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Sharing Your Internet to make money without doing anything !

Very useful if you're someone spending a lot of time on your computer 😁


Here is the list of Bandwidh Sharing Apps which really work !

I will add more apps to this list with time, if you know one don't hesitate to post a comment at the end of the page. I will test them all 😏

  1. HoneyGain the best app to make money by sharing your internet
  2. EarnApp the second to make money with your bandwidth
  3. PawnsApp nearly as good as the second to share and earn money
  4. Peer2Profit : after months of testing, this app is not worth it, stick to the 3 others

I will add more softwares to this list as soon as i will have tested them. The softwares you can see here are those which are running on my computer, on a day to day basis since months, and that i trust from now on.

In case you want to make me aware of another software, please post in the comments at the end of this page, i'll be delighted to test it

Latest 2023 update : This picture above was my last payment in September 2023. Although it's written in French, you can easily understand that i got 31 Euros from these different little softwares running in the background, without me doing nothing ! And that i am going to transfer all of it to my Bank Account. Are you interested ? Then read below !


So let's speak about this new Hype of Internet Bandwidth Sharing !

Basically it's all about sharing the Internet Bandwidth you're not using, which is going to be used by many services on the web like VPN platforms, Picture Upload platforms, Online Calculations… and the software will pay you for that!

And the good thing is… You don't have to do a single thing ! Once you install the software on your computer, create an account, log in and launch it… It's over ! You just let it run in the background and it will earn money for you 😎

So you can do whatever you want to do on your computer, like watching a movie, playing a video game, work on your program development, listen to music, create a video in adobe premiere… Anything you want ! These softwares are not going to pop-up anything, they're not going to annoy you with sounds or advertisings.

And the longer you let them run… the better will be your profits !

For WHO do i recommend these ?

These softwares are highly recommended if you spend a long time on your computer in your daily life. If you're not… If you just open your computer 2 hours per day… These won't be for you.

IMPORTANT : If you were not the kind to let your computer ON for hours, don't change your habits by suddenly turning your computer ON 24/24, 7/7, 365/365 just for these softwares to run ! That would be a mistake… Remember that you pay for Electricity and these softwares won't cover it if you turn on your computer, just for the sake of turning it ON in order to make money… Only use these softwares if you're doing something else at the same time on your computer.

Now how much resources are they consuming ?

That's very important ! I am myself the kind of guy who cares a lot about how much memory softwares are taking. Simply because we don't all have 64gb of memory on our computers ! (well i have… πŸ˜…)

So here is the snapshot below of all these 4 softwares running on my primary computer.

As you can see it's not the end of the world… 235mb+ of memory for 4 softwares running in the background.

All of these softwares can be launched automatically as soon as your windows starts, that's what i did ! So you really never have to care about them… they stay in your system tray, and whenever you want to check how much you won, just left click on any of them and it will pop-up a mini-dashboard showing how much you've earned so far.

And if you don't want to see them anywhere… you can disable the system tray icons no worry 😏


Too good to be true, so… what's the catch ?

The first thing you have to know is… Your Internet Bandwidth might be used for “shady dealings“. Basically your Internet Bandwidth will be used for all sorts of things, and the first rule of “Bandwidth Sharing” is to turn a blind eye on what your internet will be used for. The only important things you need to know are…

  1. It will not impact the reputation of your IP Address
  2. Your provider will never Ban you from using them
  3. Your government will never send you any warning
  4. People using your bandwidth will be anonymous to you
  5. You'll be Anonymous to the people using your bandwidth

If this system wasn't safe for the users sharing their bandwidth, nobody would do it… I wouldn't do it ! 😏 I am using these softwares since 2 years now, received many payments, and never received a single warning. I have also tested the reputation of my IP Address and it never changed from the green state πŸ€—

By the way… in case you were thinking of using a VPN, it will not work. VPN softwares are not allowed, and it's even a reason for these platforms to ban you. So don't even try to use one, you would lose your account.


I am using a VPN at all times and i don't want to sacrifice it :

For those of you who are using a VPN and don't want to stop it just because of these softwares, don't worry there is a way and it's called Split Tunneling ! If you're using a VPN since a long time i am sure you're aware of it, as every famous VPN out there (NordVPN, Proton, etc…) have that feature.

Basically you just need to exclude a certain file, from each of these softwares, and then your VPN will exclude the traffic going in and out from them from his daily work. So you won't be banned even if your VPN is turned on for other things. So here are below the files you need to exclude for each software…

Honeygain : C:\Users\YourProfile\AppData\Roaming\Honeygain.exe

EarnApp : C:\Program Files (x86)\EarnApp\net_updater32.exe

PawnsApp : C:\Program Files (x86)\IPRoyalPawns\iproyal_pawns.exe
(this one might have changed as PawnsApp name was Iproyal before)

Then you need to test if it doesn't work, as these softwares are sometimes updated, and they might change how local files react. And if you're testing another software, and know the exact file we need to exclude from VPN, as always please post your findings in the comments section at the bottom of this page.


Can you show me proofs of payments ?

Actually… I already did ! If you scroll at the top of this page you'll see my latest 2023 payment, and all the “payment received” are genuine ! I got them on my Paypal, which then were transferred to my Bank Account πŸ‘

But apart from my Paypal history, i can also show you below the mails i received

Example 1 : Payment from HoneyGain

Example 2 : Payment from EarnApp

Example 3 : Payment from PawnsApp

Then you might think that these payments are ridiculously low… πŸ˜…

Yes one by one they're low… But all added together on your Paypal account by the end, it's not going to be low anymore ! It's like when you go to the supermarket, everything on your list cost 2$, but the final invoice always shows like 50$ to pay ! 😁 All these little sums will create a Bigger sum in the end, that's what you need to understand 😎

Besides they pay you even more for New Affiliates !

So everytime you'll post a link somewhere, and someone will click on your affiliate link, they'll win more money right from the start, and they will become your affiliate and you'll earn a certain % from all of their earnings for Life !

As an example i have several affiliates since i began to use these softwares, and i can now pay a part of my electricity just with all these little sums coming in, which by the end are making a number big enough to pay my bills !

So let's put again the direct download links below of these softwares :

They were already at the top of this page by the way πŸ˜‹

  1. HoneyGain direct download link
  2. EarnApp direct download link
  3. PawnsApp direct download link

Now it's your turn to make money and advertise your affiliate link to get even more money ! For your information and i will finish on this… There are famous streamers with lot of subscribers, who are advertising their affiliate links in every video. As a result they now win a small salary every month ! (because they have like 1000+ affiliates !)

The only thing you have to do is… Start !