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No hack, No ban, no risks !

I originally uploaded this Real Racing 3 Time Zone Trick back in early 2018, and then for personal reasons i had to leave internet. But now i am back and this method to play FREE in Real Racing 3, is still working all the way from Android to Apple Devices 🙂

After a few years of existence, My Time Zone Trick Video has been Taken Down from Youtube in May 2022 by EA. Strange as it never harmed the game, it wasn't a Hack (The “hack” word in the title was only to compete against other videos), and was intended as a WIN-WIN. It's even written on the Official Wikipedia of the game… So i sent EA a mail and maybe they'll answer me one day… In the meantime let's use the Vimeo one 😉

How does it work ?

Basically the Time Zone Trick is a method to get Unlimited gold in Real Racing 3. It's to Travel in Time like in “Back to the Future” 😉 You'll constantly switch with Time Zones, in order to go back and forth between the next day and the present day. Doing this you'll be able to Unlock Unlimited Ads, and each new Ad is 1 more Gold Coin in your pocket. So Time will be the only thing you need ! NO HACK, NO 3rd part APP.

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  1. Time Zone Trick works between Midday and Midnight
  2. It works approximately the same way on Android and Ios
  3. You can change Time Zones in your System or with an App
  4. Free to Play players will enjoy the game to its fullest
  5. It's Only for Gold and not for the New Formula 1 M$ currency

official guide

Just follow the steps below

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  • Let's say you live in france (GMT +2) and it's Midday (12 am)
  • You need to switch to GMT +14 to arrive to the next day
    Why ? because GMT +14 is 12 more hours than GMT +1
  • Once you're in the Next Day, Watch all your 5 Gold Ads
  • Then you'll see the R$ Ad displayed, DON'T TOUCH IT
  • Switch back to the present day (Go back to GMT +2)
  • Watch the R$ Ad one time, I REPEAT JUST ONCE !
  • After that, Switch again to the next day (GMT +14)
  • Tadaaaa ! The 5 Gold Ads will be back ^_^

Now for Apple users

You just have to know the path 🙂

method for IOS

  • To change the Time Zone you have to go in your IOS Settings
  • Go into General > Date and Hour
  • There Uncheck the Automatic Setting for the Time Zone
  • Then Choose the Time Zone you need, by entering directly the name of a City. As an example for GMT +14 (farthest GMT) type in the word : KIRITIMATI

4g better > WIFI

  • Personally i am using my 4G to watch the Ads, but i understand many people will use their WIFI. (many Tablets don't have 4G)
  • In that case you might notice that the Gold Ads won't appear after some time, even if you follow the method step by step.
  • If it happens to you, you need to use a 3rd party app called a VPN. There is a Free one called TouchVPN, it's legal and legit.
  • Launch it before RR3, and select any Server (Canada is good).
  • Once it's connected, adjust your Time Zone then launch RR3
  • You should see the Gold Ads back in case they were gone 🙂

for many wifi users it wasn't working

Fortunately the solution is a VPN App


  1. If you're careful you won't lose any daily rewards
  2. Before going to the next day, ALWAYS use your Reward
  3. Meaning if you get a % Bonus to R$ / Fame, Race NOW
  4. Because if you don't use it and Travel to the next day…
  5. You'll get the next day reward, Ok no problem so far…
  6. But when back, your Present Day reward will be gone !

Going Backwards

  • Let's assume you live in France (GMT +1)
  • It's passed Midnight and before Midday (12pm – 12am)
  • You already watched all gold ads, and you have a R$ Ad
  • Go Back in Time by Selecting a negative GMT like -11
  • You'll be back to the Previous day between 12am – 12pm
  • Watch the R$ Ad ONLY ONCE with the negative GMT
  • Now come back to your Own GMT (here we said GMT +1)
  • The 5 Gold ads will be back ! Watch them with your own GMT
  • Finally when you see the R$, go Back to the negative GMT 🙂

Reverse works too

Next day is not Mandatory

AS long as you don't abuse it's risk free

Just be reasonable, don't farm too much

No one banned

  • I am using this method since October 2017
  • I got around 25000 Gold since that time
  • I did it by chunks of 50 to 300 Gold / day
  • And i SPEND my GOLD, i don't keep it !
  • Banned players kept too much Gold (5k)
    When you don't pay, 5k looks strange…
  • Banned players were using HACKS
    This method is NO HACK or PROGRAM
  • You don't get banned for using Time Zones
  • We're already Ten of Thousands to use it !

why a glitch ?

  1. The Fire Monkeys are well aware of this glitch you know ?
  2. And they never fixed it, because it brings in Money !
  3. Many Free to Play players like me will never pay a cent
  4. But we can invest our time, by watching ads for Gold
  5. But so… why are they not making these ads unlimited ?
  6. Because In our society, it would be seen as an act to force
    players to watch ads, and it would be bad for their Reputation
  7. So in the end, they let guys like me do the Ads promotion 😉


  • The more Gold Coins you make using this Real Racing Time Zone Trick, the more your 3 teammates will help you !
  • Remember Your Manager, Agent and Technician ?
  • The game system is designed to make these 3 guys help you  when they're impressed, and it's related to your winnings.
  • After the Free Gold Coins, the Free Rewards Multipliers !

This method really helps all the way

Even your team will help you willingly !

One last Trick in mind

In case it still not work for you.


  • In case the Gold Ad disappear and you tried everything…
  • You can try to Reset the Google ID, to make them re-appear
  • In Android it's in Settings > Google > Ads > Reset Ads ID
  • In Ios it's in Settings > Privacy > Ads > Reset Ads ID
  • Don't hesitate to click on that even 3 times if you want
  • Finally… Sometimes just switching from RR3 to another
    App, and then back to RR3 make the Gold Coin back 😉

We offer you 10% Off (via Paypal)
google ads
Only with our code 78301, click above then
send us the receipt at

Is it a Cheat ?

There are still people scared to use the Time Zone Trick… Once and for All ! The Time Zone Trick is not a cheat ! Actually to the eyes of the Fire Monkeys, a non-paying player using the Time Zone Trick is a better customer than a non-paying player grinding Fame for Gold. If you use the Time Zone trick, you're going to watch tons of ads… Largely more than a player racing endlessly to win more gold. And ads bring in money to the Fire Monkeys, whereas grinding Fame brings them nothing. So don't feel ashamed, using the Time Zone Trick is making you a better customer ^_^

a Win-WIn !

Don't Blame yourself for using this Real Racing 3 Time Zone Trick, you're not cheating as events won't be easier. You're not stealing either ! Every time you watch an Ad, $0.01 is going in the Monkeys Pockets. Meaning if you watched 30.000 ads like me… it's $300 !

and $300 by 20 thousands of players = $6.000.000 !

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