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Entropia Universe can decide at any moment to lock your account.

And MindArk can find any reason in the world to justify that… Your virtual assets are theirs ! 😏


But as i said on the cover picture… Maybe for the better 😌

Just to summarize if you haven't read any of the previous parts in this Entropia universe guide, i was back to this casino mmorpg in September 2021 after a break of 11 years. And even prior to that i had only played like 4 months between late 2006 (where i discovered EU for the first time) and 2010 where i left, and burned something like 400$ at that time.

But when i was back in September 2021, i was back with money… and ready to invest it !

No i am not a Millionaire but we can say i have a confortable level of life. And i am not ashamed of it because i have worked hard in real life to get it… Lot of Stress, not counting the hours spent to deliver the best quality of service i could provide… I am not the kind of guy who was born with a golden spoon in its mouth.

Sorry i digress. What i meant is i was ready to invest Big Time in Entropia Universe if it was worth it. But eventually MindArk showed me many times in their actions, in their attitude… that investing in them was only a dream.


Story Short – We are now in February 2024 !

  1. My avatar was Level 67 and i had lost faith in Entropia Universe since summer 2022. (For your information there was a change in the algorithm in 2022, and now gaining Hall of Fames for non-big customers became even harder).
  2. So i was just using the remaining hundreds of peds i had… To do daily missions while i still could.
  3. I even sold piece by piece all the items i wasn't using anymore… (example : Amps 102, 103 and 104)
  4. And eventually i was going to “just Gather sweat while doing my workout on Twitch“.

So basically since a few months i was drastically reducing my playtime to Entropia Universe, from several hours a day when i was back in September 2021, to like 1 hour these last days… or even none if there weren't any interesting daily missions to complete. And this was great because the last months it gave me the time to finally use my premium computer to complete the following games : Steelrising – Elex 2Colony Ship and Horizon Zero Dawn 😘

Then on the 2nd of February 2024 i received this mail…

It had been sent during the night at 3:42, on Friday just before the week-end 🀣

I am laughing because it's so ridiculous / obvious to block a user just before the week-end πŸ˜… MindArk have done that so many times before ! Why ? Because they know the players have more time to play on week-ends, they know most of their players base are addicted to this game. So if they want to pierce a player and force him to absolve his sins, that's the best moment ! But it is so predictable that in the end it's laughable.

Many times before we have seen players just before the week-end writing a message on the forum, crying all of their tears, supplicating, begging, bending over for their account to be reactivated !!! πŸ˜‚

Jesus you know some people have nothing else than Entropia Universe in their life… ” I have done nothing wrong ! I apologize for all the harm i have done, i swear i will not do it again ” πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚


Unfortunately for them… I am not this kind of person. I was this whole week-end with my 2 kids, which are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than a fucking Ponzi Scheme hidden behind a Casino hidden behind a Sci-Fi Mmorpg

So after taking my breakfast, and as requested… I opened a support case

I told you… While most people will cry to save their assets, i don't give a fuck about what's happening to my avatar.

Then the support answered 2 hours later :


There is something that scares me on this message from support…

They publicly state in their answer that “There are hacked accounts !”

Remember those “Yes Men” on the forum saying that “Entropia Universe was more secured than a real life Bank” ?

Well i don't know for your bank dear reader… But if my bank was announcing just like that, that many accounts were hacked, i would change of Bank right away !! πŸ˜† Talk about 0% Security at MindArk company !

So for the last months i was only doing dailies and gathering sweat… And from one day to another, they block me saying that their security is as strong as the lock of my toilets (there is no lock on my toilets πŸ˜‚), and that i should be blamed for not doing a thorough investigation on every virtual people i trade with in Entropia Universe…

Are there really people still wondering why players are not staying in Entropia Universe ? πŸ˜†

I would just say like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings “Run you Fools !

And by the way as mentioned in my second message in the support case, yes i am a real customer as i did buy many boxes and keys from the webshop. These weren't just “words”… As my transaction history below can attest to it.

Even though i am not an addicted player (also called big whale), i am nonetheless a customer. And i could have added 2 more zeros to each of these Deposit lines, if MindArk was a company I could have believed in…

I will update this page if anything changes in the future on this subject, and in the meantime i am just going to uninstall Entropia Universe from my systems. Somewhere i feel like i am lucky it happened to me…

Now i have the DLC of Horizon Zero Dawn (Frozen Wilds !) to complete ! 😎


Update : On monday the 5th i went for my Twitch workout as usual…

Only this time my settings while streaming with OBS and Restream were a little different ^_^

Actually i worked out even better ! As i didn't have to check if someone had brought an Ambulimax in the circle 😏

Then by midnight or something i went to sleep… and when i woke up early the next day (like 5:30 am) i saw a mail saying there was an update on my support case, and that it was now closed…

It had been sent by 22:53 (game time) so it was just a little after i went to sleep.

Did the fact that i streamed made their fucking investigation faster ? I know for a fact and it can be checked on the official forum, that many people were locked out at some point, and some of them waited for weeks if not months to get their account back ! And i got it back in 3 days… counting the week-end where i didn't give a fuck πŸ™„

I don't know what to think of it… Frankly in a way i was happy i was locked out, no more shit coming from MindArk. I have now the possibility to go back into the game, but my connection with EU feels severed… I had already lost interest in Entropia Universe, and since this incident it's even worse.

And between you and me, nothing prevents them from doing it again… Will i be the subject of another investigation during 2024 ? or are they going to wait for me to deposit once more, and then fuck with me in 2025 ?!? How can you trust a company acting like that with their customers ?!?

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My dear lvl 67 avatar… maybe you're going to sleep now