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Is it Still a Viable feature to buy or not ?


We're now currently in the 8th season of Clash Royale since the introduction of the season pass, and it's for sure the right moment to question the utility of this so-called Pass Royale. Why ? Because the excitement of the beginning clearly left us with one of the worst season so far… It even reminded me of the crappy 2nd Season where they just recycled old ideas, but still continued to sell their Royal Pass anyway…

Look at this new Emoticon below… I have never seen an Emote so representative of the global community feeling ! A Legendary Crying Ghost… because he knows for sure this season will be devoid of new ideas and will just recycle again and again !

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #1

Why Season 8 is not worth it ?

You know i have promoted the Pass Royale since the first season ! Some people even asked me if i was working for Supercell… No i am not, but i don't need to be paid to promote something when i see the benefits of it. I thought and still think it's a good thing to boost our decks, with all these new chests filled of cards and gold. But now it seems i arrived to the point where i won't renew for a 9th season. (FYI I spent overall 50$ in Clash Royale)

In terms of rewards the Season 8 of Clash Royale is the worst ever sold ! Just have a look at the last event of the season below, they called it the Legendary Carnival, and it will give you a good view of how they screwed the Pass Royale customers. This event was 10 days long ! I repeat… 10 fucking days when every other events are only 3 days long ! What does it mean ? It means they didn't want to give us as many rewards as in the previous seasons, and decided to cut them not by half… but by 3 ! And this was clearly unacceptable for the customer i am !

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #11

This is like “le Coup de Grâce” for me, but also for many other customers on facebook who are not stupid, even if supercell would like to make us believe it… that we're stupid enough to accept it ! Supercell didn't want to bother creating new good stuff for this season, and i always understood they just couldn't create new cards everytime ! But at least GIVE US GOLD and BIG CHESTS ! No… This time in addition to the fact there was nothing new, they also didn't want us to make too much value from the royale pass ! In the end this despicable attitude will surely lower the ranks of the Pass Royale customers.

Anyway, if you're still interested by the Pass Royale, I'll explain below the positive aspects of it because i have been a loyal customer for 8 months before closing my wallet for ever, and then we'll speak about “Can we do without it ?” because yes… we can !

First the Real Benefits of Pass Royale

The Pass Royale offered me many benefits, it's literally a deck booster ! In a few seasons you're able to max many cards, even a Legendary and boost a few legendaries to level 12 as well. You're able to complete every challenges with the unlimited retries feature, and it highly participates to this Boost, as of course there are many rewards to gain from all these challenges.

The Queuing of chest is a nice feature too when you reach a new level of mastery, very useful to eliminate downtimes. They even implemented the Bonus Bank after some seasons, for those guys who were playing much more than the average joe, thus resulting in even more gold by the end of the season.

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #2

Recently they added a new feature called the “Season Card Boost”, which basically is to boost the latest released card to your King tower level. And when you're level 13 like me it means you can use this card right away in your ladder deck 🙂 So it was a really nice feature… Until this 8th season where they decided to Boost the Ram Rider… So if your Ram Rider was already level 13 you're basically screwed.

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #3

In that case a wise choice would have been to let the player decide, which card he / she wants to boost for the duration of this season… personally Ram Rider level 13 or not i am not using this card at all. But i would have been very happy to boost a random card of my deck, in order to see if it could have been useful as level 13 in the ladder… No luck it won't happen !

Now i was speaking above about the best feature of the Pass Royale… The Unlimited Retries ! As you can see below it's very useful when you know what your skills are… And you know it will be impossible for you to complete the challenge without using “Continues” each costing from 10 to 100 gems. (depends of the event…). And if like me you know you're going to lose at some point… The Pass Royale is a Life Saver !

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #4


Can't you do without Pass Royale ??

What are the basic needs we can fill with the Pass Royale ?

  1. A lot of Gold, Many Cards (from common to Legendaries) and many token
  2. A feeling of Pride when you know every challenges will be completed
  3. A feeling of satisfaction when you know you'll get all the new emotes
  4. A feeling of Power when you'll see your name in Gold

Let's talk about Number 1… Where could you get GOLD without the Pass Royale ? By participating to Clan Wars of course ! Clan Wars are the best option to make gold without the Pass Royale, you just need to find yourself a nice Legendary Clan (3000+ War points), with co-leaders not stressing you all the time. Because STRESS is a HUGE Factor in Clan Wars and highly depends on the Leadership inside your clan…

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #5

Most of the time players don't want to participate to Clan Wars because they're stressed. The Fear of losing, The Fear of being watched by other teammates while you play your Collection / War matches, The Fear of having 2 matches to do during the War Day… Twice the amount of stress on your shoulders ! And if the co-leaders are stressing you even more, it becomes unbearable and some players just NEVER participate to WAR.

See the amount of Gold below ? That's 7500 Gold won in only 48 hours, just the time to complete a war and that's without counting the +500 / +1000 gold for every matches you won individually… Raising the Total to nearly 10000 GOLD !

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #6

What i want to demonstrate… is that in 1 week you can easily make between 20000 to 40000 GOLD by participating non-stop to the Clan Wars. Who would need a Pass Royale with such an amount of gold won every week ? I am not even counting the CLAN WAR Chest you receive by the end of the War Season, which is every 2 weeks or so… That's again MORE Gold and MORE Cards !

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #7

Of course your Clan war matches can sometimes be very tough, as you'll be matched with higher opponents ! But as long as you got the same level of cards… You'll be able to prevail as it will be about skill and nothing else 😉 See below… I was matched with a Champion but eventually i won… Even if it wasn't that easy ! in Clan Wars people tend to be more serious… even more than ladder ! So don't rush and you'll win…

basically if you participate to every Clan Wars, you won't need the Pass Royale to make more gold !

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #8



Now let's talk briefly about Number 2 to 4, Pride, Satisfaction and Power !


How important is it to Complete a Challenge ?

Let's say you manage to maximize a deck you like to play in ladder, let's say you have adeck full of level 13 cards and you can enjoy the ladder to its fullest… Will it still be important for you to complete challenges ? Will you feel bad if you lose a challenge and will be forced to pay with gems ?

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #10

For me since all my different mortar decks are maxed, because i am obviously a mortar player… Challenges are now completely optional ! Because i know they're not going to improve my primary deck whatsoever… So in the end i'd only gain other cards which are not a requirement for me to enjoy the game.

But let me know in the comments if you have a different point of view.


How important is it to get the New Emotes ?

I am going to be honest with you… For me Tower Skins are useless.

If i win one i am going to select it… But after that i am going to use the newest and then the old one will be trashed… And as for the Emotes i am playing in “Mute” mode all the time because it distracts me too much. So in the end it's purely cosmetic and i only use them maybe 2% of the time… Not that much useful. But again i am willing to hear your point of view about it in the comments below…

Pass Royale still Viable or not Screenshot #9


How important is it to have the Golden Name ?

I'll continue to be honest… Apart from standing out of the crowd it absolutely serves no purpose… i'd probably feel more powerful by reaching a CHAMPION Level than to have this gold name -_- That's why after all i said above, the 8th Pass Royale will be the last for me.

but i am willing to hear about your point of view on the golden name !

Still… I am not done with Clash Royale, i am addicted to this game now and i love the competition in Ladder 😉 I'll just stop the Royal Pass, as the Clan Wars will be enough to provide me with all the gold i need. My position in the ladder will be enough to keep my Pride intact, the few emoticons i have will be sufficient to preserve my global satisfaction, and i won't need a Golden Name to feel powerful ^_^

It's not that i find the Royal Pass expensive, on the contrary it's very cheap ! But after some seasons i begin to think the Royal Pass is not something you should subscribe for life… just the time to boost your primary deck and then severe the subscription 😉

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