Welcome ! I am Marco aka Largegamer, a 42 years old daddy playing video games since i am 6 years old ! On the Web since 1995, and always liked to create websites and now making little videos on Youtube. In the past i used a few other nicknames as “BuilderX”, “Quoimavie” when i was modding geforce drivers or lately “Dadout”… But in the end, just call me “Large” !

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Largegamer on Youtube

Since May 2021 i have now the possibility to stream (thanks to the optic fiber), and i plan to stream a lot of things (workouts, clash royale and other video games).

YouTube video

Largegamer sur Youtube

Depuis Mai 2021 j'ai maintenant la possibilité de faire du Live (merci à la fibre optique), et je prévois déjà des Live sur beaucoup de choses (entraînements, clash royale et d'autres jeux vidéos).

YouTube video



2018 – current : Careful with Clash Royale… This game drove me completely mad due to a Strong Addiction ! I am originally a Free to Play player but i bought the pass around 10 times. (You can check my profile).

Clash Royale Largegamer Clan


2017 – current : I used to be an avid RR3 player trying to get all new cars, watching unlimited ads with the Time Zone Trick. But now i am only driving my FU Mp4-X when i have a % Bonus to use. Though now i am a little more active since the Formula 1 Update.

LargeGamer Real Racing 3


  • 2016-2017 : Asphalt 8 ! Loved it as it was my very first game on Mobile, reached Gold league (1600+) then i left for RR 3.
  • 2018-2019 : Brawl Stars, never really got into it, 1300+ Trophies.

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Il y a aussi une chaîne Française (cliquez ici!)