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How to Pay it Cheaper in 2 clicks ?

Désolé pas de version française…

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You might already be aware of it or not… But if you're using an Android phone, from time to time you can trigger a FREE Dollar / Euro offer from the Android Store. Actually it happened to me for the first time when i bought the First Season Pass of Clash Royale, i tryed the next month on the Second Season Pass but it didn't work 😉 But then for this Pass Royale Season 3 it was back ^_^ Now for Apple users i don't know you'll have to test on your own, to see if this little trick also works with Apple Store.

First you need to go to the Shop, and click on the Pass Royale button to get this little picture, listing all the benefits of the Pass Royale Season 3.

Clash Royale - Season 3 Pass Screenshot #1

Click on the “Get Pass Royale now!”, here the price is in Euro as i live in Europe. Then select your Payment method… But before confirming your order, click on the Back button of your phone, like if you wanted to cancel your order or just take more time to think… Well… Surprise ! You might get this FREE Offer !

Clash Royale - Season 3 Pass Screenshot #2

It's in French but it basically says that you're going to Pay 1 Euro Less for any orders in the next 24 hours ! As i already said it, it worked on month 1, not anymore on month 2, but for the Pass Royale Season 3 it did the trick ! So maybe this offer is shown once every 2 months. Okay no time to lose now, click on continue and you'll get this window confirming that the Discount is applied to your order.

Update 2021 : In fact this offer appears when you didn't buy something for a long time… And if the only thing you buy like me is the Royal Pass once a month, i advise you to not touch any buttons to buy something, and just let the time pass until you'll buy the next Royal Pass. Because once i touch a button to buy some gems, and it was 1 week before the end of the month, i got the 1€ discount but i didn't want to buy them anyway, i was just messing with the system. And then by the end of the month and the new season where i was going to buy the Royal Pass, the offer was gone and wouldn't come back before another week or even 2 weeks. Remember this is a 24 hours offer… So better let the system activate it when you really need it 😉

Clash Royale - Season 3 Pass Screenshot #3

Now of course it's only 1 EURO, or 1 DOLLAR if you're living in the U.S so it's basically nothing… But between you and me, whatever the amount of money you have to pay in any transaction, if you have the opportunity to pay less, will you refuse the discount ? i don't think so 😉


I think you already seen the video at the beginning of this post ? That's because at the same time i bought the Pass Royale Season 3, i've also decided to make my first Ladder Push Video. It's clumsy, i stutter, search for my words sometimes and even repeat the same sentences 2 or 3 times… But well there's a start for everyone ^_^ So even if this video is dull or boring or whatever… The next videos will obviously be better 😉

For your information i used this custom Mortar Deck to push from 4800 to 5000. Nothing really to be proud of because most of the time, my cards levels were better than the opponents :-p My goal for the end of this season is to reach the 6000 Trophies, so the Champion Level.

Clash Royale - Season 3 Pass Screenshot #4

Also i am willing to receive all your hints and tips about everything that could increase my clash royale skills. Just use the comment section at the bottom to contact me. I always answer within 1 or 2 days, so just write your comment and come back later ♥

Always keep 10.000 Gold on your Account

That's my own and obvious Tip of the day… (obvious because you may already know it)

In Clash Royale you can have the opportunity to buy an Epic Chest in the shop, this offer appears from time to time and it's always good to keep the 10K to buy it right away. Because even if you don't need the cards, you'll be refunded in gold or will give them for 500 gold each on Epic Sundays.

Clash Royale - Season 3 Pass Screenshot #7


Maybe you already have read my post on the Clash Royale Season 2 Rewards

Well rest assured you'll win the same amount with the Pass Royale Season 3. I don't know if you already figured it out, but now to attract more customers towards the Pass Royale, there is on every new season start, a Special Draft Challenge of 15 Battles ! And this time it's to the colors of the Miner 🙂

Clash Royale - Season 3 Pass Screenshot #5

In this Special Challenge you have the same amount of rewards every season, apart from the emotes or legendaries… The selection of chests and the amount of gold stays the same. 42.500 GOLD and all the chests from the little Silver to the BIG 10K worth Epic Chest we spoke above.

Clash Royale - Season 3 Pass Screenshot #6

The Pass Royale Season 3 is NOT a Must Buy to complete it, nor either were the other pass to complete the previous special draft challenges, but as you'll see it cost 100 Gems to reset your losses after 3 losses… So unless you're a very good player, and even good players do lose from time to time in Draft, the Pass Royale Season 3 will be your “Piece of Mind” to ensure you get all the rewards.

And of course there will be all the other little challenges with many rewards, and with the Pass Royale Season 3 you'll have the opportunity to re-try them all, just in case you can't reset your losses. At least you'll have an unlimited amount of retries… That's why i love the Pass since Season 1.

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