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Hard to obtain, $1 to open and gives shit ! 


This article is my second on the game Entropia Universe !

The first i did was months ago, i called it Entropia Universe Beginner's Guide and it was designed to be a guide for the newcomers discovering Entropia Universe, as well as a way to describe my own experience of this Real Cash Economy Mmorpg.

So it was pretty long, maybe a little boring by moments but i had lot of things to say, so it's not always easy to balance quality with quantity ^_^ Anyway today we're going to speak about Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox !

Table of Contents

Just click below on the chapter you're interested in, or just read everything from Top to Bottom.

  1. Where do we find these Strongbox ?
  2. How do i buy Strongbox Keys ?
  3. Okay let's open these Strongbox now !
  4. These Strongbox are SCAM !


Where do we find these Strongbox ?

Strongbox in Entropia Universe are looted during special events… And a “loot” means you had to fight for it ! 😉 You had to loot it from a creature you killed, so it cost you time and money ! Because these Strongbox aren't looted by hundreds everytime you kill a mob… No ! It's more like 1 strongbox every 10 to 20 creatures, and of course it all depends of the creature level… The stronger the creature, the more chances you'll have to loot a Strongbox… But the point is “You had to pay money to get it” as in Entropia Universe… Nothing is Free !

So the most famous events where a Strongbox can be found are the MAYHEM ! There are 4 Mayhem every year in Entropia universe… Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas Mayhem. These are basically Shooting FEASTS ! You open the “Events” Window, choose your category of the Mayhem and enter it… And then after activating the little statue and choosing the difficulty (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Redulite), creatures will appear and the rest is to shoot them for 5 hours straight -_- (or largely less if you get bored… or have a life like me ^_^)

Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Screenshot #1Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Screenshot #2Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Screenshot #3

As you can see on these screenshots, you're alone and pulling creatures one by one for hours…

You can even notice the Timer on the right of these screenshots… This Timer is 5 hours and you can do 3 sessions per day. Yes there are people crazy enough to play 15 hours / day to Entropia Universe in order to “try to make more money”. Because remember it's a Casino… There is NO GUARANTEE, whatever your Looter level, the efficiency of your weapon, or any other factor that you're going to Profit from this experience -_-

But this is another complex subject so let's come back to the Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox 😉

What does a Strongbox look like ?

It looks like the red box in my inventory below… It's stackable as you can see, in total i found a little more than 100.

Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Screenshot #4

Okay Cool… How do we open it ?

With a Strongbox Key ! ^_^ You can see now that 50 of them appeared in my inventory below…

Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Screenshot #5

And where did i got them ? No i didn't loot them, and it can't be crafted either… It was possible years before but MindArk removed the blueprints from the game. Now if you want to open an Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox (or any other strongbox…) You have to buy the keys from the Entropia Webshop !

Noticed the Message at the top left ? A deposit of 500 peds value have been made on my account… That's me pulling out my credit card to pay for 50 Strongbox Keys -_- Fortunately living in France, the total cost for me was 44€. Euro stronger than Dollar.

Also you have to know that these Strongbox Keys are not tradeable, so if someone wants to open a Strongbox he / she has to pay end of discussion… That's also a problem for all Swedish players, which is Ironic when you know the company is Swedish, because the opening of Strongbox is not available to them… Why ? because the Swedish government condemn online Gambling, and a strongbox is related to Gambling… Though sorry to say it but even if no one dares to admit it… Entropia Universe is a fucking HUGE Online Casino where the main activity is… GAMBLING ! ^_^

Every fucking time you Hunt, Mine or Manufacture you Gamble ! Because everyone is seeking the Jackpot !

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How do i buy Strongbox Keys ?

So the only one place for that is the Webshop at this address :

There among the selection of products, you need to select the Strongbox Key (available in 5 , 10 or 50). There is no discount if you take more, so don't pay for more than needed. If you're dubious about paying, here is the full payment process below, just click to enlarge the picture.

Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Screenshot #6

Once the payment is done, you'll also receive a mail confirming the transaction, and the items will be placed in your inventory. On this part… (and this part only) Even me who despise MindArk for their lack of communication, which brought a very unhealthy atmosphere on the game, i have to say their payment tracking is efficient, and the transaction worked well without any problems.

Actually… i recently tried to withdraw my first 1000 peds (so $90 USD), we'll see in 50 Business days (fucking long time to withdraw money from MindArk) if it works as good as the deposits. I'll speak of it in a next article and i hope for them it's going to work, because i'll put all the details of the transaction here. The customers have the right to know if the money can go out as easy as it can go in 😉


Okay let's open these Strongbox now !

  1. We have the Strongbox
  2. We paid for 50 Strongbox Keys
  3. The 50 keys have appeared in the inventory

So let's get those Juicy Rings ! ^_^

Yes because if you don't know… Strongbox can contain Magic Rings ! And let's be honest, when we buy Strongbox Keys it's to hope to find one or even many Rings ! ^_^ Well guess what ?… It's a little more difficult than what i thought, and the rewards are FAR from what i had imagined…

I am going to repeat myself but WE ALREADY PAY to find them ! We have to kill several creatures for just 1 Strongbox to appear, they're not falling from trees like apples. And now we have to pay for the Strongbox Keys just to have the right to open this Strongbox !

Yes in the end we're paying TWICE for the same thing… So one could expect to have JUICY Loots out of them ! Well the reality is… MOST Strongbox will give you shit ! Look at the screenshots below… What did i found ? Universal Ammo… Candy… Pills… No Rings at all, not even a Crappy one, NO RINGS !

Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Screenshot #7Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Screenshot #8Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Screenshot #9

Look at my inventory filled with crappy pills… Yes in the end i used them all, but it never was a game changer.

Let's go into Details with this Table of all the Strongbox i have looted so far…

As you'll see it's not better than a regular deposit…

Strongbox Items found
1 9.95 Ammo + 5 Neuro Boosters (10% skill for 1 hour)
2 7.5 Ammo + 2 Neuro-Stim B + 1 Autoloot
3 9.99 Ammo + 1 Nutri-Stim
4 9.90 Ammo + 10 Candy Cane
5 10 Ammo
6 10 Ammo
7 9.99 Ammo + 1 Accu-Stim
8 9.90 Ammo + 10 Candy Cane
9 9.90 Ammo + 10 Candy Cane
10 9.5 Ammo + 1 Autoloot
11 9.98 Ammo + 2 Christmas Garland
12 10 Ammo
13 10 Ammo
14 10 Ammo
15 10 Ammo
16 9.90 Ammo + 10 Candy Cane
17 10 Ammo
18 10 Ammo
19 9.98 Ammo + 2 Neuro Boosters (10% skill for 1 hour)
20 10 Ammo
21 10 Ammo
22 9.99 Ammo + 1 Neuro Booster (10% skill for 1 hour)
23 8 Ammo + 2 Frosty Snowballs
24 5 Ammo + 1 Neuro-Stim Y
25 9.5 Ammo + 1 Autoloot
26 10 Ammo
27 9.99 Ammo + 1 Neuro Booster (10% skill for 1 hour)
28 10 Ammo
29 9 Ammo + 1 Neuto-Stim C
30 9.98 Ammo + 2 Christmas Garland
31 9.99 Ammo + 1 Neuro Booster (10% skill for 1 hour)
32 9.98 Ammo + 2 Christmas Garland
33 5 Ammo + 1 Neuro-Stim X
34 10 Ammo
35 9.99 Ammo + 1 Neuro Booster (10% skill for 1 hour)
36 9.99 Ammo + 1 Hyper-Stim
37 9.90 Ammo + 10 Candy Cane
38 9.99 Ammo + 1 Deva-Stim
39 9.90 Ammo + 10 Candy Cane
40 10 Ammo
41 9.99 Ammo + 1 Neuro Booster (10% skill for 1 hour)
42 9 Ammo + 1 Neuto-Stim C
43 9.90 Ammo + 10 Candy Cane
44 9.90 Ammo + 10 Candy Cane
45 10 Ammo
46 10 Ammo
47 10 Ammo
48 10 Ammo
49 9.90 Ammo + 10 Candy Cane
50 2 Neuro-Stim Y

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So for your information a Strongbox has a Value of $1 ! Because obviously you paid $1 for every Strongbox Keys… Though as i'll never repeat it enough, we PAID to find them… So they could at least give a little more than the exact fucking value we paid to open them ! But no… won't happen.

That's why you can see the findings are divided between Universal Ammo, meaning ammo you can't resell… They could at least give us SHRAPNELS ! At least we would be able to convert them to 1% more Ammo !! And the rest of the value is Christmas things like Candy Cane and Pills.

Candy Cane proved to be useful as it's a 10 Minutes Booster for shooting, so you shoot faster and you lose less time killing the mobs… Though let's not celebrate, it's still crap ! Most of the other pills are doing some crappy things like to Boost critical damage for 30 minutes… That's good if you do MANY criticals… If you don't, this pill is useless. And also the “Auto Loot” pills which are saving you the “hassle” (ironic) to right click on the mob when it's dead to loot it… (FUCKING USELESS !). And the Neuro Booster pill… Skills will raise 10% faster… Yeah that's soooo good… (10% are you fucking kidding me ?!?)


These Strongbox are SCAM !

Finding useful to great stuff in these Strongbox is like having the chance to Global, HOF or ATH… Not going to happen anytime soon unless you open HUNDREDS of these Strongbox, and be lucky… VERY LUCKY !

  • H.O.F is a Jackpot worthy of the Hall of Fame of Globals.
  • A.T.H is a jackpot worthy of the All Time Highest Globals.

So if you manage to find a crappy ring it's like winning a Global… If you manage to find a Good Ring it's like having a HOF, so better go pray to the church before… might help ^_^ And if you find one of those 35000 Peds Rings (yes the highest rings are sold for $3000) you just Hit a ATH ! You know you should have played to the National Lottery instead my friend -_-

Actually… a few people have shown their results after opening hundreds of Strongbox… And as an example one guy opened 300 Strongbox… That's not 50 but 300 fucking USD spent ! And ? He found… Only one ring ! And it was worth 50 peds -_- Again… Shitty loot !

With these Strongbox, MindArk found another way to make money on our back, showing us all the great rings we can find, but in the end most findings will be TRASH… You'll use them all in the end, because otherwise it will take space in your inventory, but it's still TRASH. I have seen a few people on the Calypso Forum celebrating “Candy Canes”… God these people are just “YES MEN” towards MindArk… The same people whose eyes would shine at the sound of a Fly Farting. Like an Idiot of the forum, who was in Awe when looking at a picture of stars from the game… It's Beautiful ! Go get a fucking life guys !

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