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Entropia Universe Space Travel is a little like getting out of your comfort zone ?

Whenever it's to travel into Space or explore a Planet, you need a Vehicle !


Obviously when evolving in a HUGE world like Calypso planet, it's better to have your own Transport !

Running around is nice but it has its limits… There are missions for newcomers where you're asked to travel from point A to point B, and trust me when i say : all the mobs on the way are not lower than you… Some are WAY stronger and can one shot you if you come too close. So you might think that all you got to do is to be careful and so on…

But creatures also have different levels of Aggro Range, which means they're more or less Aggressive. So even if they're far on your radar (symbolized by a little red dot) they'll rush at you from far away, then eventually catch you and kill you and you'll re-spawn at the nearest revival terminal, which will not always be the best spot… like surrounded by MANY dangerous creatures ! And you'll be… Stuck ?

Fortunately there is a channel in-game where people can come to save you with their vehicles, but sometimes there is no one and so you can have to wait for a long time like hours… literally!

That's why Buying your very own Flying Vehicle like a Sleipnir (cheaper choice) or the more expensive Quad-Wing Interceptor (twice as fast as the Sleipnir) will be a Time and Life Saver ! Vehicles will be like Items in your inventory, and when you need to use one of them, just place it on the ground and then Fly / Drive to your destination.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #55 Inv
Vehicles take room in your inventory like regular items.

Important :  Some Vehicles are a little more touchy than others so you'll have to experiment ! As an example a Quad Wing is a little more touchy than a Sleipnir when you place it on the ground ? It needs a more stable ground. So whenever you want to place / spawn a vehicle, check your little mouse pointer it will either be a Red Cross or a Green Check icon. Just move around your cursor on the ground and eventually you'll have a Green Check Icon to place it.

And not only to explore… Vehicles are very useful when it comes to Daily missions too ! Some of the creatures you have to kill are FAR away from Teleporters, and it's either you Fly / Drive there, either spend 30 minutes running. But the first vehicle you buy should be a Flying one, as you're going to get a Free Car from the mentorship anyway, and there are several places which are Way Easier to access with a Flying Vehicle than with just a floor one.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #56Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #57
On both these pictures, i am flying to the destination where the creatures i have to kill are located.

A last note before speaking about Traveling in Space, when you're in the middle of a fight, or you see some dangerous creature coming towards you… Having a Flying Vehicle is the solution to flee without damage. Run away from the mob and place the flying vehicle from your inventory on the ground, and as soon as it's placed, enter it ! The mob chasing you will simply stop its course… And you'll just have to take off just to land 50 meters away if you want.

If you have a Floor Vehicle it's not possible to do this… Mobs will keep the aggro on you and will start hitting you and your vehicle ! Of course you can drive away from the mobs as you'll be faster, but sill the solution to prevent all damage and eliminate aggro is the Flying Vehicle. If you have enough Money, Quad Wing is the way to go!


When you play to EU… Everything seems to be expensive !

You need to pay for everything you do, and even the little weapons you can buy at the terminal will not last as long as you thought. So when you see a spaceship passing by… You just dream about it, that one day you too will have enough money to buy one… But you know it won't be tomorrow because it must be very expensive !

And so you're staying on your planet… Well guess what ? That's WRONG ! ?

  1. What do you need to get into space ? a basic Flying Vehicle called Sleipnir Mk.1
  2. Does it fly by itself ? no, you also need to buy Space Thrusters and some Fuel
  3. Then what ? Attach the Thrusters to the Sleipnir and Refuel it as it comes empty
  4. What's the cost ? ~35 Peds for the Spaceship + Thrusters and ~5 Peds of Fuel.

40 Peds total to get to Space, and fly to the farthest planet from Calypso called Next Island. You'll have to buy all this stuff from the auctions, so you'll have to pay the Markup of the Sellers. When everything is in your inventory, don't forget to move the Thrusters on the Sleipnir, then you're good to go ! Right click on the Sleipnir in your inventory to select “place” in order to place it on the ground, then interact with it to see the menu, and just enter it.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #58Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #59
Time to prepare the Sleipnir with the Thrusters, place it on the ground and Take Off ! ?

The controls are roughly the same as when you move with your avatar, you just need to know that to take off, you have to push and stay on the “Jump” Key. Do this until you're high above the ground, and again until you see the message asking you if you want to go into space as on the screenshot below.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #60
Make sure you didn't forget anything before leaving ?

Just a little warning : Whenever you land on ground, do it slowly… Otherwise if you land too fast, your Flying Vehicle will take hull damage and that's even more peds to repair ? Treat your Vehicle with respect !

Congratulations you're now into space !


Now just be aware of a few but very important things :

  1. Space is PvP enabled (Player vs Player), that means Pirates can shot down your ship !
    (Make sure you don't have any Lootables on you… If a pirate shots you down, he'll loot them all)
  2. Space is in 3D (high, medium and low position), Pirates tend to be on the middle so stay high
  3. It's good to depart with 5 to 10 Peds of Fuel, otherwise you could run out of it and be stuck…
  4. There are zones where you can encounter space creatures, At the start better FLEE !
  5. Traveling from Calypso to Next Island takes a LONG time ! (More than 1 hour in a Sleipnir)

Now… Open your space map like on the screenshot below, look for “Next Island” planet, right-click to create a Navpoint or a few ones if you want to Zig Zag (Pirates…), close the map and look around to find your created navpoint. Once you found it… Put yourself on autopilot (same button to make your avatar run alone) and just enjoy the ride.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #61
Navpoint then Autorun for Autopilot, then Relax !

Maybe “relax” is a big word As i said you could encounter pirates and creatures so… Stay focused ! Do something at the same time why not, but keep an eye on your screen from time to time. I encountered a pirate only once in more than 10 trips… Unfortunately for me i was at the kitchen in Real Life, so i got shot down and re-appeared at the nearest space station, where i had to fully repair my ship and then went back into space to continue my course.

Important : To have a Repair Tool + Wires to repair your ship in case you're shot down is also a good idea… ?

As for creatures, I did encounter a few Giant Space Squids but it was because i was crossing a zone where there were mobs… I didn't die though, my spaceship received 150 damage to its hull but i  was able to fly out of their range.

Anyway whoever the enemy you encounter in Space is… Pirate or Creature… If you don't have a gun attached on your ship, if you didn't browse the auctions on Calypso to buy one… Flying away is the only option ! At the beginning when you're exploring, you don't want to buy a gun for your ship… You are learning the game and space combat is not urgent, it's more like a thing to learn when you have already done all the important things you had to do…

Now on the next screenshot below, you can see my inventory with MANY Weapons ! Why is that ? When you go on another planet you don't know how many players will be there… Remember what i said in the Starting Planet part, that other planets are less crowded so you don't know if there will be many weapons sellers. So either you stuff yourself on weapons before departing, either you have an unlimited weapon and then it's all good.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #62
Back in time (2021) i took with me all the guns i had !

How much fuel do you need to go from Calypso to Next island ?

i didn't know that, so that's why i put 5 peds of fuel… But in the end I arrived with more than 2.8 peds of fuel left in my tank. So the trip to travel space from west (Calypso) to east (Next Island) took just a little more than 2 peds of Fuel.

Finally when you arrive to your destination (planet), you'll pass by a space station before… It's not where you land. To land on the planet you have to go towards the planet, not the space station. And then you'll get the message to ask you if you really want to land on the planet. But that's not always the case… As an example to go on the Monria planet, you have to land on the Monria Space Station then use a Teleporter there.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #63
Welcome to Next Island, Best Planet to not lose too much peds ?

That's it ! You've made your very first space travel all by yourself ? Again Congratulations !


You can see a Vehicle in EU as having a Car in Real Life, it's like Independence ! You can go wherever you like, explore as far as you want… There is nothing stopping you ! You'll fly above mobs, avoid any pressure to discover new teleports, complete quests WAY Faster than if you were just using teleports and running around…

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #64Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #65
Yes my friend you're free ! And let's face it… Some Vehicles look damn cool ! ?

A last thing that i need to repeat, because some players even Veterans seems to forget it…

Space is PvP ! … Again ? Space is Player versus Player ! So please do not come crying on the Planet Calypso Forum, in case you're shot down by a Pirate. Just take it like a man, swallow your pride and accept the fact that it's a Mechanic of the game. You don't like it ? Then don't go into space… Stay in your comfort zone. Or grow some balls and Get out of your comfort Zone ! Here is the best example of a Useless thread made by one Veteran

That's why it looks even more Pathetic ! At first the guy even wished the other player was dead… And when you begin a Post by “I don't care about the money i lost“, that means you REALLY CARE about the things you lost… No frankly it was pathetic to read, so please… do yourself a favor… Before entering Space, just have the mindset of a grown-up person. If you die, you die ! If you lose stuff, you lose stuff, that's the game, just accept it and don't come whining all your tears on the forum like a teenager who got his lollipop stolen ?

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