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Video Games Soundtracks

Who is listening to Video Games OST ?

First of all… if you're not a fan of video games, you might not be aware that Professional Music Composers have worked for video games. Music Composers like Trevor Morris, Inon Zur, or Jeremy Soule are reknown for their beautiful melodies, and other creative works on movies and video games soundtracks.

Video Games Soundtracks are not produced by second-zone composers ! Not at all… That's why it's always surprising for a non-video game fan, to discover that such marvelous musical arrangements could have been made for some virtual entertainment.

I could also mention David Joiner (aka Talin) or Jan Paul Moorhead for their marvelous songs in the 80-90's, not forgetting Jeroen Tel who did an incredible job in 1989 with one of the greatest “classic” medieval music of all times in the game Iron Lord.

Gathering the Best through Time

For the Video Games Enthusiast i am, it was only natural to gather with time the best video games soundtracks ! I mean the musics i found the most appealing, motivating or sometimes dramatic… But still very enjoyable to listen to, depending on what i was doing… working, thinking, dreaming, relaxing…

So i have decided to make all these Video Games Soundtracks available here, and i'll provide everytime a little description of what it was used for in the video game. Most of them are in .Mp3 files and rarely in .Ogg format. I hope you'll have as much pleasure to listen to them as i had !

Download them Free of charge !

Most of these video games soundtracks are from games already released since a long time, and even sometimes from games which are completely unknown to the public ! There are many indie games released every years and some of them are just drown into the mass. So dowloading a few songs won't harm their producers… On the contrary it will help them to make their game known to more people, and maybe… get one more copy sale from this page 😉


Video Games Soundtracks Last updated (03/01/2020)

If you want to listen to them, just click on the little “PLAY” icon, and on the “PAUSE” icon to stop them.

If you want to download them, right click on the music name and select “Save Link Target as…”
If you see (classic) it means the soundtrack might be in “midi” meaning it sounds old computer.

If you want to know more about the game itself, just click on the video game name.
If you see a name between (parentheses) it means the video game is part of a famous universe.

Listen below or Download them all !

So far there are no less than 98 soundtracks !!

This list is updated on a monthly basis, so come back from time to time for new updates !

Also if you'd like to recommend me a specific video game soundtrack, just write it in the comments below 😉

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