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Entropia Universe Land Deeds to make money every week !

But it's a bigger investment and is it really worth it in the end ? ?


Entropia Universe Land Deeds are one of the best ways to Profit in EU, if not the best ? Well… Like in Real Life there is nothing better than to buy a part of Land, then to profit from every activities which will occur on this Land right ? You're the land owner and as such will every week win some Peds. Sounds Great isn't it ? ?

The only problem is when the Deeds are Fucking Overpriced… And EU Land Deeds price has skyrocketed over the last decade ! And yes it's all about Price Manipulation by the players… who else ? ?

As an example let's take the more sought after Land Deed, the Calypso Land Deed or CLD. Calypso Land Deeds were originally sold for 1000 peds (100$) but it was more than a decade ago, and since the price rised like there was no fucking limit ! but also because there is a good amount of Stupid People playing to EU… Ooops that's it i said it ! ?

As a matter of fact i recall one of the Ubers playing this game whose name is Rocket… Yeah he is an assh… a Uber ! Meaning he has a powerful avatar, one of the most powerful in EU, and he has en entrepreneur mindset. Well he said one day that “There should be an IQ test made by users prior to playing EU“, and I must admit he was right to say so…

This game is all about money, but you can't imagine how many people are doing bullshits with their money…

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #92
Famous CLD… Awarded Best Scam of the Year ! ?

After a lot of price manipulation, and even more of stupid people bending the knee to these new “crazy prices“, Calypso Land Deeds were sold at one point in history for more than 3000 peds ! Thrice the original price… and guess what ? Since CLD have now been converted to the Entropia Market Exchange, it got even worse ?

As long as you have people with very Very VERY LOW IQ accepting the price and buying… It will never stop !

Let's do some quick maths will you ?

  • Let's say someone completely and utterly Dumb buys a CLD for 3090 Peds
    As from the official thread right here, the median weekly profit is 4.5 Peds
  • There are 52 weeks in a year, so you'll win roughly 234 Peds /year (23$ /year)
  • 3090 / 234 = 13.2 so that's 13 years to reimburse your CLD !

13 Fucking Real Life Years ! And there are many people who find that it's a “Great Deal“. In Real Life there are far more better opportunities than this… I think some people must have spent too much time in EU, and forgot all about the Real Life deals and Profits you can make with Real Money !


Then you have a few types of people…

1- The casual players (like me), for us buying a Deed to that kind of price is Embodied Stupidity.

2- The guys who have money (again like me), there is no fucking way we would invest in these… Knowing on one side that the price was highly manipulated by old players, and widely accepted as such by a bunch of degenerates… And on the other side that MindArk can't be trusted when it comes to withdrawals and we'll talk about this later.

3- Then you have those who are going to play EU for ALL their life. Yes they might profit if, and i don't wish them any harm, everything goes right for them in RL… But 13 years to get your investment back is long and shit can happen!

4- Finally the people who think they're going to Play EU only with the CLD Profit earned each week… These are the best in the ladder of Stupidity… It's like if you thought a player couldn't be more dumb… well guess what ? it's possible ! ?

The 4th Type is so Sad…

  • These poor souls just buy 1 CLD thinking they will be able to play for FREE every week ?
  • So they invest more than $300 to buy it and then they receive every week an average of 4.5 Peds

What do you do with 4.5 Peds ?

So 4.5 Peds is 45 cents… So it's not even 1$ it's 0.45$.

Assuming you already have a gun, you're going to Hunt PUNY Mobs for maybe 15 minutes every week. That means the lowest possible mobs in the game, that means NO FUN, No entertainment at all ! Because these mobs loots are SHIT… And when i say 15 minutes i am VERY Generous, and don't dream ! Globals won't happen…

So what happens next for these poor souls ?

They're really disappointed… and they go back to the auctions to resell their damn CLD ! But they don't want to sell it to a lower price than the price they originally paid for, they don't want their 1 or 2 weekly profits to be gone in the reselling… NO ! These Greedy motherfuckers are going to raise the price ! So they'll put it at 3095 Peds… And later another Greedy motherfucker wanting to be rich will buy it, and the cycle will repeat over and over again ! That's why at some point we were already at 3095 Peds for a fucking CLD… And it's not going to stop ! You know why ? ?

Because there are Assholes Veterans players on the forum encouraging this ! They motivate new players to buy CLD telling them that even at 3000+ peds the price is still good, and even if they don't win much every week, they'll be able to resell their CLD for even more than what they bought it for ! This little circus is a very good business for these Veterans, as they own Many CLD themselves and so their own properties are worth more and MORE with every new manipulated Idiot ! That's why i have so many people on my ignore list in this game…

Many of these players just want to make money on you, that's all they care about. The more i play to this game, the more i see a game of Hunters and Preys among the players themselves.

I also recall one guy who was all happy to have bought 1 CLD, and then he began a little hunting log on the forum saying he would hunt every week with its CLD Profits so 4.5 peds ? Guess what ? He wrote less than 5 posts in the forum and we never heard from him since lol… He sold his CLD and Quit !

Rule of Thumb : Do Not listen to all the shit spread by Veterans on the forum, they're not your friends. There is no friendship in a casino, if you're looking for virtual friends, go play to Everquest. That's the best community of players you will find in any online role playing game. But do not seek these in Entropia Universe, you'll get scammed !


Calypso Land Deeds were great around 10 years ago !

They were released at the price of 1000 peds ! So the people who were playing at that time now Profit from them, and so for them it's great ! But for New Players that's just a SCAM to buy these at more than 3000 Peds ! It's like paying them for 300% their original price… Who in their right mind would pay such a delusional amount ??!??

New Players, Please be Smart and Stop buying Deeds

Deeds are only bought by people who don't know what they're doing, and who are just glad to own a Deed…

So what would be a fair price to buy deeds ?

Calypso Land Deed (CLD) : 2350 Peds and it will still take you 10 years to refund your purchase

2023 : CLDs have now been divided by 100 in the form of Shares, and they're called Calypso Land Deed Trust (CLDT).

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #93
CLDT since the latest 2023 update, Prices have gone Mad !

The price of CLD which was 3000 Peds in 2022 (and it was already a BIG SCAM), have skyrocketed to 34.77 /share ! So *100 = 3477 Peds if we count for one old CLD and even more than that ! It's not a Scam… It's a Sodomy !

Then maybe some people like it and in that case… Enjoy my friends and don't forget to swallow !

Edit 2023 : So unless you pay 23.5 Peds for a CLDT Share, you're scammed.

Word of advice : Let these deeds / shares rot where they are, your life will be far better without them.

Arkadia Underground Deed (AUD) : 26 Peds and same as the CLD it will take you 10 years.

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #94
AUD, a deed only bought if you never learned Maths.

At the last known price of 95-100 Peds, many people were praising the AUD as they pay every 2 days (or so…) 1 Pec per Deed… It seems all these people have also put their Brains on Holidays, because it will take them 36 Fucking YEARS to reimburse their purchase. Yes many people should have listened more during Maths classes at school…

Arkadia Moon Deed (AMD) : 5 Peds because that's the WORST Deed to own…

Entropia Universe Beginners Guide Screenshot #95
AMD, a deed only bought by players with mental disabilities.

At the last known price of 25-30 Peds, people who are buying this should give me their money… They'll profit more with me, while hunting mobs with their money for a potential HOF, than waiting for these to Pay off !

Joke aside… If you buy an Arkadia Moon Deed, please take some Boxing Lessons first… Some good punches in the face will help your brain to move inside your skull, and create some room inside for you to think it twice ?


Now let's talk about Shares !

Just right-click on your Ped Card and select “Entropia Exchange” to access this Market…

This screenshot below have been taken prior to the conversion of the CLD, that's why you don't see them.

Okay you want the best advice someone can give you ? DON'T EVER BUY THESE

You already have some of them ? SELL THEM AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN

Why ? because even the best Share on this list “Ancient Greece” will take you 15 years to refund !

Let's not even talk about New Treasure Island or Crystal Palace Space Station… These are existing only to throw your money by the window, In that case again… If you have too much money, please send it to me! I don't have financial issues in Real Life, but i am not rich either so if you plan on dropping your bucks, please drop them in my hands ?

And you know we previously spoke about the Global mayhem event, and that for 12 Weeks / Year, most players are coming back on Calypso to participate to Mayhem. Yes they could participate from other planets, but doing so they wouldn't be able to claim their Codex rewards… So to avoid these issues they're forced to go back on Calypso.

And once the average player travels to a planet, he tends to stay there for at least a few weeks, even stay there for a longer period of time. So that means No revenues from planets like Arkadia, Next Island and Satellite like Crystal Palace, because there won't be any players and so no more activities !

Understand that it's NO LONGER interesting to buy Deeds or Shares in Entropia Universe.

And even if it was interesting, even if the Return on Investment was good… We would again come back to the problem of TRUST Issue with MindArk. Actually we're going to speak about it the next part… Withdrawal ?

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