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Safety Car and Exclusive Formula 1 Series !

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Are they worth the Hassle ?

1 – Safety Car

Since the Introduction of F1, we got some more Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series… and I’d dare say the most important was the Safety Car. Because you had to complete 5 championships in order to unlock it, so in terms of time investment it was the most awaited one.

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #1

So let’s take a look inside the Safety Car exclusive series… 5 Championships for that ?!? I mean it’s a small series and remember we had to complete 5 Events to unlock it, and there were also 2 weeks between each events… So in the end we waited 2 months for that -_-

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #2

At least the safety car was coming fully upgraded… But for the first real racing 3 exclusive series of Formula 1, i guess they could have done something better and bigger ! I mean a series worth remembering, and not half the size of most of the other series…

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #3

So was it worth the hassle ? Well this series brought us the safety car, which is the only car in the game to have… flashing lights lol ^_^ So if you’re interested by the “flashy” design, we can say it’s the first car of its kind in Real racing 3 and… you were there to get it lol.

Then on a M$ side… You could get a Total Bonus of 200.000M$. Also as a word of caution, i think you already know that the daily cap is 180.000M$, but did you know the M$ Max limit was 4.000.000 of M$ ? So just be careful that you’re not too close to the limit when farming…

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #4


2- For me it was the Renault R.S 19

But between you and me, all these new Real Racing Exclusive Series for Formula 1 look the same…

So speaking about just one F1 car is like speaking for all of them… So i managed to fully upgrade the Renault R.S 19 (i am french so that makes sense lol), and i guess i must have spent a total of 5.000.000M$. Anyway as i said above, the max of M$ is 4.000.000 so if you don’t want to lose money while farming your 180.000M$, you must spend them on upgrades !

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #5

sadly as for the safety car, the Real racing 3 exclusive series for F1 are just as small… -_- 10 Tiers to complete and always the same tracks you could drive on before… So there’s really nothing new in terms of Tracks. But there’s indeed one new interesting thing !

The tracks are 3 to 9 laps long ! And that’s a lot better for farming your daily 180.000M$ than to relaunch 19 times the Duel in the starting series, or 9 times the cup 🙂 And besides the 9 laps track is on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, which is the EASIEST and SHORTEST track available 😉

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #6

So here is your fully upgraded Formula 1 Car…

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #7

Here is the Track with 9 laps !

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #8

That you can complete with your fully upgraded car in around 11 minutes only ! 🙂

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #9

For a total of 90.000 M$ in just one race ! That’s far better than what you could get before in the basic F1 series.

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #10

Finally the FAME is also much more interesting in this Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series of F1 ! The 32800 number below is wrong as i had a 100% bonus, but still that’s 16400 FAME without any bonus ! And before if you remember well you had only 900 FAME per lap !

Real Racing 3 Exclusive Series Screenshot #11

So was it worth the hassle ? If you’re the kind of driver to complete your daily 180.000M$, yes the Real Racing 3 exclusive series of F1 will grant you a Faster and Better farming every day ! Less time spent (22-23 minutes) and More Fame in the end.

Now we’re all waiting to see what the Fire Monkeys are going to do about F1 in the next 8.2 update…

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