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Too Much Farming Involved to win those M$ !

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Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Tedious !

Since the Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update, We're all focused on winning M$ !

Let's face it ! It's a new currency we can only win while driving Formula 1 Cars, it's limited to 180.000M$ a day, and we can't even use the Manager Bonus to Double it with gold coins… So it's like the NEW RARE Treasure of RR3, and missing your daily 180K M$ would be like to shoot yourself in the foot, in case one upcoming event would require more M$ than usual…

In fact since the release of Real Racing 3 Formula 1, we can see 3 issues…

What do you think of it ? Do you have any ideas to share to make it more fun for all of us ? If you do please write them at the bottom of this page in the comments section ! With a little chance… The Fire Monkeys will see it one day !

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