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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Truth !

Let's begin by the good !

The Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update really was a Good surprise !

First because for the RR3 Community, it's going to attract many new players to Real Racing 3. Actually the biggest Game related to Formula one on mobile is “F1 Mobile Racing” from Codemasters. And this update is a direct threat to any F1 game on mobile, with of course a prime target on Codemaster's game !

Because despite all the skills you can find at Codemasters, the Fire Monkeys are the real masters when it comes to “Mobile Racing Simulation”. And you know, i also read some reviews from “F1 Mobile Racing”, and it's not as good as the reviews you can read of Real Racing 3. So with all the hype and publicity, expect a huge load of new F1 Fans coming from other mobile games very soon !

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update Screenshot #1

Second if you care about the Official Pilots, the Official Names…

Don't worry, as always the Fire Monkeys have delivered a quality product, and there's nothing more official than this Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update. If you're a Fan of F1 you should fall in love, as you'll find everything you need to entertain yourself. At the moment there is only a slight noise nuisance from the F1, but it should be fixed very soon.

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update Screenshot #5

Third… It's true that Real Racing 3 needed something new to entertain the player's database. Despite all the different challenges you can find in this great mobile game, after some years… You need to renew the interest or you could lose some customers.

Now for me an old player of Real Racing 3, It seems strange to speak of this game as a New Formula One reference… But i'd better get used to it because if that's not the case right now, it's sure going to become one in the next weeks ! The Fire Monkeys managed to stay ahead of the competition in the mobile racing simulation since years, and if they want to eat the F1 Market on mobile… They Will !

Let's check the Bad now !

New Currency and Daily Limit !

Yeah… After the Big and Good Surprise, here is the Drawback and not a small one !

First the New Currency the “M$” which is going to be the only money usable for the Formula 1 Series. That means whatever how big are your pools of R$ or Gold, you won't be able to use them to Buy or Upgrade your Formula 1 cars. Yeah sorry guys… If you thought you could Farm the way it was before, forget it ! And for those of you who were using (like me) the good old Time Zone Trick to make unlimited gold… It's now Useless as well for F1 😉

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update Screenshot #2

Second and as you can see on the picture above (sorry it's in french), there is a Daily Limit to how many M$ you can win every day 😀 Yeah 180.000 M$ from Racing, and not a single more ! And if you want more you'll have to go back the next day, or pull your wallet out of your pocket.

Important to note : I've noticed while driving with the Formula 1 Car, that the M$ Rewards are kinda locked or bugged… It's 10950M$ for 1 lap done whatever the race you do. So some races which are shorter are better for farming as it will be more worth it than a long race. And as an example i have completed an Endurance Race where i did 5 or 6 laps, and i only got the 10950M$ for it at 1st place 🙁 Not worth it at all !

Now what does happen if you race and are near the Daily Limit ? As you can see on the picture below, it fills your M$ to the max 180.000, and the extra M$ won is simply erased from your rewards. So just as a little advice… When you're close to the daily limit, don't choose a big race to farm M$ or you'll race for nothing. Also at the moment even the “Fame” won is not worth it…

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update Screenshot #3

Update : Since the first release of Formula 1 in Real Racing 3, the Fire Monkeys have raised the daily limit from 180.000M$ to 250.000M$. Personally i think it's a good thing to maintain a daily limit, otherwise the M$ will know the same fate as R$ with “Currency Devaluation”.

Suggestion (2021) : There are now team events related to M$ races… You know events where you have to do 100 times the same thing to get a good Team position in the leaderboard. Considering there is a M$ Daily Limit, these Team events are devoid of real rewards after 30 minutes of races. So while i said it's good to maintain a daily limit, i strongly encourage the Fire Monkeys to temporary raise the daily limits, when they decide to implement a team event related to the M$ currency… Otherwise there won't be any motivation to do it.

Now there are some exceptions, and to what extend ? i don't know yet… But when you race in a challenge and finish some of the goals, you'll win BONUS M$ which are not counted inside the Daily Limit, and as you can see below these Bonus M$ are quite nice !

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update Screenshot #4

Now… Nice Bonus or not, will it be like that forever or just at the start ? I mean the Monkeys could attract us with these nice Bonus now, and then in the next formula 1 series to release on us their sword of Damocles ! It wouldn't be the first time they remove something, like they removed the Gold Rewards for the flashbacks, after re-naming them “Archives” -_-

And of course… The Ugly !

The Economy is Still Ridiculous !

Despite all of this, nothing have changed when it comes to how greedy the Fire Monkeys are…

If you go by the shop because you want to support the work of the devs, you'll see how expensive Real Racing 3 is ! And unfortunately it's not new, it's a Sin of the past, but it seems the Monkeys have no problems with their Sins… You know the community asked them many times to lower their prices. But they never listened… Their economy is still Outrageously Expensive !

Look at those offers below… Even with a 30%, 40% or 50% BONUS, the prices are crazy ! As a new player you could think these prices are good when you see nearly 4.000.000 M$ for 110€ or American $. But the ugly truth is with 4.000.000 M$ you're going to buy and upgrade 2 Formula 1 that's all !

110€ spent for 2 virtual cars… That's maybe a One Month of gameplay, and after that back to the shop !

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update Screenshot #6

I'd like you to see what you can have below as an example, for 110€ or American $ in the Famous mobile game Clash Royale.

You can get 14.000 Gems for this amount of money… And what can you do with 14.000 Gems ?

  1. You can launch a Classic Challenge 1400 times !
    A classic challenge is a series of 12 matches if you're good enough, and it can last more than 1 hour !
  2. You can launch a Grand Challenge 140 times !
    A Grand Challenge is also a series of 12 matches, but you're against the Top Players of the world !
  3. You can buy cards, chests, gold…

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update Screenshot #7

So you could think… Yes but Clash Royale is not Real Racing 3 ! Clash Royale is not making as much Hype or is not as Famous as Real Racing 3, so the Monkeys can put the price higher ! Wrong… Clash Royale is making so much money that they could buy the whole Fire Monkeys if they wanted to…

My point dear friends is… There are games where investing money can be worth it ! And there are games like Real Racing 3 where spending money seems to have no impact in the game, while it does on your wallet ! Paying… Yes i am pretty sure all people are paying when they know it's going to be a good deal, but i am also quite sure they won't pay if they get nothing out of it.

As far as i remember Money is not growing on trees, so Fire Monkeys stop taking us for Fools and lower your fucking prices ! The sad thing on this Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update, is they decided to take the Formula 1 turn because they know there are LOADS of F1 Fans out there, who are ready to PAY the high price for the best F1 Game on mobile… And who are not really aware of the prices of the market.

What i mean is… Many Fans are going to be ripped off !

Still… a Great Update !

The Formula 1 Car for Free !

And despite all the bad things i could have said above… It's still “Free to Play” friendly !

Yes my fellow drivers, the formula 1 championship can be won for free if you farm your 180.000M$ per day ! You don't need to invest any money to get it, and you don't even need to farm before launching the event. And by the way the event itself is very entertaining ! I also love the new Soundtrack produced by Ryan Kurt, it's like the kind of motivating music you use when trying to lift weights at the gym 😉

Difficulty Level of the 1st event ? I am a Group  driver only and i completed it easily without any skips.

Real Racing 3 Formula 1 Update Screenshot #8

There is also a little bug… Or maybe it's not a bug, but just a display issue. The PR required to finish the first formula 1 championship is 126.6 for the FERRARI SF90, but in fact once you reach a PR of 126.1 it's enough to start the last 2 races 🙂 Then it's up to you to decide if you want to collect your 180.000M$ every day, before the 2nd part of the championship starts… I know i usually don't because i am playing A LOT to Clash Royale !

Update 2021 : The Firemonkeys have also implemented the 2020 Formula 1 championship, it's largely more challenging than 2019. With the Monaco and Marina Bay circuits, these events are still free to play if you farm your daily M$ and very enjoyable !

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