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Too Much Farming Involved to win those M$ !

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Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Tedious !

Since the Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update, We're all focused on winning M$ !

Let's face it ! It's a new currency we can only win while driving Formula 1 Cars, it's limited to 180.000M$ a day, and we can't even use the Manager Bonus to Double it with gold coins… So it's like the NEW RARE Treasure of RR3, and missing your daily 180K M$ would be like to shoot yourself in the foot, in case one upcoming event would require more M$ than usual…

In fact since the release of Real Racing 3 Formula 1, we can see 3 issues…

  1. The original game seems to have been deserted by many players…
  2. People are focusing 100% on the 180K M$ farming, which is very Tedious !
  3. And for those of us who are playing to both worlds, it's VERY Time consuming !

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Farming Screenshot #2

We have 5 championships to complete to win the Mercedes-AMG, and it's not really about this car but more about the fact that Real Racing 3 Formula 1 is NEW ! And we simply want to be able to complete the first series of championships… But God we didn't know there would be so much Farming involved ! doing the same race over and over for hours on the long run !

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Farming Screenshot #1

First of all… It's not as if we have many choices… As you can see on the picture below we have the Daily Races, where you can choose between 3 kinds of challenges, but the most interesting of all and also easy to win is the Duel, because each time you're going to Win 10900+ M$, and you'll just have to retry it 17 times to get your 180.000$ but that's VERY TEDIOUS MAN !

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Farming Screenshot #3

Secondly… If you want you can choose the cup… Of course ! But why the hassle of overtaking all cars to finish 1st ? When the Duel will bring you exactly the same amount of M$ for each lap… And you know you'll be able to be in First position by the first corner -_- So there is really no point to choose a race other than the duel to farm your daily M$.

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Farming Screenshot #4

The Real Racing 3 Formula 1 update was Great at first ! I even wrote an extensive post about it here because i was excited ! But if now this game is reduced to a Slow and Tedious farming each day… The excitement is going to fall ! I mean the championship is entertaining i don't deny it, but between each events it's a whole Experience of Tediousness !

So did the monkeys think the players would bring their wallets out by Excess of Tediousness ? ^_^

I am sick of farming these fucking 180K each day ! I am going to pay !!

Sorry not working for me… I just feel it's like 2 days of entertainment, and then 1 Boring Week… I don't know what the monkeys could implement to make this experience more entertaining, but i really think we'll all soon be bored to hell if we continue this slow M$ grind.

What do you think of it ? Do you have any ideas to share to make it more fun for all of us ? If you do please write them at the bottom of this page in the comments section ! With a little chance… The Fire Monkeys will see it one day !

update 2021

Fortunately since the time i wrote this post, they implemented several other cars to win M$. Because using Formula 1 all the time to farm M$ was really boring ! So now we can also use different other cars like Nascar, Prototypes or Electrical Formula E… in order to make the experience less dull. It's still a game of Farming… Nothing has changed on that part, but at least now we have different toys to play with 😉

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