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Entropia Universe the Famous Casino Mmorpg !

We talked about it for 12 pages ! Is it really worth your time in the end ? 😏


Of course not…

But i am not just going to give you an “Of course not” that would be too easy isn't it ?

FIRST – Don't believe you can make money out of this game :

  1. Many players (including me back in late 2006) believed in this Lie…
  2. We all thought we would be smarter than the previous players who failed…
  3. Entropia Universe is a CASINO, whatever happens… The House always wins !
  4. LUCK is a RARE Factor like in any real casinos out there.

Even players who have invested like 20000$+ in Virtual Lands, meaning they own these and receive a % on everything, are leaving the game at some point. There are also players who invested in Space Services, buying a big ship or even a whole fleet of space vehicules, and in the end… left Entropia seeking new buyers…

They tell the new buyers it's a great opportunity blablabla… Of course you're not going to tell the future owners that you're sick of winning a small salary for 10+ hours spent every day into the game 😏

Entropia Universe Screenshot #99Entropia Universe Screenshot #100
Don't believe everything you see… HOF or Global only means “Loss Refund” not Profit!

The Devil lies in the details, and these details are : You're not going to win much in Entropia Universe.

Because between you and me…

Who in their right mind would stop a GOOD SALARY from Entropia for something else ?!?

Ugly Truth is… These players were not earning that much with their lands, with their space services, or with their avatar alone… And they finally decided to seek a REAL JOB in REAL LIFE ! 😉 Because let me tell you a secret ? You can make money 100 times faster in Real Life than while playing to Entropia Universe.

I have seen plenty of these messages of people leaving the game, saying they had a wonderful experience blablabla… That's the same kind of shit you can read on Linkedin… But you know very well that when people change, it's for something better, and it's also because their last position / experience wasn't that good. 😏


SECOND – This Game will make you Think SMALL :

Ever heard the sentence “Think Big to Improve your life ?“, Entropia Universe will make you do the opposite.

  • Because you're going to think in Peds and not in Real currency anymore.
  • 10 Peds = 1$, and one day 1 Ped will become as much as 1$ in your mind.
    Don't say it won't… It happens to everyone in Entropia Universe.

The result is there are often players arguing over a sale for 1 ped ! That means the buyer or the seller will try hard to win 10 cents ! That's something you would never do in Real Life, unless you would be living on the streets… And in that case i think you wouldn't have any computer, and Entropia Universe would be the least of your concerns !

Entropia Universe Screenshot #101Entropia Universe Screenshot #102
Sweat Gathering circle running all day long… And one little truth on the AD Terminal

This game will make you think like a Beggar ! Sweat Gatherers, meaning the only free activity in game, will spend hours in the trade channel to sell their sweat for 1.5 peds /k, knowing very well that nobody will buy it to this price, and they will never accept (unless they're sick of trying hard) when someone will offer them 1.2 peds /k for it.

1.5 peds = 15 cents and 1.2 peds = 12 cents… Personally i would never fight over cents in Real Life… Would you ?

And also i would never “work” for such a small amount, because some sweat gatherers are taking this activity very seriously ! When they should go outside and seek a Real Life job where they will earn 100 times more / faster !

I remember my former asshole guild leader “root” from Deus Vults, who was all happy to have earned 100 peds from BIG Industries… An organization ingame which is organizing a few events, and who is paying their promoters with “small change”. I know because he said it in the guild chatroom. I was like… “Yeah it's 10$ and the guy is happy… lol…


THIRD – REAL Profit is only a Dream :

Some players will tell you they managed to Profit ! But once again the truth lies in the small details….

  • One can tell you he / she managed to Profit, but even if it was a 1000 Peds Profit…
    Anyone can go into a nightclub and win 100$ in just a night by working in the changing room!
  • One can tell you he / she withdrawn 150.000 Peds… But how much did this person lose before that ?
    If you deposit 20.000$ and then announce you withdrawn 150.000 Peds (15000$)… You Lost Money !
  • I will pass on those who are happy when they profit by like 50 Peds… that's 5$… Get a Real Life Job !

You will never get the REAL balance, the REAL Winnings / Losses…

Because most players don't speak about them… Apart from Fargo, one of the players who invested a lot in the game in the past and who did manage to profit from the game. Even if i have some doubts on the numbers he announced… guy claimed to be a millionaire… and when i see what happened to the other investors… i have doubts 🤨

Entropia Universe Screenshot #103Entropia Universe Screenshot #104
Again these globals were only happening to recover a part of my losses.

As an example there have been a few people… (just a few because fortunately smart people will stay out of it) who decided to invest BIG into the game, to buy what we call “UBER Gear”… in order to profit in the end. That means people who deposited like 30.000$ to 50.000$, as that's the crazy amount you'll need to have the best gear ingame and… guess what ? Some went “Radio Silence“, others began to create a blog to write their frustration, and the rest left the game.

Because most of them were deceived…

Understand that even if you deposit a BIG amount, that you are counting on your consistency, it will not guarantee you the Profit you were expecting ! Because consistency or not, it's a CASINO ! It's all about Gambling !

Don't listen to the MindArk “Yes Men” like Evey on the forum… Entropia is their life so of course they will never say anything bad about it. Because these people will always serve you the same bullshit…

  • You're not cycling enough, you need to more patient
  • You don't have the appropriate gear, you need to invest more
  • Your looters levels are too low, you need to raise them
  • You're not consistent enough, you need to play more
  • You're selling to the terminal everything under 110% Markup, every little cents count !

And the underlying thing you have to understand is : You have to spend your life on EU if you want to profit ! 😅

They will always find excuses to justify why your loot is so bad, why your % of gains is not the one you were expecting. There are many people well versed in “Maths” who are playing to this game. But whatever how good you are in Maths… A Casino stays a Casino ! You can't beat the machine and you can't guarantee any % in your earnings.

So i don't care if you're an Einstein or an Oppenheimer… You are in a fucking CASINO !

And between you and me, when you listen to these people, it's like they live, eat and sleep inside Entropia Universe ! Would you really want to become like these few people who are “brainwashed” by the game ?

Frankly there is a life outside… and at least 1000 video games more interesting than EU !!!


FOURTH – You simply Can't Trust Mindark :

MindArk the company behind Entropia universe is well known for…

  • Their Non-Communication, it's like trying to speak to someone who doesn't want to talk.
  • Their ability to deceive people who decided to invest money into their game.
  • Their lazyness when it comes to changing existing features in the game.
  • Their ability to promise things that will never happen in this life.
  • Their Customer Support who might be the worst in the entertainment industry.
  • Their Amateur Quality Service when it comes to Implement new features / events.

And knowing all of this… It's quite certain that the people who are still depositing a lot, are either totally stupid or patient to the point it would be considered as a mental illness, because in spite of the total incompetence shown by MindArk, they continue to believe in a better future, or / and are stuck in this virtual world… Not wanting their avatar, in which they have invested thousands of dollars, to disappear from one day to another. So in the end they just accept their Fate.

Entropia Universe Screenshot #105Entropia Universe Screenshot #106
Crowd gathering for the new Carrot to the left and Scam on the right 😌

The Communication from MindArk have always been a disaster, they basically communicate and act like a Mafia… Everything is hidden. If you ask questions they don't like on the forum, your thread will be deleted by the forum admins, justifying their actions with some “obscure forum rules“. If you're a pain in the ass to them, your account will be flagged and “problems might happen“, like a sudden investigation making your account “locked” from one day to another.

MindArk deceived investors, whatever these were trying to make money as virtual land owners, planet partners or just with their avatar alone. Many threads were created out of frustration by these investors, who thought they could make it a business, but in the end just grabbed whatever money they had left in the game and quit for good.

MindArk can't even make the slightest modifications suggested by the players in terms of Quality of Life… Many players have attempted to suggest the rework of existing features on the forum, but it's like sending prayers to god. And as you know or not, god whatever your religion is have never answered anyone so far. Unless of course you have seen god appearing  before you, and in that case i guess it's time to consult your local doctor.

Even when MindArk acknowledge a few of these suggestions… and trust me it happens rarely, they say they're going to fix it or make it better. But in the end nothing will be done after months or even years, and in the case the suggestion “thread” is dug up by someone, they will find an excuse to justify it's an issue they can't fix due to some external factors

We could take as an example the request from many players to implement a Slider to control the sound of pets. Trust me in terms of development it's very easy to do… Because most pets sounds are annoying in this game, and many players (me included) would like a slider to remove these sounds once and for all. Well… because the thread asking this was dug up a few times, the admin was forced to intervene and say that they would look into it before the end of 2023.

Guess what ? The thread was abandoned, and when dug up a final time… It was locked by the admin saying in fact the problem was related to a pet from planet partners and so it couldn't be fixed ! 🤣 It's so laughable when you know that this thread was done to remove ALL PETS SOUNDS ! We didn't care about the “One pet from the planet partner” ! We cared about ALL PETS including the ones from Planet Calypso and so managed by MindArk !


As for the customer support of MindArk… The problem lies in the Hierarchy Management. When you're asked to be vague, sketchy and blurry in your answers, you eventually become the worst customer support in the industry. They only have the ability to answer EASY questions… As soon as your question is posing a problem, and trust me when i say that “everything is a problem” to the eyes of MindArk, they don't answer at all.

So these same players then create a thread on the official forum saying they don't understand, their account is locked, the customer support is not answering them… Yeah well… Maybe you should have read my article before playing to EU 😏 Because the community can't do anything, and they won't do anything. Because remember what i said above about players who are asking too many questions, or who are shouting too loud on the forum for answers ?

They will be the next on the “flagged list“… so everyone shut up as it's not their problem. One player said one day on the forum “Is it North Korea here now or what ?!?”, his post was removed very fast by the admin and strangely we never heard of him anymore… Understand that MindArk don't like dissidence in their ranks.

Finally when MindArk decides to implement new things… Let me translate : “When Swedish MindArk developers decide to work 5 days during the month“, there is no Quality Service to check if everything is going to work as intended. Most of the time “Implementations of new features” by MindArk are “Experiments” ! It might work… And if it doesn't… well… it doesn't and you'll have to live with it. It's Amateurism in its purest form !

Remember the movie Airplane ? Where you're wondering if there is someone piloting it or not ? The exact same question could be asked for MindArk… And if there is no one at the commands, we might even be reassured as it would explain a lot ! Anyway in the end… As the MindArk “Yes men” will repeat to you on the forum, or the social networks where Entropia is posting a lot of bullshit and lies… “If you don't like it, just uninstall it“.

Entropia Universe Screenshot #107Entropia Universe Screenshot #108
Servers Infrastructure of MindArk can't handle most events, Lag is crushing the experience !

Remember these “MindArk yes Men” don't want the game to evolve, they don't want MindArk to become better, they just like it the way it is… They're not so much into “Critical Thinking“, they accepted their fate long ago like good dogs.


FIFTH – The Posting of Bullshits on Social Networks :

MindArk knows very well how to keep “feeble minded” people focused with lies.

Remember when the War started between Ukraine and Russia ? They posted a photoshopped picture on their instagram and facebook, showing a picture of a Ukraine Army guy, with a laptop in front of him displaying Entropia Universe 🤣

Well the thing is… many people following EU page liked this photo even if it was 100% photoshopped ! Because of course it's well known that when you're in the trenches fearing for your life, you have time to play to Entropia Universe !!

Entropia Universe Screenshot #109Entropia Universe Screenshot #110
Only gift you can get through Mentorship are Crap… So let's Fly and Breath a little.

At the same time they blocked Russian players, preventing them from playing to the game. So blaming an entire population for the actions of one madman… And while they did that and joined the worldwide cause to help Ukrainians, which is a very noble one… They never made withdrawals faster to any Ukrainian Players !!!

In times of War, what you need most of all is your money ! Because this will help you to survive, this will help you to flee your country and start fresh somewhere else. But no… Despite the fact that Ukrainians were in dire need of their assets they invested in EU, there was strictly nothing done to help them withdraw their virtual assets faster !

Good for MindArk in the end you would tell me ? Because many Ukrainians died, leaving their virtual assets in the hands of MindArk, who will “obviously” never do anything to contact any of the families, to tell them their loved ones died and they had assets the family can decide to withdraw… Just don't die during the 2-3 months process 😘

I will say it again and again : Even if my account gets locked ! I despise MindArk, I fucking despise this company ! and for me all of the MindArk “Yes Men” who are always supporting MA, are simply poor little shits.


But it's not the only example… MindArk also ran a kind of competition during summer on their facebook / instagram page, where people could win a Starter Pack by taking the best picture representing the Summer 😅

So anyone who know how MindArk works, know that MindArk never… NEVER gives anything from their webshop for FREE ! The only FREE stuff you can get from MindArk are little pills ingame to make you shoot more and faster ! The only FREE Stuff you can get from MindArk are things to make you spend even more money ! But surely not a Starter Pack to make you play for Free, and maybe never come back afterwards.

This Picture competition was a BIG LIE from the beginning to the end ! And still the “feeble minded” followers fell into it, like mouses jumping on some Trapped Cheese ! Again it tells a lot about the “Low IQ” of the population playing to Entropia Universe… There were even 2 pictures which were photoshopped, as it was impossible to get such a screenshot from the game and guess what ? One smart player asked how it was possible ?

The person who answered him had a whole new created facebook account, just to answer him… And then redirected him to a whole newly created X (Twitter) page, where this person showed how he did to photoshop the original screenshot 🤣 laughable really ! It was a MindArk employee who did it all ! And of course when MindArk announced that the competition was over, they NEVER mentionned the names of the winners, because IT WAS A LIE from the beginning ! It's just a marketing Lie to attract new players thinking this game reward its players !

Entropia Universe Screenshot #111Entropia Universe Screenshot #112
You should have spammed MindArk inbox with these generic screenshots ! 😎

And unfortunately… So many “feeble minded” people fell for it sending their screenshots… You know when people are completely brainwashed by something / someone… they tend to not think very clearly anymore.


SIXTH – Don't seek Friends in a Casino :

I will never repeat it enough… You don't want to make friends in Entropia Universe.

You will never meet them in Real Life anyway… There is so much Drama happening into this game, and for good reasons as Money drives everyone's minds ! That no Fan Fair have ever been organized, because with such a lack of communication from MindArk, only the “Yes Men” would make the shift…

And when someone on the forum tried to organize something, it was either taken “too seriously” by the organizer so it wasn't fun anymore and nobody moved, or it was discouraged by the “Yes people“.

Besides Entropia Universe is a Casino Mmorpg where most activities can be done in lonely mode. It's exactly like going into a casino and everyone seat in front of their own slot machine. So of course you can be part of a society, you can say “hello friends” to anyone even if you don't really mean it, but in the end 99% of the activities will be done “Alone“.

Also… as Entropia Universe is all about Real Money, all about gambling… You will find the highest population of Mythomaniac in all the Mmorpg industry. People who gamble like to brag 😎 Then it's fine as we all brag a little one day, it's part of human behaviour when we play with money… But in EU some people literally imagine themselves lives.

Best example would be like the player Best Bg God or something… (with a name like that, you know it's going to be a compulsive liar…) who claimed on the forum he was a guy earning 10000$ /day, owning several establishments and still spending a long time every day into the game to relax 🤣 And again as EU is filled with feeble minded people, many people trusted him because he “sounded reasonable” 😅

You know who sounded reasonable too ?

Serial Killers who manipulated their victims, Scammers like the French “Christophe Rocancourt” who managed to steal millions from U.S celebrities, because he had a reasonable speech even if in truth he was a low life shit. I have worked in Real Life as the Manager of IT support in international companies, where people were winning a LOT of money and trust me on one thing… None of them would even touch a game like Entropia Universe, it was out of their world.

People playing Entropia Universe are what i call “Problem people“, people you do not want to meet ! Everyone have enough problems to deal with in their own life, and you don't want to add the MA mythomaniacs on top of it.

You would be better playing to other video games out there ! There are so many interesting video games with good scenarios, interesting gameplays… FAR ABOVE the level of entertainment you can find in Entropia Universe !

But then you have the people saying…

At least there is a possibility to make money while playing to Entropia Universe

Frankly if you only play to EU because there is the possibility to make “cents“, when you can make real bucks in Real Life 100 times faster than in this game, you really have too much time on your hands.

My advice to you all is you should begin to say farewell to Entropia Universe, little by little… Unreal Engine 5 is not going to change anything, but the graphics performance of the game. The Rotten Core of MindArk will stay the same, it's not because you paint something in another color that the rotten shit behind it is going to change.

Personally i still gather sweat… but only when i do my sport on Twitch. That means even if my account was locked, i would then put another virtual entertainment in front of me while i am doing my sport. Stop your deposits, release yourself from the chains of addiction provocked in your minds during all these years by MindArk.

Stop believing in a better future at MindArk, because unless this company changes of CEO, unless this company changes of Hierarchy, unless this company really makes a step towards the players, your better future is outside in Real Life.

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