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Your New Series on Clash Royale Ladder !

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I am pleased to introduce you to my whole new series on Clash Royale ! Tilt or Win is about pushing on Ladder and nothing else, no challenges, only the excitement and frustration that only the ladder can offer 😉 I sincerely hope you'll find it entertaining enough, and if not please tell me in the comments what i could improve ♥ You could also propose me some decks based on my CR Profile and the level of my cards.

For this Tilt or Win Episode 1 i used this custom mortar deck ! I am a Mortar player since a long time, and this deck is of course a customized version of Egor Mortar Deck 3.1. I simply replaced the 2 elixir goblins by the Gang, and the Musketeer by the latest Common Firecracker Card. In this Tilt or Win Episode 1 we got 4 victories and 1 defeat for a total of 97 Trophies won 🙂

Tilt or Win Episode 1 Screenshot #1

I really love the way this Firecracker works ♥ It really adds some “Brawl stars” style to Clash Royale. I mean today they release a card that has a recoil, tomorrow maybe they'll add more cards each with a special move upon attacking or receiving damage, it's opening a wide range of new strategies. And overall Clash Royale will become even more dynamic that way ^_^

Speaking about the Firecracker, i've never seen a card so much requested ! Look at my clan… Everyone is requesting it, and of course only a few are donating… Personally i think it's stupid to request a card that has been released less than a month ago, and besides this card is so popular that you can't expect people to give you what they also want badly !

Tilt or Win Episode 2 Screenshot #1

I even saw a guy in my team using all his common token to request Firecrackers 😀 Nice move dude ! But utterly useless as no one wanted to trade with him. Of course… First that's not respectful, and Second who would be stupid enough to give 250 units of a new and popular card ?!? That's why i personally request it 1 time on 4, that means 3 times on 4 i request other cards. I am not spamming the clan with futile requests about a card everyone wants.


I got some Wifi lag during the recording of this video, fortunately it didn't impact the video that much but you can experience some lag from time to time. I don't have a big bandwidth at home, only the average DSL connection… So if someone else use the Wifi while i am recording i am kinda impacted.

In the next videos i'll try to use the USB-C connection instead with a different software. At some point i'll have everything fixed to deliver more quality videos, i am also thinking about streaming as soon as i'll become better. Because for the moment i am just a “Master III”, and i guess entering the “Champion” range would be more interesting for you to watch 🙂

Anyway if you can share this video / page on social networks that would be very nice of you 🙂

See you in the next Tilt or Win episode guys !


For those interested in technical details

  1. Smartphone Redmi Note 8 Pro
  2. Old Webcam Logitech C910
  3. Cheap 20$ Gaming Headset for the Micro
  4. OBS Studio for the whole recording
  5. ApowerMirror for the mobile cloning via Wifi

ps. If you need advices on how to record your own Clash Royale Show, i'll be pleased to help you if i can. Just write your request in the comments at the bottom of this page, we're so many to create content on CR it's only normal to help each other 😉

Update 2021

When i posted this it was in 2020, and then i didn't follow… Besides i couldn't stream as my DSL line was crap, all i could was to upload the video afterwards and it was ridiculously long ! Big 2021 change, i recently acquired the Optic Fiber 🙂 That means i have now the possibility to stream as much as i want. I already began with a few workout videos in my modest gym room at home, and so far it worked perfectly. So if i can stream a workout, streaming some clash royale battles shouldn't be that hard ^_^ My own new streams of Clash Royale should arrive by this Summer of 2021 for real this time !

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