Passionate Gamer since 1986 ❀ From Bubble Bobble and Betrayal at Krondor, to Witcher and Horizon Zero Dawn.

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LargeGamer your Casual streamer of Video Games on PC πŸ€—

Either from my living room or from my garden extension when it's a workout


Passionate Gamer since 1986, now streaming casually since 2021 !

It all came the day where the Optic Fiber was installed in my home πŸ‘ as previously i had kept an unstable DSL line for years. And so, it drastically changed my perception / view of how i wanted to use my internet bandwidth.

You see… I am a Passionate Video Gamer since 1985 or something like that, sorry if i don't remember exactly lol… And so during all of my youth, i played to and completed hundreds of video games ! and i mean it !!

I used to play so much to video games that if streaming would have been possible at that time, i would have done it for sure and i would already be famous πŸ€ͺ For literally thousands of hours, i mastered games to the point i would have been able to create speed runs without a problem !

Unfortunately at that time, i did all of that in my small 9 meters square bedroom, without anyone to watch me… completely alone in my virtual sphere. So now at 44 years old… even if i have kids and a work, i try to do what i would have loved to do when i was young 😍 show myself !


You know… I don't stream because i think that i am an interesting person to watch… Nope ! And i am not streaming either because i want to be famous or to win a lot of money… No No !

I just want to stream because now i can do it 😊

Largegamer Casual Streamer Internet Bandwidth
That would have been a shame to not use this bandwidth…


Besides i have always been used to “speak to myself”… why do i say that ?

Because when you stream, you tend to speak only if someone is watching you… But not me… I am never checking if there is someone watching me… In fact i am quite sure that i am alone 100% of the time, and it doesn't stop me from speaking right from the start πŸ˜… So even if no one is watching me, i am speaking… And so most of the time i am even surprised when there is someone interacting with me 😁

It might be part of the fact that i have been a solitary kid during my youth. You know… If you have no one to talk to, it's important to speak to yourself out loud πŸ™‚ Even if it sounds crazy…

Why ? here is the best example : There are many old people like 60+ to 80+ years old, who are completely alone in their home, and who are never speaking to anyone… And so every time these seniors have an occasion to speak outside of their home, while doing their shopping as an example…, it's like they're trying to find their words in their own native tongue, like if they have lost the ability to speak properly !

Because they're not practicing enough or even not at all… and by speaking out loud you practice !

Fortunately i have a job these days where i have to communicate a lot in French and English over the phone… But still, from these past days where i had no one to talk to, i kept this habit of “Talking to Myself” in order to keep my ability to “Speak properly”.



So… From where am i streaming ?

1 – From my living room :

My Premium Computer is located in my living room, it's the place where i stream when i am playing.

Largegamer Casual Streamer from Living RoomLargegamer Casual Streamer Son playing to Forza
And when i am not playing, It's my 7 years old son driving in Forza Horizon 5 🀣

Sometimes i am using this computer to gather sweat in Entropia Universe

But it's only when i have some Laundry and / or Cleaning to do in the house πŸ˜…

What ? you were thinking i was living in my mother's basement ? Nope!

My Premium Gaming Computer specs
  • Stream :
    • Logi Webcam C920
    • Micro Yeti X
    • Headset Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless
    • Godox ES45 Key Light
  • IIYama G-Master 32″ 1440p/165hz/1ms + 1 Extra Dell 22′ Monitor (Vertical for Stream)
  • MSI MAG B660M Mortar (MS-7D42)
  • 13th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-13400F
  • Corsair Vengeance 64 GB (4×16) DDR5-4800 DDR5 SDRAM
  • Nvidia Geforce RTX 4070 Ti 12GB
  • 2x 2TO Ssd Nvme


2 – From my Garden extension :

My old gaming computer is now retired there, and a WiFi repeater brings in the WiFi from my house.
(House is a few meters away from the garden extension)

Largegamer Casual Streamer from Garden Extension #1Largegamer Casual Streamer from Garden Extension #2
2 Monitors and the same gaming chair to stream comfortably 😊


Sole purpose of this place now is to workout while streaming “Sweat Gathering in Entropia Universe“.

Largegamer Casual Streamer from Garden Extension #3Largegamer Casual Streamer from Garden Extension #4
Since Covid i bought all the equipments i needed to workout from home πŸ‘
My 2010 Old Gaming Computer specs
  • Stream :
    • Logi Webcam C920
    • Logi Webcam C910
    • Microsoft Lifecam 3000
    • Condenser Microphone
  • 2x 22″ and 20″ Dell Monitors
  • Old MSI Motherboard
  • Old Core i5-2800mhz overclocked in 3750mhz
  • Old 16 GB (4×4) of ECC memory (got them for free…)
  • Nvidia Geforce Gtx 970 overclocked (bought in 2015)
  • 1x Ssd 1TO


3 – From my Office :

Generally i never stream from there… It's on the first floor of my house and there is a reason i call it my office, that's because i only work there. (Yeah i know i never painted the wall in front of my desk 😁)

Largegamer Casual Streamer from my Office
Manager Desk i bought 20+ years ago, 3rd Gaming chair and a powerful laptop.

My desktop laptop
  • HP X360 G8 Model (Touchscreen)
  • 11th Gen Core I7-1185G7, 32GB Memory
  • Intel Iris Xe Graphics, 240GB Ssd
  • Connected to 60 To (yes 60…) of External hard drives
  • And also 2x 22″ and 20″ Dell Monitors

But well… We all know the real Boss in my home is…

Largegamer Casual Streamer Baby Boss
My 2 years old daughter (Baby Boss ! 🀣), She asks and i Run !


For your information i stream using OBS Studio.

I have never used anything else… OBS Studio got everything i need.

Lately i also tested Restream in order to stream on Twitch and Youtube at the same time, and it worked quite good ! Just have to remember to put the Video Bitrate at 6000kbps, otherwise black screen in Twitch !

If you want to contact me you can of course use the comments below 😊

this page was last updated : 25th of September 2023