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On the Web since 1995 and now into Youtube. Also known as BuilderX, Quoimavie or Dadout.

Largegamer on Youtube

Every now and then, i create a small video and it's featured right here. I intend to keep them shorter than 10 minutes.

You are encouraged to post comments on my videos.

Operencia a Mix of Fairy Tale RPG and Dungeon Crawler

Operencia a Mix of Fairy Tale RPG and Dungeon Crawler

OPERENCIA Fairy Tale RPG and Dungeon Crawler OPERENCIA RPG FOR FANSLet the truth be told right from the start... If you're an old school fan of Dungeon Master or younger fan of Legend of Grimrock if you're in the mood for some...

Largegamer sur Youtube

De temps à autre, je crée une petite vidéo et elle sera mise en avant ici. J'essaie de les faire tenir en moins de 10 minutes.

Vous êtes encouragés à poster des commentaires.



2018 – current : Careful with Clash Royale… This game drove me completely mad due to a Strong Addiction ! I am originally a Free to Play player but i bought the pass since Season 1. (You can check my profile).

Clash Royale Clan Manager Screenshot #1


2017 – current : I used to be an avid RR3 player trying to get all new cars, watching unlimited ads with the Time Zone Trick. But now i am only driving my FU Mp4-X when i have a % Bonus to use. Though now i am a little more active since the Formula 1 Update.

LargeGamer Real Racing 3


  • 2016-2017 : Asphalt 8 ! Loved it as it was my very first game on Mobile, reached Gold league (1600+) then i left for RR 3.
  • 2018-2019 : Brawl Stars, never really got into it, 1300+ Trophies.

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Born in 1979, Video Games have been part of my life since i am 6 years old 🙂 From C64 game Bubble Bobble, to Amiga 500 Bard's Tale and D&D gold Boxes, PC with Betrayal at Krondor and Doom to Quake 3, and now years later Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Witcher and not counting Many great Indie Games ! Yes, i am an Avid Gamer and mainly RPG Enthusiast ^_^

Whatever the post / page you're reading on this website, feel free to comment in french or english. I have always been an open minded person (worked many years as an IT Manager in customer support ♥) and i always answer here, or on my youtube channels, in the next 24/48 hours. Cheers !

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