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All Souls-Like games are using the same concept to save your progression. You need to find the next Bonfire (Dark Souls I to III), Crystal (Lords of the Fallen), Altar (Immortal Unchained), Sculptor's Idol (Sekiro), Medbay (The Surge) or a Shrine (Pharaonic).


But actually, many players never touched a Dark Soul because it's too Punishing for them ! Yes there are a few guys on Youtube who can finish any Dark Souls blindfolded, with the hands tied in the back, playing with their foot without being harmed even once ! But these guys are only representing like 0.001% of the community… The average player won't have the patience, nor either enough time to invest in a “Die and Retry”.

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  1. Players scared to lose all their hard earned experience
  2. Players who want to clean a whole area before the Boss
  3. Players who are not confident enough in their own skills
  4. Players who want to save every stages of their progression
  5. Casuals who want to experience Dark Souls ^_^


Sekiro How to Save Game

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  • Sekiro Savegames on your PC are located in
  • In that folder you'll find a file with .SL2 Extension
  • Everytime you see the little Icon ingame indicating
    you that the game is saving, this .SL2 file is updated.
  • Basically you need to let an Explorer window of this
    folder opened, before you launch the game.
  • Then Ingame, every time you feel the need to save
    your progression, go into your character profile and
    get out. It's a trick to activate the save manually.
  • Then Press Alt + TAB key to switch windows, and
    arrive on your Savegame folder Window.
  • Create a directory, name it with the description you
    want (5th Boss ?), and copy paste in the .SL2 file.

Organized Savegames

Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #1
Your List of Saves ! (Click to Enlarge)

List of Checkpoints

You can keep a list of everything you've done. Like the exact precise moment before fighting all the bosses ingame ! Very useful if you want to re-experience the same fight later on, with the same starting gear, without waiting to be in another playground (NG+), just to see if your skills have really improved overtime.


  • SEKIRO is a very hard game to master !
  • personally i found it harder than Dark Souls
  • Because the timeframe of some movements
    is just too much QTE oriented…
  • QTE ? It means Quick Time Event, and it was
    popularized in it's time (1993) by Dragon's Lair
  • In short… Some Boss are a real Pain in the Ass
  • It takes more efforts than in Dark Souls, because
    even if you learn the Boss Patterns… You'll still
    have to click/move at the exact precise moment.

Sekiro How to Save Game

Here are a few “Pain in the Ass” Bosses

Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #2Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #3Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #4Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #5

So many Tries ! (Click to Enlarge)


Sekiro How to Save Game

Parental Advisory ? Look for yourself…

Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #6Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #7Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #8Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #9

You like it ? 😛 (Click to Enlarge)

Violent Game ?

  • Sekiro is much more violent than Dark Souls
  • In Dark Souls your enemies are simply
    disappearing like spirits once they're killed…
  • In Sekiro they die in a FLOW of BLOOD ^_^
  • Not that i don't like it… But i am pretty sure
    it's not a game to put in everyone hands 😉
  • It's sometimes even a little (a lot !) GORE !
  • But i repeat… As an adult, I liked that 😀

Is it Cracked ?

  1. A “From Software” Game ? Of course it was…
  2. Will it hurt their business ? No not at all… They
    are famous, with a huge Customer Database.
  3. This time i couldn't say that you wouldn't have the
    latest updates, by downloading a cracked version,
    because all the updates are cracked very fast !
  4. When a game is famous, the hackers know they
    have to release every cracks very fast, for their
    impatient community of non-paying players.


  • Sekiro how to save game will help you to prevail
  • But for some of you, mastering the game will take
    weeks, if not months ! Depends if you're casual…
  • The game is somewhat long, but on an downside
    note, i have to mention that one place is re-used
    twice ! But that's part of the adventure / plot.
  • I'd like to tell you that i am waiting for a Sequel,
    but i still have the 2 last Bosses to beat 😀
  • The game can be bought for 60€ ($67 ?),
    the price is high but the game is Excellent !

Pictures are better than anything

If you like what you see, you'll like it !

Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #10Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #11Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #12Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #13Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #14Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice Screenshot #15

You're the Boss here !

Your Feedback is important !


  • This page was designed to promote Sekiro
    (not paid for this, i am just a random guy ^_^)
  • and to help you overcome Sekiro Challenges
  • So if you have any comment, please write them in
    the comment section below, i'll be happy to answer !
  • All the comments are moderated, so please come
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Love Souls

At the beginning of this page, i already recommended no less than 5 other Souls-Like Games ! 🙂 Well ok i could add in Bound by Flame… But it's short and not the best 😉 Look on Steam for other Indie Games like Mortal Shell, Hellpoint, etc… you'll find everything for your needs !

Developers have to be paid for their hard work !

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