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Latest Scam from the FireMonkeys !

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Update 2021 : The Real Racing 3 event Archives are officially going to disappear… Initially this page have been created to complain about the way the archives was changing giving us less benefits for completing each of them, but soon it won't matter as they're going to rework it all.

Do you remember the old Feature called the Flashback ? Well i do and it was great ! We could replay all the events we had missed, it was a very good idea for the new players like me who only discovered this game in 2017, and it was in the same conditions than when the original event was released. I mean you had a limited amount of time to complete the event, and then by the end of every day you had some R$ and Gold rewards. Finally by the end of the whole event you could win the car of course, with even more r$ and gold ! 🙂

Unfortunately… This feature have recently been replaced by the Real Racing Event Archives, yeah i say it's unfortunate because it's basically a SCAM version of the old flashback. You can replay all the events like before, ok that's fine… But there are NO MORE R$ or Gold Rewards to win by the end of each day ! You can still win the car that's fine too… But without the GOLD Rewards it's not motivating and it's a BIG “Fuck You” to the players !


Of course for the new players to the game who never knew the flashbacks, they're going to think it's a good opportunity to win the old cars… But for the players like me who played a lot to the flashbacks, we know we have been screwed over by these Real Racing 3 Event Archives ! So… Some of us complained on Facebook and Twitter, and for the moment the FireMonkeys didn't Backdown.

You still get the Car for Free !

That's the argument given by some “Dumb People” on Facebook to justify this new feature…

How in the world are these new cars FREE ?!?

To complete every one of these events you have to UPGRADE the cars, in order to pass each steps ! And unless something have changed in RR3, the Upgrades are EXPENSIVE and cost a LOT of GOLD ! Besides some event goals were so hard that the average players were forced to SKIP them ! That means even more Gold to spend on the event ! That's why there was Gold to win by the end of each day, to make the bitter pill swallow a little better…

SO NO ! You don't get the Car for Free !

You'll spend the same amount of money as when the flashback feature was still Live, but now you WON'T get ANY Gold Rewards to make up for all the gold spent on the Upgrades / Goal Skips. That's a MAJOR Drawback from these new Real Racing 3 Event Archives, and it's part of the new FireMonkeys Strategy to increase their incomes… But between you and me i am pretty sure they're going into the wall.

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The Real Racing 3 Event Archives, are just one try from the FireMonkeys among others to scam us !

The Automatic Ads…

Maybe you saw my other post back in time on their lousy attempt to make us watch more ads !

One Studio must really be desperate to force their players to watch google ads…

The 90 seconds Ads…

If you read this post, you might be aware of the Time Zone Trick method i uploaded for the first time back in 2018, which is now helping more than 20.000 players to enjoy Real Racing 3 to its fullest, and of course without paying a penny.

Well… The FireMonkeys always tolerated this method, but recently they began to change their ads duration, and in July 2019 i have seen the first 90 Seconds ads WITHOUT SKIP BUTTONS ! Let me tell you that i cancelled them and re-clicked the gold button to get another 15 to 30 seconds ad right away ! There's no way i am going to watch an ad for 90 seconds for just 1 gold coin !

Increasing the Price of Latest Cars !

Since the latest update 7.4.5, the FireMonkeys completely lost their minds and asked a CRAZY Amount of Gold to upgrade the New Cars ! Like the Infamous Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport, which was requiring more than 200 REAL DOLLARS if you wanted to Full Upgrade it ! That was something we had never seen before… Did they hire a new marketing Director ? Did the entire staff was on drugs when they approved that shit ??

And of course after all the complaints on the social networks, they were forced to back down saying it was a mistake… Blablabla… In such an important studio THERE ARE NO MISTAKES. I am myself in IT and with all the internal controls we have nowadays, trust me when i say that mistakes like that are not possible, in a world where every new features have to be approved by several levels in the hierarchy ! Or then… that would mean that some people are applying their signatures without reading the content of the form…


Well… I think we can ask ourselves the question now !

These Real Racing 3 Event Archives are just the tip of the iceberg… But we can clearly see the game of the FireMonkeys now trying to make us pay more and more AND MORE ! Actually the game is becoming so expensive that there are only 3 kinds of players who will enjoy the game.

Rich People…

I don't have anything against rich people, it's just that when you see a game requiring to invest 200 REAL Dollars for a single virtual car, and that there are around 300 Cars in the game… How much is it going to cost one new player now to complete the game ?!? 100.000 Dollars ?!? Who would be that crazy to invest that SUM of MONEY in a game ??? Even rich people have a brain, and i highly doubt they'll spend that much…

Elite Players…

I am not speaking here about the Elite Status ingame which is acquired once you reach level 150…

No i am speaking here about the BEST Players of Real Racing 3, the ones like Speedjunkie, RealMaster and RR3 Guru who can get 300 to 500 Gold every week just by arriving in the TOP 10 of the weekly Time Trial and Multiplayer. Okay these guys will never need to pay nor even use the time zone trick to buy and upgrade new cars… But how many players are that good ? Not so many… And of course these players will never say anything bad against the FireMonkeys, because they all have a Youtube channel and it's their business now !

Time Zone Trick Users…

The players who are using the Time Zone Trick method and who have some free time to spare… But i'll be quite honest with you, even with this you won't be able to afford all these crazy new prices unless you spend hours and hours watching the google ads ! I know i won't, i only watch them scarcely while doing my laundry lol… And if the prices continue to raise over and over, one day i'll just be disgusted and will stop.

I have already drastically reduced my play time in the game… I am more a Clash Royale player now, because despite all my love for Real Racing 3, the FireMonkeys managed to severely impact my motivation for their game.

And apart from these 3…

The average player, casual or not will certainly never enjoy Real Racing 3… Even if that's the greatest Racing Simulation ever made on mobile, it doesn't mean it has to be CRAZILY EXPENSIVE ! It doesn't mean it has to be reserved to the Elite of this world ! And i think the Elite of this world have more important things to do in life, than to play to Real Racing 3 ^_^

FireMonkeys… Please re-visit your strategy, you're destroying your game every new months, more and more people are disgusted by your attitude and greediness. Your latest desperate acts to make more money didn't go unnoticed, so Turn Back while you still can…

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