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Entropia Universe Free to Play Mmorpg with a unique Real Cash Economy !

Is is true we can play it for Free and make money ?!?


First of all, other Mmorpgs aren't based on a Real Cash Economy…

The virtual economy inside Entropia Universe is worth something ! It's worth 1/10 of our Real Life economy, and the currency is called the PED. So if you deposit 10$, you'll get ~100 Peds. And what can you do with 100 peds ? Basically you can buy a small gun or a rifle, and with the rest buy 90 peds of Ammo.

With all of that, it depends of the loots you'll find on the creatures you'll kill, but if you're lucky with the rewards… You'll be able to hunt over and over until you run out of peds… This is the basic explanation 😊

Example : the laser rifle below costs 4 Peds, and uses 166 ammo every time it fires 1 shot. And on the right picture, you can see that 10000 “ammo burn” costs 1 Ped. So if you buy 1 Ped of Ammo (representing 10000 ammo burn), with this laser rifle you'll be able to shot (10000/166) = 60 times before having to buy more ammo.

Also every time you use it… It decays ! That means at some point you'll have to buy another rifle 😁

You see It's not like you would be playing to World of Warcraft, where the virtual money would be worth nothing… I mean in-game it would be worth something, but out of the game nobody would care about your massive virtual fortune, because it couldn't be exchanged with real dollars… (not in a legal way at least… see the comment at the bottom)

In Entropia ? Yes you can make real money and it's perfectly legal… The money you deposit in-game, the profits you can make overtime, all of these you'll be able to withdraw ! So from that point we're going to refer to that game Entropia Universe as EU for the shortcut, and as RCE for the Real Cash Economy.

But wait ! Why should you play to EU when every other Mmorpgs out there are cheaper ?!?

Because of the little Carrot you can win at every corner of the game ! 😂


EU is what we can all call a Casino Mmorpg !

Every action you do… like Killing a creature, Mining for resources or Crafting new gear can bring you a Global and even one worth to be displayed on the Hall of Fame ! Basically a global is like when you play to the slot machine and you hit the Jackpot ! The slot machine is going to pour money in your hands, make some “Talatatatataaaaa” noise, and people around you are going to applause or say Gratz ! for Congratulations 🙌

Here is below a HOF meaning a global worth of the daily Hall of Fame that i hit back in 2010 !

Entropia Universe Beginner GuideSo what do you make of that ? It says i have killed a creature called Atrox Old and got 378 Peds out of it.

  • Atrox is the name of the creature
  • Old is its Maturity (in EU Maturity defines how tough the creature will be)
  • 378 Peds is like winning 37.8 Real $$$ !

And why does it say that the record was added to the HOF ?

Because 378 peds is not common on an Atrox ! First of all, it all depends of the creature you're hunting… If you're going to kill the smallest creatures in the game, because you want to play for Free… Don't expect a “global” anytime soon… But the bigger the creature you kill, the more chances there will be a big global ! You can compare that as if you were in a casino, the bigger the bet, the bigger you can win… But also bigger chances to lose money 😁

Then you will probably not withdraw this money right on the spot…

First of all because you can't withdraw less than 1000 peds… (~100 real life bucks)

And second, because that's more peds to make your avatar evolve, like to buy stronger gear or more ammo to hunt even more ! That's also on what “MindArk” the company who designed EU is counting on… If everyone was withdrawing all of their virtual money at the same time, MindArk would go Bankrupt… Fortunately for them, the time you invest in playing EU makes you psychologically attached to your avatar, and you want to continue the adventure and re-invest!


Update 2024 : When i got sucked into EU between September 2021 and Mid 2023, i was thinking that it was better to see your deposits not only as “wasted money to play a video gamebut as an investment ! An investment as if you were depositing money on a bank account, and then depending of your knowledge of the game, and the amount of money you were ready to invest, you could make this deposit grow overtime at a better percentage than any Real Life Bank !

But Jesus i was so wrong about that… I guess i was part of the delusional players at that time, who were believing in a better future for EU. You know, It could have been true in the past where EU was a place where people could make money, but it has changed for the worst in the recent years.

Making investments in real life is far better than with EU

I made investments in 2022/2023 in Real Life with my real bank… and i got around 1000 bucks (10000 peds if you are an EU player) of interests by the end of the year, when at the same time i would have made maybe 500 bucks (5000 peds if you are an EU player) if i had invested money in Entropia Universe. And i got these interests in Real Life while doing nothing, in contrary of EU where i would have had to sink my time as well to promote my lands !

Entropia Universe is a Ponzi Scheme

So normally it should have been closed ? Yes as Ponzi Schemes are “illegal”… But EU is a niche game and it means nobody cares about what's happening on EU, there are no journalists going to do some work on it to expose the scam… It's more like if a few thousands people are dumb enough to play to EU, let them sink their money into it.

And as i said above, it's also a Sci-Fi role playing game, it's also a Mmorpg… And players won't be able to quit from one day to another, they will be sucked by the system, and some of them will drown into it. They will invest their economies thinking of a brighter future when EU will have none for them, they will develop social relationships issues, they will get frustrated for various reasons (living in a game with no future, not earning enough, always staying at point 0 in life…).

For those who are not understanding why i am writing this… This is the Entropia Universe Beginner's Guide in several pages yes… But it's also a BIG WARNING ! Make sure you know the risks before taking one more step into EU !

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide HOF 2022 #1Entropia Universe Beginner Guide HOF 2022 #2
Then if like me you hit the jackpot with thousands of peds, you'll have enough to withdraw !

Then it's also a question of… are you a casual player lime ? Or are you ready to spend 10 hours every day in front of your screen, trying to make a day to day job out of EU ? (i wouldn't recommend it but that's your life…)

Anyway here are the ways to make money in EU :

  1. Hunting monsters, try to find those who are seeked out for their loots.
  2. Mining as in searching for ores or energy matters
  3. Crafting things to sell them, and even opening your own shop !
  4. Selling your services like “Space Travel” or “Taming Creatures
  5. Buying Deeds, meaning acquiring the ownership of EU lands
  6. Offering other kinds of services like “Promoting” or “Renting Items
  7. It's a RCE, your imagination will find other ways i am sure !


But once more i have to repeat…

To make big profits will mean to make BIG deposits ! EU is like Real Life, you're not going to make 1000$ out of 10$…

Well yes in real life there are people who managed to do that, but it takes a long time, or an amount of luck you rarely see… So let's be realistic and let's not talk about exceptions, let's say you're the average Joe… Then the average Joe will have to deposit BIG to earn BIG, it's as simple as that.

So if your goal was to make money out of EU, you better prepare yourself with an Entrepreneur mindset !

Because you might have heard stories of people who have managed to profit BIG from the game, but these people are those 1% of players who invested MUCH MORE than the others ! And the 99% left of players will never make their real life job in EU… Yeah among the 1% there are also those who have been so lucky, that they should have played to the Grand Lottery instead of playing EU ^_^ They would have earned far more !

Besides as EU became more and more a Ponzi Scheme…

  • If you're part of the big wallets in this game, it will work out for you as you'll make money from the funds, invested by the new players trapped in this scam, while they will lose everything.
  • If you're part of the new wave, it will be difficult for you to withdraw your funds. Remember i said EU was a Ponzi Scheme, and in a Ponzi Scheme there is not enough money for everyone to withdraw.

Sweat Gathering, ONLY FREE activity in-game !

Gathering vibrant sweat from creatures… is the ONLY way to play FREE !

Vibrant sweat can be gathered from all mobs around Entropia Universe, but can't be sold to the Trade Terminal. You can only sell it to other players… And basically that means you'll try to get money from other players, who invested Real Money while you decided to stay a Leecher... This is the WAY used by FREE to Play Players…

If you're interested, there is an Unofficial Hall of Fame of Sweat Gatherers (just click here !)

But throughout the years… Price of Vibrant Sweat drastically lowered ! And it's not like you can do something about it, because other players who are PAYING decide if they want to buy your sweat or just tell you to fuck off 😜 So if you're not happy with that… Deposit your own money then 😆

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #1

It depends where you are located in the Entropia Universe, because there are several planets with different economies… But we can say the average price of sweat is more like 1.2 Peds. Don't believe the people who will tell you that you shouldn't sell below 1.5 to 2 Peds for 1000 Vibrant Sweat.

Problem with that speech is you see players gathering sweat for WEEKS and MONTHS, not managing to sell their BIG Stock of sweat because they have been brainwashed by those people. Many from Big Industries events, because that's in their own interests to make the players believe they shouldn't sell below that price, so they continue to participate to their little events, where just a few players will see a small % of their sweat stock bought for this price.

And as a result you see these frustrated players owning like 100K of sweat, and even more than that, beginning to spam the #calytrade and #trade channels (or any other trade channels) because they're fucking tired of trying to find a Buyer to this delusional price of 1.5 to 2 peds per K of sweat.

And when people spam trades channel… Guess what happens next ? Other players just ignore them, so these frustrated players will be placed on ignore lists, because after all… they're not selling anything rare, that's just sweat that you can buy easily from any players, it's not a rarity and if you ignore 1 player, there will still be 100 others to buy the sweat from. So for these ignored players it will become nearly impossible for them to sell their sweat !

All of this because some dumb dudes told them to not sell below a certain price.

Let's just do some Quick Maths…

  • If you Gather Sweat during 1 hour, you might get 1K so 1000 Vibrant Sweat
  • Let's say you're Lucky and you manage to sell it for 1.5 Peds… As you may know (or not) One real $ equals to 10 Peds, So if you sell your hard earned sweat for 1.5 Peds, it's like earning 0.15 cents…
  • You just spent 1 fucking hour to earn 0.15 cents

Would you accept to work for 0.15 cents per hour in Real Life ?

People who have No Life will say yes!, and people who can walk out of the door to work at the nearest Bar / Pub as a waiter will say No ! But then as always there are few exceptions like disabled people, or people in very poor countries

As an element of comparison a Factory Slav… sorry i meant a Worker in Vietnam… earns 84 cents /hour. So when you use your Avatar to ONLY Sweat and stay in front of your screen doing nothing else (and trust me many players are doing that) you're earning 5 times LESS Money than a Slav… Again sorry… Worker exploited in Vietnam !

Your earnings won't even cover the electricity cost to power on your computer 😢 So that's why every time i hear a guy whining / blaming the AFK (Away from Keyboard) people sweating, because the creature isn't pulled fast to the turret or this guy is killed… I say FUCK OFF LOOSER ! WE the AFK people HAVE a LIFE, You obviously DON'T ! So pull the damn creature to the Turret yourself or Die like a man !

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #2Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #3Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #4

So when you gather sweat my friend… ALWAYS DO something else at the same time… Something PRODUCTIVE ! Myself I do my workouts on Twitch at the same time ! So i can't chat, can't type on the keyboard but i don't care, at least my avatar is gathering sweat while i increase the Real Life health and Performances of my Real Body 👌

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #2


Next part : Starting Planet