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Entropia Universe Mentorship is a Must Do for FREE Stuff !

Become a Disciple to Win a Free Set of Armor, a Vehicle  and become one Mentor Yourself !


In Entropia Universe the sooner you find a Mentor to complete your Mentorship the better. Personally, I finished my graduation in a little less than 2 weeks, and let's say the average time it takes for an invested player is 1 month. If you have read the previous part, you know i was level 15 when i came back to the game, so i already had won many skill points from the past, and so completing my Mentorship was even longer than if i had started a few hours ago.

The sooner, the better :

Entropia Universe is all about skill points… and the more you gain in one area, the longer it will take you to get more in this same specific domain. When you hunt mobs (monsters), the most interesting skill to help you complete your Mentorship faster is Anatomy. So if you're level 1, you'll gain Anatomy points VERY FAST, but if you're level 15 the points will be slower to come by… And if you're even higher than that, prepare yourself for a Long Mentorship ! 😒

So that's why i will never repeat it enough times… The sooner you find a Mentor, The Better !

So what is Mentorship ?

It's like in Real Life… You choose to become the Disciple of a Mentor, like a Jedi Padawan if you prefer 😁 But the difference is you don't have to follow your Jedi everywhere, No No No ! In fact you just have to Team 1 time with your Mentor for like 10 seconds, Kill a creature together, and the rest of the Mentorship you can be 100% Independent !

You see, there are players who don't want a Mentor because they think they will have to follow the Mentor's lead, do everything the Mentor says… It's absolutely not like that ! The Mentor is there to answer your every questions about the game, but never will you have to stick to his / her ass !


First of all to find a Mentor, you have to open the Action Library, search for Mentor Register, you'll see the exhaustive list of Mentor where you can search for someone (like me ! Marco magnifico Schifano 😎) and then send a Mentorship request.

And if your Mentor accepts, go back to the Action Library and search this time for Mentoring. Now you'll see your Progress Window as you can see below, with a Skill Progress bar from 0 to 100%, and 3 badges you have to acquire in order to graduate.

  1. The hunting Badge, just team up 1 time with your mentor and it's good.
  2. The Mining Badge, just seek out ores or energy matters 1 time with a mining tool
  3. The Construction Badge, just craft 1 thing on a manufacturing machine (like a Basic filter)

These 3 badges are very easy and fast to obtain, the longer part will be the Skill progression Bar… Basically you have to win points in either Hunting, Mining or Construction skills to make it progress towards 100%. And when you're a new player, you won't put your money in Mining or Construction, because you'll be ruined in 30 minutes 😆

So the only choice left is to Hunt and Kill monsters ! And Anatomy will be the skill that will help to increase the bar !

I did complete my Mentorship in less than 2 weeks, but i was unemployed at that time so i had a lot of free time. I did play A LOT like Up to 12 hours a day 😜 But i will never ask one of my disciple to do the same, that's only my life… And by the end of my mentorship, i had played so much in a narrow amount of time that i was fucking sick of it 🤔

Still… I do ask my disciples to finish their Mentorship in a Time Frame of 2 months. It's more than enough even for a casual player, and if it takes you longer than that, it means you don't really care about Entropia Universe, and in that case I'd rather mentor someone else.

So here is the screenshot below to find me :

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #14Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #15
First Screenshot was in 2021, since then i have graduated 3 disciples successfully.

In this Mentor Register window, type in the search box Marco and you should easily find me Marco Magnifico Schiffano which is the name of my Avatar, and also Marco my real first name in real life 😊 Click on my profile, read the details at the bottom, and finally click on the Request button at the bottom right.

I'll accept your request and you'll become my disciple ! A Mentor is made to help you start the game, to guide you… Like i already began to do with this Entropia Universe Beginner Guide ✌

But let's be honest… If there was nothing to gain, no one would care about Mentoring 😁


Just for you to know from the start… a Mentor is not there to give you FREE stuff, it's just Guidance !

Remember we all play with our real money, and like in real life we don't give our money to others just like that 😉 Well some of us Mentors do give some basic stuff like small blueprints, or pieces of armor we really don't need… But don't count too much on that, and anyway the real rewards will be given to you once you have completed your graduation ! You'll receive a FULL Armor and a Vehicle !

Take a look at the screenshot below ! Cool isn't it ?

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #16Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #17
Your graduation gifts will appear like if you had won a Hall of Fame 😎

The armor you see above on the 2nd screenshot is the armor you get if you complete your graduation on Calypso… But the armor is different on every planet ! And if like me you graduated on Next Island (and i recommend it!) here is the coolest armor of the game you'll get ! It's called the Atlas armor.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #18
Even if you started on Calypso, you can come on NI to finish your Mentorship.

So as a rule of thumb, before reaching 100% in your skill progression bar, make sure you're on the right planet 😉

Important : There is a known bug that i had and it explains all those screenshots above ! I did graduate on Next Island, but i got the Calypso armor instead of the Atlas. So i filed in a Support Case to MindArk, and 3-4 days later they replaced my Adjusted Pixie Armor with the white and fashioned Atlas armor from NI 😎

The Mentoring is a way for MindArk to attract new players to Entropia Universe, you can see it as a way of rewarding people who get active into the game. We all win from this system… You get your 30 peds of free stuff, and Mentors will get 1 part of armor (value 20 peds), and MindArk will get a new active player in their database.

It's a Win – Win – Win on the 3 sides. Also by the end of Mentorship, don't forget to give me 5 STARS ! as I'll have an extra Bonus gift to give you if you do so 🌹 (and i am not saying that just to say it… i Do have an extra gift !)


Don't worry about becoming a disciple…

I am not going to be behind your ass 24/24 7/7… not at all lol 😂

You live your life the way you want on EU, and I'll live mine 😉 I'll answer your questions if i can, give you some guidance if you want to… But i will never judge you, i will never tell you “Do this my way !“. No i want you to have a good experience of the game, i want you to enjoy it, i don't want you to feel this mentorship as a constraint.

We'll just have to team up 1 time to kill a creature and then if you're a very independent person, suits me fine !

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #19
Just… Don't beg me for money, stuff or whatever… or I'll stop mentoring you.

Now, be very careful about the mentor you choose :

  1. Avoid Society Leaders from Big societies…
  2. Avoid Mentors who put a smiley at the end of every sentences…
  3. Avoid Mentors who will tell you they can mentor you without asking first about your needs !

My own mentor was Root the sociey leader of Deus Vults, and he was fucking useless.

These guys are only using their notoriety as Guild Leaders to grab more disciples for the free stuff, he never really cared about “what i really needed“, he only served me the same speech he did with all his other disciples. But there was one thing he was really concerned about… It was that i give him a 5 stars by the end of the Mentorship !

He was using smileys all the time… but when it came to that “5 stars topic”, oh my god no more smileys 🤣

When you have a Mentor like Root who doesn't really care about you, who give you a list of advice without even asking you what you really need… Then you know your mentorship will bring you nothing.

Then i left Deus Vults, because i saw the same behavior in other society members… people who like to Brag, tell their life when nobody cares, bad behaviors, stealing mobs… In fact everytime i saw a Deus Vult member, i knew some shit was going to happen. But it comes from Hierarchy, when you manage like an ass (Root), your members will do the same.

As for asking the disciples about their needs… I recall one day there was a guy at the sweat gathering circle asking for a new mentor, so i sent him a message : “Hey, what are you looking for in a Mentor ?

And the guy answered me after a few minutes, telling me i was late because another guy messaged him faster than me… So he took the first guy who messaged him, without asking him if he would be a suitable mentor to answer his needs… The Disciple / Mentor relationship should be more important than “the guy who messaged you first…“.


To this day i have successfully mentored 5 players and they all gave me 5 stars.

I should be at 7 successful mentored players but 2 of them left the game close to 90% mentorship 🫤
So i just kicked them from my mentoring list, i don't want to keep people not playing anymore in the hope they will reconnect one day. That's why i always say to my disciples i am expecting them to finish the job in 2 months.

I am not the kind of person who hopes for a better day… I am the kind who acts in order to get a better one 😏

2 other players i have kicked out even if they wanted me to mentor them.
The first was completely mad… the second was completly dumb (not so rare in Entropia Universe 😅).

But by the end of the day… all of these players left Entropia Universe even the 5 who were very happy with my services. Because ultimately there is a player retention issue with Entropia Universe, and that's MindArk job not mine.

OPTIONAL READ BELOW : You can skip this if you want and go next page 😏

Actually… Root the leader of Deus Vult was as fragile as i thought

It seems this website is well placed on google as someone from his society saw this little text 😅
And so the little mouse notified the cat !

He didn't like it… not at all ! And it reminds me about a post on the forum where someone criticized an event where root was part of the club. There was one guy criticizing for like 1 or 2 lines saying it wasn't fair / it wasn't well organized and guess what ? Root answered with a Wall of Text 🤣

Seeing his answer, another forum user answered with a “constipated” gif anime 😁

I think it described the picture perfectly “Root is very Fragile to Criticism” and maybe Fragile whatever the context ? Maybe a little scared about his reputation too… You know EU for some people are their life :-/

So on 09/24/23 he sent me the little message below :

“I am sure you are aware why i am writing to you… bla bla bla… you are trash talking me and my society.

I understand that you are not happy… bla bla bla…

The facts is i still provide you with the basics what to do and what not to do, which you wasnt interested in and you wanted to do alot of things a low level noob shouldn't do… bla bla bla…

I read you wanted me to ask you what you really need, just there, any player worth their salt in EU would role their eyes on that, a mentor provide you with what you should do… bla bla bla…

When i read it first i thought it was a joke or some teenager, then i saw you an grown ass man with a family and still behave and talk about people like this. As soon u left the soc we all  forgot about you, and i recommend you do the same and move forward with your life.

I am way to old for any drama.

(To what i answered that… i was glad that i had hit a nerve and Root was definitely as Fragile as i thought… And that i had taken screenshot of his long message. Poor boy was hurt… )

I feel sad that you an adult want to provoke, saden that you behave like this, i hope you find peace someday.

My answer to Root the leader of Deus Vults 😏


So i Criticized his way of mentoring and for him it was “trash talking“, nah nah my little boy i only criticized, look into the dictionnary it's not at the same letter. Trash talking would be way more insulting and if i had done that, then yeah i would have behaved like a teenager… or i would have wrote a Wall of text on the forum like little root did when he didn't like something…😏 As for your society i stay on my point… Bad Management = Bad members behaving like the boss.

Also you called me a “low level noob”… Did you know it was a mark of disrespect towards disciples ? I never used this word with my disciples, because i am a grown up instead of you.

Then i am sorry if Mentoring is too hard for you, but i mentored a few people, and i always asked my disciples first what were their needs. If you don't understand that and roll your eyes as it seems the challenge doesn't suit you, then you have nothing to do as a mentor, serving the same soup over and over doesn't work. You're not learning from your mistakes.

And in the end you're going to teach shit to your disciples… and only care about the 5 stars.

I will pass on the teenager provocation, your generalization of “if i speak to you like this, that's because i do it the same way for anyone else”. The kind of “provocations” which as you said “only a teenager would do“… and still you're falling, trapped in your own words. No… You're not old enough to bear Criticism and avoid Drama… You just created it.

Root… i am at peace since Years ! Me Angry ? I have bigger challenges to deal in real life than your little navel-gazer attitude. And thank you for your recommendation, that i didn't wait for, to move forward with my life… 🤣 Jesus Christ root… You really think too much of yourself, but that's okay i saw that from the beginning.

Thank you for your message, because now i am definitely right to have wrote this about you and your society.




Now back to you dear reader and maybe future disciple of Entropia Universe.

If you are a future Disciple (and not a low level noob like root said, i will never consider you like one) and you decide to take a Mentor. Make sure to let your mentor know that he has to listen to your needs before serving you his usual soup. And don't hesitate to give him / her 1 star if you feel your mentor is fucking useless like root was with me.

You know I gave root a 5 stars because i am too kind (some would say stupid), i should have given him 1 star. I remember how it was so important for him to get 5 stars ! Oh i am sure he would have been mad ! 🤣

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