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Or How to make more money by Pissing off the Players

Real Racing 3 Forced Ads

Edit : Since 2020, the Fire Monkeys have removed the Real Racing 3 forced ads, they finally understood that it was a pain in the ass for all the players. So now the ads are proposed to you to launch them, but no more is the game launching them automatically. That's for the better 🙂 You can still read this article though, you'll learn a thing or two by chance ^_^

Since 2019 the Firemonkeys Studio implemented a new way to make more money. Video Ads which are played by the end of nearly every races you do… Forced Ads, Pushed Ads, Automatic Ads ! Whatever you call them, one thing is sure they're annoying as hell !

Basically now, you are Forced to pay at least one time in their Store to disable these Forced Ads. Listen guys… I understand Real Racing 3 is a business, i understand it needs money to thrive… But what i also understand is your Business Model was bad from the very start. Now the Ingame economy of Real Racing 3 became overly ridiculous, and you're trying to make this economy survive, by Blaming the players in forcing them to watch Google Ads…

No Sir this is Bad Communication !

And it's not like each of these Ads would bring you only Gold Coins, no they're not ! They're actually part of the Ads Button you got at the top right of your screen. Meaning when you have been forced to watch 5 ads, and won 5 gold coins, you'll only get 2000 R$ for every other Forced Ads watched. And of course your Ads Button will be automatically switched from the Gold to the R$ one.

So in the end you'll watch MANY R$ Ads even if you didn't want to, because you can't stop the autoplay ! Well actually, a minority of them can be stopped but it's only like 1 on 10. Fortunately there is a quick workaround… 😉


These Forced Videos are happening right after you finished a race and clicked on the continue button. But remember one thing… These ads are coming from Google, and Google uses your Internet connection of course ! Well guess what… No Internet Connection, No forced Ads ^_^

Step 1 – After the race, You're on the Car Repair Screen

Step 2 – Slide your System Panel, and select Airplane Mode
(Should work on Android and Ios, you can also just cut your Wifi)

Step 3 – Click on Continue, Trophy Screen will appear
And that's where the Forced Ad should start… But it won't 😉


The Last Step is to go Back to your RR3 Home Screen. There, switch the Internet Back Online, and wait for the Ad Button to appear. Because the Ad Button is a good indicator to know if your Internet connection is working.

If you're too fast and not patient enough
(as an example) You'll get an Error Message by re-entering the LTS

Same thing if you're too fast, and try to save your game
You could have an error message saying you don't have any Internet Connection.


Sometimes the game can be stucked into a “No Internet Connection” State. And even if you put the Internet back… For the game it's still not there, and you'd be forced to re-launch the game completely. So to avoid that or any other problems…

  1. Finish your ongoing Race
  2. On Car Repair Screen, Airplane Mode and / or Cut Wifi
  3. Back at the RR3 Home Screen, Put Internet Back Online
  4. Wait for the Ad Button to appear (means it's fine)
  5. Do whatever you have to do ^_^ (Save, LTS, Multiplayer…)

NB: If you're doing a Team Event, always press the Retry Button. Otherwise by cutting off the internet connection and exit the race, i think it could sever your link to the team and you'd be forced to re-launch the game.

Happy Racing Dear Fans, and without Real Racing 3 Forced Ads !

And as always if you need Mountains of Gold… Time Zone Trick my friends !

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