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Just know Withdrawing Your Money is Not a Right !


edit May 2022 : Since this day i was pissed off, the outcome was satisfactory and i have withdrawn a total of 8000 Peds so far (little less than $800). Still… This post is a good reminder of the issues you could have with MindArk Support, so let's keep it 😉

You know what ? I never thought i would write such an article… Because i spent the last 6 months, since September 2021 exactly, to play Entropia Universe as much as i could, doing the Daily Hunting missions on Calypso every fucking day ! As well as participating to the Mayhem events, and even promoting this game on my Twitch channel

  1. I created a Tutorial to help the new players called Entropia Universe Beginner's Guide
  2. I also spent money in the Webshop to write Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Scam
  3. Even one last article to help even more called Entropia Universe Tips & Tricks no Bullshit

But today I am sadly going to leave Entropia Universe as… I can't withdraw My hard earned Money !.

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  1. I Should have Listened to the Other Players !
  2. When you become a Criminal to MindArk !


I should have listened to the other players !

You know when i began to play to Entropia Universe, there was one thing i was not deluded about… The fact that Entropia Universe is a Big GAMBLING Mmorpg ! Meaning an Online Casino where the Only right you have is to spend your money, and where it's common knowledge that you'll lose more than you'll win ! And to some extent i accepted that i would have to spend money, and maybe never win !

But I just didn't think they would prevent me to withdraw my money on the very first withdrawal !

But i had seen some posts on the community forum… Maybe my brain chosen to forget them i don't know…

They will ask you to justify for withdrawing Peds
I had seen that sentence and someone else said “Bullshit they don't !” and i believed the second person…

The support will try to Push you to the fault when withdrawing
This was a message which was removed by the admin of the forum, i was skeptical but had the time to read it…

I am going to withdraw for the first time and i hope it goes well…
This message wasn't posted by some new player but by a player who had spent a HUGE amount of money into that game… And i understood shortly after… That most Entropian Players were now AFRAID of Withdrawing, because they were not sure of the result. It was like they were incented to deposit but discouraged about withdrawing money!

So in the end many players who were in the game for YEARS simply didn't want to withdraw, they didn't want problems to happen to their accounts… Basically you have MANY Veteran players who have A LOT of peds but who will never withdraw them ! They'll just use them to continue to play… And willingly decided to forget that originally, the game was about to be “Paid for Killing Monsters“.

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I didn't want to wait years to see by myself what it was all about when withdrawing…

  • I did a Withdraw of 1000 Peds on the 2nd of January 2022
  • On the 9th of March 2022 i got a message from the Technical Support

Please file a support case regarding the pending withdrawal with ID: 14844355.

Kind regards,
Jasper | Entropia Universe Support

I was like… What the fuck ?!? Why do i need to file a support case ?!?? They know very well it's a SUM of 1000 Peds so not even $100… Less than that ! More like $90 and even less in fact ! They also have my Bank Details that i double and triple checked ! And still they want me now to file a support case about it ?!? What the fuck is wrong with you people at MindArk ???

Even French Banks which are known to call you when you're spending too much money (like €3000 or more), have never contacted me for such small Money Transfers ! Yeah i am in 3 French Banks… with enough Money to invest in Entropia Universe like a Planet Partner ($200.000+), if and only if my first withdrawal was successful ! But it seems it will never be the case. How Stupid of MindArk to lose customers like that…


When You become a Criminal to MindArk !

I knew why they were contacting me… I fucking knew it and so i was ready to break the bullshit from the start ! What am I speaking about ? I am speaking about the ongoing shit which is happening right now… The WAR which is raging between Russia and Ukraine ! Yeah i know it's more like Russia invading Ukraine, i know that… But the point is…

I had Russian friends in the game and i made deals with them in Real Life.

As you know i have skills in the IT domain and after meeting a few Russians in the game, it happened that i met a guy who needed to build a website in English. His English as a Native Russian was not that good, and besides he didn't know how to build websites. So i suggested my services and he told me he would gift me in Peds for this Real Life work, and it was Okay with me 🙂

So i received large amounts of Peds, several thousands from a few contacts, because i did Web Design work for them ! I won't disclose that work as i have Ethics, but i didn't see anything wrong about it, because on the official community forum, there was a post one day by Xanato a famous player who was publicly asking for the very same service on the forum. And he was never sanctioned for that…

And there is nothing wrong about offering a service and to be paid in Peds !

Well unfortunately since the War it is… To shake the hand of a Russian is to become a Criminal those days, that's what i call Herd Mentality to its Rotten Core ! I am NOT and will NOT hate a full nation for the actions of a Madman ! I said it on the forum and i'll say it again !

So… i Filed a fucking support case with the fucking MindArk Technical Fucking support !

I'll be honest with you… I was ready to be on the defensive !

Why ? because i was expecting a stupid question… Because i was expecting them to push me, to accuse me of “Money Laundering”, but most importantly… Because too many times i had seen people dropping their pants when confronted to the Technical Support, people who were playing for YEARS and who were afraid of losing their accounts ! It was like their fucking virtual life was more important than their Pride !

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So a fucking stupid question i was expecting… a fucking stupid question i got ! ^_^

Yeah thank you as well for wasting my time !

Who are they ? the Police ? And where do you think i got those Peds you asshole ?!? From your fucking Entropia Universe ! Okay let's cut the crap… I am not going to answer several questions, i am not playing since Years, i can afford to lose my account, i don't care… so Let's Lance the Boil !

As you might have noticed my Name is not Blurred, i have nothing to hide i am Marc Boucher and i salute you 🙂 So now let's get back to the business… It's indeed SCARY if the technical support is asking me to JUSTIFY from where my Peds are coming from ! That means every fucking time I'll do a withdrawal, I'll have to keep a diary of all my trades in and out of the game to justify why i Won more than i deposited ! 😀

Because this is not only about making trades with Russians…

It's also about the fact that i won more Peds than i lost… Of course because i was gifted with Peds from my Real Life work, so i didn't have to Deposit… But still i made a withdrawal of $100. Well i don't see the problem either… The money was from someone else in the game and it became mine… The person would have withdrawn them anyway… Unless MindArk doesn't say everything and forbids some players to withdraw… Thus these players would have to give their Peds in the game for Real Life services, because otherwise they couldn't pay ! Well you can think about all the theories you want in that case…

So after my little message above it was Radio Silence for hours…

So i decided to update the support case… Because obviously they were refusing me the access to my money !

I had nothing to hide so i decided to be Transparent and explain everything in a single message.

And yeah i had recently won more than 7600 Peds in 2 Hall of Fame Globals…

Yeah… You got lucky in Entropia Universe ? Too bad… MindArk Support will keep it from you !

Since then… It's still Radio Silence and it's quite common from MindArk Technical Support, it can stay for weeks, months, even years like that with no one to help you, no one to answer you… And they can do whatever the fuck they want with your money once it's on their side.

Remember that you have the right to deposit… But withdrawing money is not a customer's right !

It's written in Entropia Universe EULA, and if you don't like it, just get the fuck out of the game ^_^

That's what i did… As of the 9th of March 2022, i have stopped launching my account. Despite the fact that i liked to connect every day to do my Daily Hunting Missions on Calypso, Entropia Universe is a small addiction i can cope with ! I am even grateful that destiny (or Fate ?) led me to find out after just 6 months that playing to Entropia Universe was wrong.

Well… it could have been like other players who are strongly addicted after YEARS, and now they're just stuck within the game and don't even want to withdraw, frightened to make Big MindArk Angry about them and lose everything in the process… -_-

As of the 10th of March in the evening I sent the Technical Support a last message below

I don't expect any positive answer from their side though, and so I'll probably never see the color of my 13000 Peds Value which are still on my account, i am counting my 7000 Peds of Liquidity + 4000 Peds of Holdings and finally 2000 Peds of Stuff i could resell very quickly. Anyway If i get any update from the Technical Support, I'll update this page accordingly…

But let's not be Naive… If MindArk wants to refuse you the access to your money, they will !

But as i repeat… And as i wrote in my support case, I was going to invest even more money for the Easter Mayhem ! I was literally going to buy hundreds of StrongKeys to open hundreds of StrongBoxes, and at the moment they're just losing all of it !


As of the 11th of March in the morning I received a new message from our dear Technical Support

Okay i had already answered to that… I said i had offered Real Life services to Entropian Players !

But as i said at the very beginning of this post, MindArk Technical Support is trying to Push You to the fault ! They're trying like Cops in an Interrogation Room, to make You amend for Your Sins ! Even if you've done nothing wrong…

Also this sentence to “prevent fraud attempts” is the very same used by Real Life Banks, when they don't like seeing you withdrawing money from your account. It was never about Your Security… Nobody cares about Your security, they care only about THEIR MONEY ^_^

So as they asked me the very same question again in a different form, i answered with the very same answer in a different form ^_^

The Cat and Mouse game continues… As i repeat myself, i have no expectations from MindArk Technical Support… I have stopped playing Entropia Universe since 3 days now, and i can certainly live without it. At least now i have the proof that withdrawing from MindArk is like Wrestlemania Fight !

Between you and me ? They will NEVER Give Up… You see in Entropia Universe there is a “human factor” where everyone is trying to make better deals than their neighbors. It's to those who will be smarter than the rest that fortune will shine upon… So there are many people like me trying to find

What are the Entropian Players needs ?

And their needs can be either IN or OUT of the game… That's simply what i did, i found out their needs OUT of the game, and for my quality of service they gifted me with PEDS Inside the game. Of course i will never disclose my services in deep details, as i have worked several years in Military Environments as an IT Analyst, and whatever the services i provided, i have ETHICS and a Professional never discloses his work.

So when you find a way to make Peds in Entropia Universe that others didn't think about… It Creates Jealousy ! Isn't it Dear Support ? 😉

My last message was on Friday the 11th of March 2022

So on Sunday evening i just sent them a little update…

And this is all true, i haven't launched EU Executable since this incident started… So when you stop something, despite all the investment you put in it in the past, you start to lose interest ! But i still have money to spend… So i have more money for other activities.

No answer… and 50 Business Days later !

So i sent them this little message to see if anyone was still alive at MindArk Technical Support ^_^

I know damn well that in the EULA it's written “approximately 50 Business Days“, but i just wrote that sentence in order to make them react / answer me ! Well i hope they'll do… Maybe MindArk Headquarters have been overrun by a squad of Zombies ! We never know !! ^_^

Also on the 16th of March 2022 i used the Live Chat on Entropia Universe Website

Well i was afraid that my support case had fallen to the bottom of the queue… You know i don't know what kind of Ticketing system they use ? Jira ? ServiceNow ? I don't know… So i just asked this question to the Live Support, telling them that i might haven't been very Kind / Patient.

That will be my only apology as i don't understand the Questioning concept for a mere $100 Withdraw… For a $1000 and more Withdraw i would have understood, but not for such a small amount ! Makes no sense to me but whatever…

So Loki on the Live Chat told me my Support Case had been forwarded to MindArk, and that basically their Economy Service should be looking at it right now… You know what ? I guess I'll never see any of my hard earned Peds. If there is even only a little suspicion of Fraud, i have seen other threads on the forum speaking about MONTHS of investigations… With no results in the end for the customer.

BUT… It seems i was Wrong !

Exactly 5 minutes after the end of my discussion on the Live Chat, i received a mail saying my Support Case was now closed ! What ?!? So i connect to my Entropia Universe account right away to understand, then open the support cases and… I see this new message below ^_^

Alright… I am not going to jump of Joy right now because my Withdrawal is still in the Pending State at the moment. I guess they need the administrative time to send it, but it's already a big step ahead to know that my request to withdraw have met a Satisfactory ending.

So in the future i will comply to the Questioning and not be “on the defensive” right from the start…

As soon as my Withdraw is committed I'll come back to update this page, and in the meantime i am going to Re-log on my account and do what i was doing every day since October 2021… My fucking Daily Missions on Calypso ! I have to admit i missed them 😉 ♥

On the 18th of March 2022 at 13:34 i received this mail

So exactly 2 days after the last message from MindArk Technical Support saying that my explanations were satisfactory, i got this mail from them titled Withdrawal Committed with the following message above. I guess this is now going in the right direction…

I'll update this page as soon as I'll receive the money on my Bank Account, as well as the exact amount received. As it's my very first withdrawal, i need to see the amount of fees (if there are any) taken by my French Bank, and if anything else was lost in the transfer…

On the 21th of March 2022 by 9pm i checked my account and…

I finally got the money ! So it was originally a Withdrawal of 1000 Peds, and MindArk is always taking a Fee of minimum $10 or 1% of the total amount. I also selected the “Euro” currency, because i knew French Banks were taking “extra fees” if the wire transfer was made in Dollars.

So… i am glad the outcome was satisfactory after all this time, as it took around 54 Business Days !

You know it wasn't about the money, it never been… I just wanted to withdraw to see all the problems that could happen… I was wondering if the Technical Support was going to ask questions and they did ! I was also wondering if the fact that i was offering services in Real Life, and then be gifted with Peds, could sound Suspicious and attract attention, and Yes it did as well !

So at least now i have all the answers to my questions, but i also know that MindArk can be reasoned with…   So for my next withdrawal I'll be largely less on the defensive, because it obviously slow-downed the whole withdrawal process.

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