrade, and the auctions system is filled on several pages.


Trust me… I'd like to tell you that the other planets would be better… That they have everything you could dream of, and that you'll forget Calypso in 2 weeks ! But as beautiful as they are… they're not as crowded as Calypso, and even feel pretty much Deserted some time, as the truth is…

Most planet partners (other planets) are dying :Β  When you go on a planet where most of the time you're ALONE, where there are no green dots on your radar, and where when there is an “event” organized by the officials, you only see 5 players… That's the sign of a dying place !

So old players (who have invested money in these planets) will always tell you :

Don't spread false rumors” but this is no mere rumor, this is a fact ! “planet partners are barely breathing“…

Calypso the 1st planet from MindArk is the only real one Alive.. and to survive, MindArk does everything in its power to keep people on their planet with events all around the year now. Not that these events are very interesting, but they prevent the mass of players from going elsewhere, by promising new jackpots, new temporary “rare” monsters hunt, new items drops, new token for a “bright and rich future” 🀣 and so on…

So do yourself a Favor ?

If you're a newcomer… Choose Calypso as the starting place

  • go to Camp Icarus
  • go to the Camp Icarus Beach
  • Click on the Npc right in front of the Vehicle
  • And start the CDF Chain of missions which will take you a long time 😎

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #7
This the very first NPC you should talk to, it will give you a purpose in EU.


As an example let's take one of the planets which was the most promising called Next Island. When i went there it was because i had only a few peds left, and i did the trip from Calypso to Next Island in my little Sleipnir.

Next Island (NI) had everything a new player could dream of :

  1. A sweat gathering circle with a Healing Device everytime you die ! ❀
  2. Nice Free Items for newcomers like an Unlimited Sword and Colorer !
  3. A lot of easy mobs to hunt, papoos, boars, cyclops, screechers…
  4. An average Loot % largely better than on Calypso (less globals though)
  5. A nice storyline, Ancient Greece locations and Lore, and it's all about crystals !
  6. The Best Free Armor (Atlas Armor) in case you complete your Mentorship on NI.

That was still the case in September 2021 when i stayed there for 2 weeks… No longer it is true in 2023 😒

The place is now mostly deserted… The sweat gathering circle is FAR of being as crowded as the one you can find at Club Royal or Boreas on Calypso, or also at Nea's Place sometimes, and it's not because there is a Free Healing device that it's going to change things… When there is no one, there is NO ONE !

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #8Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #9
As you can see there are a LOT of people on Calypso, and that's what you need when you start!

And as the place is pretty much deserted, the auctions are very scarce and will only be useful to sell a handful of seeked out crystals, and all the other loots will have to be trashed / sold to the trade terminal. That means no Markup, no added value… only the exact same value.

Still… If you decide to visit Next Island like i recently did to “Retire” , here is the only and best website It contains everything you need to know about the planet, the missions you can do, the rewards you'll get, all the positions you can need and so on. You can see her (Cat is the Owner) website as the Full Official Guide on how to make the best out of your journey on Next Island.

Anyway… Choosing Calypso or Next Island as your starting planet won't get you stuck, don't worry πŸ˜‰

You'll be able to travel from planet to planet later on. There is a FREE Space Transport on every Sunday from planet to planet, and if you don't want to wait for Sunday and got enough money (just deposit 5$ and you'll have enough) you can even buy yourself a Sleipnir or a Quad Wing Interceptor, and make the trip from one planet to another yourself… like i did 😊

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #11
Besides traveling in Space in your own vehicule feels damn good ! 😎

More risky though with pirates and it takes time (1 hour+), but we'll talk about this in Space Travels


You know i began to play to EU in 2007, and it was on Calypso ! Next Island was not existing at that time, and my main activity was “Sweat Gathering” 😊 Though at one point i decided to spend 100$ to speed the things up ! Because sweating is tedious and not worth it when you want to entertain yourself ! I was unemployed at that time, and that's why i needed entertainment, and EU was there to provide me both Mmorpg and Gambling 😎.

I played a couple of months with these 100$ and then i left… for 3 years ! πŸ˜‚ Yeah… i came back in 2010 because… Funny thing i was once more unemployed 🀣 Well… It's not that funny but yes it is, because it seems i only enjoyed EU when i was without a job ahah ! So in 2010 i deposited even more, 400$ exactly, so a total of 500$ with what i had deposited back in 2007. But this time i burned it very fast by playing with expensive gear, making my first Hof and in 2 months i was already out of the game. and then… i had a fucking Break of 11 years !

All of this to come back in September 2021 once more unemployed lol !

Told you i was only playing to EU when i was jobless 🀣 Is it a Mmorpg for desperate people ?

Problem is i had to re-learn everything this time… I barely managed to retrieve my account details (had to log in a support case with MindArk for that, and to provide my ID) i logged in and appeared in the middle of nowhere Naked with around 600 peds on me πŸ˜† It seems i had been so long away from this game that all my gear had been sold to the auctions.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #12
Naked ! My Inventory was empty, and all i had were stacks of peds πŸ˜†

I didn't know where the fuck i was… I didn't know how the game was working anymore… Fortunately there is a “Rookie” channel where i asked several questions, and all the guys told me to go to Camp Icarus to begin with, which is the Noob starting place. Allright, there was a TP (Teleporter) near me, so i used it and selected Camp Icarus as a destination.

Teleporters are free by the way, there are several on every planets and they're the main and faster way to travel. So i arrived at camp Icarus and received a Pop-up to participate to the “Gauntlet“, unfortunately for me the Gauntlet is a Teamwork Mission only available to people who haven't passed level 5 in their main combat profession, and it seems i was already level 15 ! Don't go right there from the beginning though…


The first thing you want to do at Camp Icarus is to go South down to the beach. There as you can see on the screenshot below, you'll find a CDF Officier (Calypso Defense Force), and behind her a shuttle !

From there you can go 2 ways :

  1. You go click on the shuttle to access the “Thule” Area which is only for starters (i couldn't access it)
  2. You click on the CDF officier and enroll yourself as a CDF recruit (that's what i did), and from there you'll embark on a chain of missions that will entertain you for several dozen of hours ! And it's good because it provides you with a purpose to do ingame.

You'll explore the world, do many courier missions (bring me that, and i'll give you this), hunting missions, scouting missions and so on… And one important thing to do is to click on every NPC (Non player Character) with a yellow question mark above their head ! That means they have a quest for you, and most of the time a reward will be given !

Even if the npcs are not part of your CDF missions, they have side quests which will bring even more entertainment and benefits (Ammo, weapons, stuff you can resell…)

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #10
Npcs with Exclamation Marks are Quest Givers! 😍

Another very important thing to know is the implementation of what MindArk calls the Codex

Every time you're going to kill a new creature, it will be added in your Codex like a book referencing all the creatures you have met in the world. And it's not only about information on the specific creature, it's also about Hunting Ranks ! When you kill a creature for the first time, you're at Rank 1 and a % counter will increment… The more creatures of this kind you're going to kill, the more this counter will grow towards 100% !

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #13
The Codex is very important to Bulk your avatar Attributes !

And once you reach 100%, you'll gain access to a Skill Reward that you'll select among a panel of skills, and your avatar will go to the Rank 2 for this specific creature. There are many skills in EU, and if you can boost them by completing these Hunting Ranks, it's even better !

Of course the more you raise in Ranks, the longer it will take to complete the next rank… The amount of % you'll win for killing a creature will depend on its maturity ! You'll gain more Hunting points in your Codex if you kill an Old Caudatergus than a Young one. Finally… Higher Hunting Ranks will also grant you Higher Skill rewards.

So in EU Grinding monsters is also rewarding you with skills and that's good ! Finally in the screenshot above you can see the window of my skills on the left, and you can see that i already had more than 2500 points in the skill Anatomy. Yeah and ? Well in the next part we'll speak of the next MOST IMPORTANT thing in the game called Mentorship, and you'll understand that i was late !

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