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Best Season of Clash Royale ?

Désolé pas de version française…

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What a great season 3 we have there ! Since the introduction of the season pass in clash royale, i have never seen so many good rewards from the special events ! Clearly Supercell knew they had to rekindle the fire in our hearts, after a season 2 of average quality… And frankly i think they lost some customers since season 2, as of course to keep us as loyal customers… You have to bring us more good surprises every months !

You can't just release one good season, and after that begin to relax like “that's fine, they bought the pass one time and now they're customers for life…” it doesn't work that way 😉 And that would also explain why we suddenly discovered 2 Draft Challenges with Good rewards inside ! Supercell really wanted to sell more season pass, as of course with it, the rewards are guaranteed to fall in our pocket 😉

Night Witch Draft Challenge Screenshot #1

The Night Witch Draft Challenge had MANY good rewards ! Epic Tokens and Cards, Legendary Tokens, and even another FREE Emote ! That's the 3rd Free emote this season, never before did we have more than 2 Free emotes to win in the events. This challenge alone was a nice gift for customers ♥

Also it's worth saying that in Clash Royale, Tokens are really the best way for players to build their decks ! Even more when it's about Epic or Legendary… Clashers know too well that when it comes to chests and the cards you find, luck is not always to the rendez-vous and you end up with cards you never use ! So winning many tokens is great to exchange them with your clan.

Night Witch Draft Challenge Screenshot #2

But it wasn't over ! Beginning 3 Days after this really nice challenge, we discovered a New Bandit Draft One, with again many good rewards ! All the different tokens, different cards, Giant Chest and a Legendary to finish ♥ That's very surprising as we never had 2 events with nice rewards following each other… Generally it was more like One Good Challenge and then the next one was trash -_-

Night Witch Draft Challenge Screenshot #3

Now maybe they're placing all their good cards at the beginning, in order to sell more season pass ! The season 3 is far from over… But so far it looks very promising, and i am clearly happy to have paid for this season. All i hope is we're going to continue on the same standard for the remaining days, and that we're not going to get Successive Trash events by the end.

Supercell you have all the cards in your hand to make us stay for a 4th round 😉 Don't miss your chance !


All these rewards even motivated me to create my 2nd video on Clash Royale, doing the Night Witch Draft Challenge from A to Z. Of course as i have bought the pass, i could retry as many times as i want… But actually it only took 1 retry to complete it. I tried to make this one more entertaining than the first one, which really was dull and boring -_- There is a beginning for all things…

My next Clash Royale video will be in french though, because i have to support my youtube french channel too. With time i am also going to think about adding french and english subtitles to all my videos. Anyway thanks for reading and see you soon !

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