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Hardcore Roguelike on the Evil Side !


Just another game where you’ll play the bad guy 😉

Admit it… There are so many games where you have to confront and defeat the forces of Evil, that when you have the choice to take the other side of the coin… You take it ! Actually the scenario of Iratus is very similar, though different in its approach and design, to another independant game unknown to many called Paper Sorcerer. In Iratus you’re a necromancer trying to break free of the Tomb where the forces of good have jailed you, and in Paper Sorcerer you’re an evil sorcerer trying to break free of a Magic Book.

So in Paper sorcerer your team was composed of all sorts of magical and evil creatures, and in Iratus your minions are mainly composed of… Undeads ! Of course you’re a Necromancer after all -_- But the comparison ends there, as Iratus core of game directly descends from Darkest Dungeon which is a hardcore roguelike experience ! If you don’t know the definition of roguelike, it’s because it’s based on a very old game (nearly as old as me !) called Rogue, which was one of the very first dungeon crawlers where the goal was to…

  1. Explore a room
  2. Kill the monsters
  3. Loot the treasure
  4. Repeat step 1 ^_^

And when it’s about a hardcore experience, it means the game will be hard… very hard ! At least for those who are not into the genre, they might find the difficulty a little (too much) overwhelming, because one mistake will usually mean the game will literally PUNISH You ! So if you’re a Fan of Animal Crossing, you’re definitely on the wrong page 😛

Here are some screenshots below (just click to enlarge)


Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #1Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #2Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #3


Unlocking the Difficulties

For your information there are 4 levels of difficulty in Iratus, Easy, Normal, Hard and the last one is what we could compare to NG+1 to NG+5 (New harder Game) in Dark Souls. By default all these difficulties are locked and you must begin by the first one, at least until you finish the “tutorial” part to have the normal difficulty available. And i strongly advise you to finish the tutorial part in the “Easy” Difficulty, because it will teach you the basics.

You see… Developpers have locked the harder difficulties, in order to not receive too many negative reviews on steam, knowing their game was the Dark Souls of RPG. But if you’re a RPG Veteran like me or a good strategist… If you’re used to customize your troops to get the best performances out of them, then it won’t be interesting for you to play in Normal.

You should play right from the start in “Good Always Win” or the first level of “Eternal Harvest” (NG+1). For this you need to edit a little file on your computer which is called GlobalSave.svf, This file is located in your : C:\Users\profile\AppData\LocalLow\Unfrozen\Iratus

Open it with the Notepad or any text file editor and you need to modify this line as below

Save the file, this way the game knows you have finished the tutorial and unlocked every difficulties up to NG+5.
(do it while the game is shutdown, then start the game)

Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #4Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #5Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #6

Customizing your Builds

There is a lot of Talk on Internet about the best builds needed to prevail in the harder difficulties. And by the way i forgot to mention that a few of your units will only be available from the “Hard” difficulty, that’s one major point if you were reluctant to do the little trick above ! If you want to fully enjoy the game right from the start, you’ll need to unlock them.

Personally i played in “Good Always Wins” with a team composed of
(position 4) The Unfrozen – (pos 3) Bride of Iratus – (pos 2) Banshee – (pos 1) Black Widow

I am not a strategist… But i am a RPG Veteran (began to played to RPG 30 years ago), and i do know a little strategy as i am a Clash Royale Enthusiast on Mobile. So how hard was it for me ? There are 5 dungeons in Iratus, 5 levels you have to break through to win the game…

  1. The first dungeon had some tricky fights but not insurmountable
  2. Second had some tough motherfuckers ! (dwarves are always tough -_-)
  3. Third was becoming a little more easy…
  4. Fourth was even easier than 3rd level !
  5. Fifth was like a walk in the park until the last battle (had to redo it 3 times)

Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #7Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #8Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #9Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #10Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #11Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #12

At the beginning i was afraid of building a team, which wouldn’t go far because it wasn’t a perfect build like those you could see on the many discussions. But in the end, it seems like the game is very well made, and whatever the units you choose for your team, there will be ways to achieve your goal.

Saving and Reloading Trick

Even if Iratus is like a Dark Souls, meaning your game progression is saved automatically, and if you lose there is no way to come back to the previous state… Well like in any Soul Like there is a trick on PC to manually save your game, or should i say a “state of the game”.

Well… Like for unlocking the difficulties, your savegame is located in the same path

And it’s not a single file, it’s a directory named with random characters and numbers. (mine was itt7ruoi)

If you want to save the actual “state of the game”, just go back to the main menu of the game, Alt + Tab to switch from Iratus to your desktop and copy – paste the whole folder to another location. The size of this folder is around 450kb at the start, and by the end of the game it will be around 4MB.

So in case your team is wiped out or you found a useless item, go back to the main menu, switch to your desktop, delete your save folder and copy paste the backup you previously did then launch your game. Some will call that “cheat”, personally i am the kind of guy who like to save / load 😉

Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #13Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #14Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #15

Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide (Resources)

In “Good Always Wins” you won’t lack any resources… You see you can build buildings with the souls of your enemies, and the right order should be :

  1. the Library for experience
  2. the Obelisk for even more souls
  3. the Abode of Wrath for more wrath in battles (very useful for special attacks)
  4. the statue to regen mana after battles

Apart from these… Invest the other souls like you want, Excavation Site and Lake to find parts and artefacts are good, but it’s like gambling… You can invest your souls and don’t win a thing, or you can get lucky and find tons of stuff 😉 Anyway in the end you’ll have more souls than you can spend… I know i had more than 500 extra souls i couldn’t spend.

In my own opinion, Mortuary and Arena are completely useless… Maybe in Eternal Harvest difficulty ?

Finally when you gain experience, you also get Talents points that you can spend on Talents. Go first for the “Permanent Bonus” Talents which will be always applied on your units, then later for the strong spells like “Finger of Death” or “Battle Eternal”. Again… By the end of the game you’ll have more points to spend than useful talents to take -_-

Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #16Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #17Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #18

Iratus Map Mechanisms

Each level is procedurally generated and you can only go north… That means even if you go left or right at a moment, you won’t be able to go backwards even a little. This is to prevent the player from cleaning the entire dungeon and becomes too powerful in the end…

Though in my opinion cleaning or not… I was too powerful in the end lol ^_^

So when starting a new dungeon (level) you can see all the map until the end, with all the different routes and the different things you’ll encounter on your way. Battles, Fountains of Vigor / magic, Quests, Chests filled with items, Altar where you can sacrifice your inactive units for more items… It’s up to you to plan / decide which ways are the most interesting for you.

But always remember that you can ONLY GO NORTH, even if you think you could go left, then go 1 meter backward… NO ! If there is even just 1 meter backward to take another path it will be greyed out.


Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide

  • It took me around 45 hours to finish the game
  • In “Good Always Wins” i was becoming far too powerful in the end
  • I also never used the “One time Used” artefacts that could boost my powers before one fight

So even if the very last battle was a little tricky, i think i should have chosen the “Eternal Harvest 1“, this way i would have been forced to use more “artefacts” and maybe to lose some units from time to time… Because the only time i lost 1 unit – and it was at the very end of the battle – was the very last battle of the game itself 😉 But apart from that i never ever lost one unit…

So now it’s up to you, are you going to start with Eternal Harvest 1 ? I certainly recommend you to do so… But just understand that the first levels we be hard, even very hard ! The difficulty will start to soften after you got your first useful talents.

Here are the last screenshots (click to enlarge)

Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #19Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #20Iratus Lord of the Dead Guide Screenshot #21

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