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Have Fun and Become a Successful Entropian ! 


My 3rd article on the Casino Mmorpg Entropia Universe ! Just as a reminder…

  1. The first was a long guide called the Entropia Universe Beginner's Guide
  2. The second was more to expose the Entropia Universe Christmas Strongbox Scam

But today we'll go on all these little things which are best practice to follow, as well as the things you should avoid, the people you should never listen to, the success stories you shouldn't believe… All the things which in the end will make the difference between a player staying and investing money, while the others will just leave after 1 week… Result of a bad experience because misguided.

Table of Contents

Just click below on the chapter you're interested in, or just read everything from Top to Bottom.

  1. What Planet to choose as a Starting Place ?
  2. Calypso Daily Missions to Never buy Guns !
  3. Only SWEAT while doing something else !
  4. The Advice you should NEVER listen to !
  5. Most Entropia Deeds aren't Worth Buying !
  6. Ships like Sleipnir or Quad are Important !
  7. Fighting Smart is better for your Wallet !
  8. Winning Auctions against other Players !
  9. Don't Believe in Fake Success Stories !
  10. Explosive Projectiles BP Money Maker ?
  11. Big BankRoll will Help to Profit from EU !


What planet to choose as a Starting Place ?

As you may know or not, there are a few planets in the Entropia Universe but the main planet is Calypso, and that's where you should start ! In spite of what a few other people may tell you like…

Choose another Planet instead of the boring Calypso

This planet might be boring for people who are playing since years, but for newcomers it's not !

Better loot to be found on the Planet Partners” (understand the other planets)

That's true on the other planets the average loot % you find on mobs is “slightly better“, and you could break even much more than if you were shooting mobs on Calypso… There are just a few things these people haven't told you…

  1. Calypso got the highest population of players
  2. Calypso got the best and longest chain of missions for newbies (newcomers)
  3. Calypso got several Daily missions, by doing these you'll never have to buy a Gun !
  4. Calypso got MUCH More stuff in the auctions than the other planets ! (of course… more people !)
  5. When the MAYHEM event is Live, and it happens 4 times per year for at least 2 weeks each time, everyone goes back to Calypso. Why ? Because the Codex of MAYHEM creatures can only be retrieved from one place in the Entropia Universe… Calypso ! And also people need to buy MANY GUNS for these shooting FEASTS, and where can you find more guns in the auctions ? Again… Calypso !
Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #1Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #2Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #3

Trust me… I'd like to tell you that the other planets are better… That they have everything you could dream of, and that you'll forget Calypso in 2 weeks… But as beautiful as they are… they're not as crowded as Calypso, and even feel pretty much Deserted some time…

ROCKTROPIA as an example is a DEAD Planet ! Some people (mainly Miners) still go there because there are places where it's very Profitable to Mine… Apart from that, and despite the brilliant ideas which unfortunately never seen daylight, it's slowly dying…

So do yourself a Favor ? If you're a newcomer… Choose Calypso as the starting place, go to Camp Icarus, Participate to the Gauntlet, and when you have finished it, go to the Camp Icarus Beach to start the CDF Chain of missions which will take you months to complete 🙂

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Calypso Daily Missions to Never buy Guns !

Calypso got a Unique system of Daily token that you can exchange for FREE weapons ! And these weapons are GREAT, because their efficiency is not bad at all, and their durability is EXCEPTIONAL ! That means one of these weapons will follow you through HOURS and HOURS of shooting ^_^

To obtain these Token you have to complete one of many Calypso Daily Missions !

  • Daily Category 1 Mission (average is 1 Token reward)
  • Daily Category 2 Mission (average is 2 Token reward)
  • Daily Category 3 Mission (average is 3 Token reward)
  • Daily Manufacture Mission (average is 2 Token reward)
  • Daily Mining Mission (average is 2 Token reward)
  • Daily Npcs Mission (Feffoid Cave, Argonaut Recovery, etc…)

All of these missions can be taken by going to a “Daily Mission Terminal“, clicking the one you want, and if you find one too hard to complete, just Abandon it and the next day it will be once more available. And of course the goal will be different (so it might stay hard… or be easier ^_^)

Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #4Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #5Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #6

The rewards as described above are more in the 1 to 3 token range, but… You have to know that in every Daily Categories, there is a chance to get the “BONUS” Mission ! This Bonus Mission is ALWAYS Very EASY to achieve, and it can come from ANY of the Daily Categories mentioned above ^_^

You see some LOW Level players as an example never take Daily Category 2 or 3 Missions thinking it would be ALWAYS Too HARD for them… But no ! You can have the LUCK to get the “BONUS” from these harder categories, and in that case… Trust me you can complete them !

Besides… These BONUS Missions awards you most of the time with 20 TOKEN ! When you know that you can exchange 20 TOKEN for a nice exceptional GUN, that's like having a Gun for FREE ! Because these BONUS Missions, as an example in the hunting missions, are to Kill 3 kinds of creatures… Which will RUN AWAY from You ! 😀 So whatever your level you'll never die ^_^

Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #7Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #8Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #9

So regarding the Daily Missions from the terminal, Best Practice is EVERY Fucking Day you click on it, select all of the Hunting missions, do those you can and Abandon the rest. Then wait for the next day and REPEAT ^_^ This way you'll finally get those BONUS ! I am Level 33 Laser Sniper at the time i write this article, and since i have started these Dailies when i was in the level 15-20 range, I NEVER HAD to buy a GUN to complete the other dailies… (even right now i have 150+ Token sleeping in my inventory waiting for me to exchange these token for a new Gun, as soon as one of my Guns will become unusable)


Only SWEAT While doing something else !

Sweat Gathering is the ONLY FREE Activity in the game, it's about gathering vibrant sweat from creatures. This Vibrant sweat can be gathered but can't be sold to the Trade Terminal, you can only sell it to other players. So this is the WAY used by FREE to Play Players… But throughout the years the price of Vibrant Sweat drastically lowered… And it's not like you can do something about it, because other players who are PAYING decide if they want to buy your sweat or just tell you to fuck off ^_^ It's like if you're not happy with that… Deposit your own money then ! -_-

Entropia Universe Tips and Tricks Screenshot #10

So at the moment in Early 2022 the average price of sweat is more in the 1.4 Peds for 1000 Vibrant Sweat, and even at that price you'll have a hard time selling it… It's going slowly but surely to 1.35 Peds and even 1.3 Peds. I myself always sell it at 1.3 Peds when i want to get rid of what's in my inventory. But i am a depositor so i don't really care about the price of Vibrant Sweat…

Let's just do some Quick Maths…

  • If you Gather Sweat during 1 hour, you might get 1K so 1000 Vibrant Sweat
  • Let's say you're Lucky and you manage to sell it for 1.5 Peds
  • As you may know (or not) One real $ ($1) equals to 10 Peds
  • So if you sell your hard earned sweat for 1.5 Peds, it's like earning 0.15 cents…
  • You just spent 1 fucking hour to earn 0.15 cents…

So my next question is : Would you accept in Real Life to work for 0.15 cents per hour ?

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As an element of comparison a Factory Slav… sorry Worker in Vietnam earns 84 cents per hour… So when you use your Avatar to ONLY Sweat and stay in front of your screen without doing nothing else (and trust me many players are doing that) you're earning more than 5 times LESS Money than a Slav… Again sorry… Worker exploited in Vietnam !

Your earnings won't even cover the electricity cost to power on your computer… -_- So that's why every time i hear a guy whining / blaming the AFK (Away from Keyboard) people sweating, because the creature isn't pulled fast to the turret or this guy is killed… I say FUCK OFF LOOSER ! WE the AFK people HAVE a LIFE, You obviously DON'T ! So pull the damn creature yourself or Die like a man !

Entropia Universe Tips and Tricks Screenshot #16

So when you gather sweat my friend… ALWAYS DO something else at the same time… Something PRODUCTIVE ! Myself I do my Workouts on Youtube 🙂 So i can't chat, can't type on the keyboard but i don't care, at least my avatar is gathering sweat without me having to stay behind.


The Advice you should NEVER listen to !

One of the best place to gather Info on Entropia Universe is of course the Calypso Forum.

Then just be careful about this forum because it's also a Very Unhealthy place…

  1. A few people think this Forum should be reserved to the ELITE (Rocket192 the perfect example)
  2. A few people think they're clearly above the Mass (Wizz, RickEngland, etc…)
  3. A few people like to stay Vague and Blurry in their explanations (Evey another perfect example)
  4. A few people are completely CRAZY when they don't take their Pills (Deemer, eSoul, etc…)

Because that's what MONEY will do to you dear reader if you spend too much time in the game like them !

Don't forget this Entropia Universe is all about MONEY and GREED ! People who have decided to invest A LOT of MONEY, and basically thrown their LIFE away in this game have been Forever changed in people who… don't give a fuck about others, and who are VERY TOUCHY !

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I have seen a few of these same people on Facebook Groups… They literally think they're the kings of the world and insult each other copiously… Gaming at his worst… And very different from what i used to know more than 20 years back in time, when Internet was still a place where we were helping each other… feeling privileged to be part of this new technological circle. This dream is now long gone…

I am lucky enough to have my own space of expression, otherwise i would be censored on the forum (that's also why i don't speak there…). One day i have a put a little picture about MindArk and their Lack of Communication, and my post got removed in an instant and all the other posts after it…

This NEGATIVE atmosphere have been implemented by MindArk over years of NO COMMUNICATION, and just telling their customers to FUCK OFF if they're not happy… So you know like me that, when the management is bad, it influences all the lower spheres in a negative way… Yes i said Management ? Well because by playing to Entropia Universe, and trying to make money out of it… We're all indirectly MindArk workers !

Grind Codex by Killing 5000 times the same mob over and over

Probably one of the most stupid advice given by the Veterans on the forum… All because of “statistical numbers” that you're going to lose less money this way, and have better chances to get a Global… So let me tell you straight…

Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #11Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #12

Killing 5000 times the same amount of PUNY is not boring… it's BORING AS HELL !

That's the quickest way for newcomers to QUIT the game !!! No one on earth but “Crazies” want to GRIND the same mobs for DAYS and WEEKS ! Unless your life is that much Depressing, or so Shitty that killing 5000 times the same pixels looks like heaven to you, You should NEVER DO THAT !

The players who will stay on Entropia Universe are those who HAVE FUN, those who are entertained 🙂 And there is no entertainment or Fun to kill 5000 times the same thing… I would have Quit the game 1st week if i had to follow this stupid advice. Fortunately i didn't follow it and 5 months later i am still there, successful and happy to make my avatar evolve even more ^_^

  • Don't Grind the same mobs for days, Do Missions and also Side Quests
  • Explore the world and kill new mobs, Get out of your Comfort Zone 🙂
  • Try missions where the mobs are harder (like the Argonaut Recovery)
  • Don't spend your whole fucking existence gathering sweat… you're not a slave !

And Deposit ! Otherwise Entropia Universe is clearly not a game for you. You make money with Money !


Most Entropia Deeds aren't Worth Buying !

Entropia Deeds are the best way to Profit in Entropia Universe, there is no better way like in Real Life than to buy a part of Land, then to profit from every activities which will occur on this Land. You're the land owner and as such will every week win some Peds. Great isn't it ?

The only problem is the Deeds have become FUCKING OVERPRICED over the last decade !

As an example let's take the more sought after Deed, the Calypso Land Deed (CLD) ! Calypso Land Deeds were originally sold for 1000 peds but it was more than a decade ago… And since the price shot up and it seems there's no limit ! Sky the limit (like they say in america) to the bullshit ^_^ Because at the moment the Calypso Land Deeds are sold for more than 3000 peds, and that's utter bullshit my friend !

Let's do some quick maths will you ?

  • Let's say someone (completely and utterly Dumb) buys a CLD for 3090 Peds
  • As from the official thread right here, the average weekly profit is 4.5 Peds
  • There are 52 weeks in a year, so you'll win roughly 234 Peds / year
  • 3090 / 260 = 13.2 so that's an INSANE 13 years to reimburse your CLD !
Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #13Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #14Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #15

Then you have 2 kinds of people…

  1. The people who are going to play Entropia Universe for ALL their life…
    For them they might profit if (i don't wish them any harm) everything goes right for them in RL
  2. The people who think they're going to Play EU only with the CLD Profit earned each week…

These 2nd kind of people are really funny… And the price of CLD is also raising since a long time because of these motherfuckers… Let me explain :

  • These poor fuckers buy just 1 CLD thinking they will be able to play for FREE every week
  • So they invest more than $300 to buy it and then they receive every week an average of 4.5 Peds

What do you do with 4.5 Peds ? Well assuming you already have a gun, you're going to Hunt PUNY Mobs for 15 minutes every week. That means the lowest possible mobs in the game, that means NO FUN, No entertainment at all ! Because these mobs loots are SHIT… When i say 15 minutes i am VERY Generous, and it's like you're going to get GREAT Loots to continue the hunt ! (but don't dream, as it won't happen 😀 )

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So do you know then what happens with these poor motherfuckers ?

They're really disappointed… and they go back to the auctions to resell their damn CLD ! But they don't want to sell it to a lower price than the price they originally paid, they don't want their 1 or 2 weekly profits to be gone in the reselling… NO ! These GREEDY motherfuckers are going to raise the price ! So they'll put it at 3095 Peds… And later another Greedy motherfucker wanting to be rich will buy it, and the cycle will repeat over and over again ! That's why we're already at 3095 Peds for a fucking CLD… And it's not going to stop ! You know why ?

Because there are Assholes Veterans players on the forum encouraging this ! They motivate new players to buy CLD telling them that even at 3000+ peds the price is still good, and even if they don't win much every week, they'll be able to resell their CLD for even more than what they bought it for ! This little circus is a very good business for these Veterans, as they own Many CLD themselves and so their own properties are worth more and MORE !

That's why i have so many people on my ignore list in this game… Many of these players just want to make money on you, that's all they care about. The more i play to this game, the more i see a game of “Hunters and Preys” among the players themselves.

There was one guy who was all happy to have bought 1 CLD these last months, and then he began a little hunting log on the forum saying he would hunt every week with 5 peds 😀 Guess what ? He wrote less than 10 posts in the forum and we never heard from him since lol… He resold his CLD and Quit ! Obviously… That's why i was speaking above of “Not listening to all the shit spread by Veterans on the forum“.

Calypso Land Deeds were only great 10 years ago !

They were released at the price of 1000 peds ! So the people who were playing at that time now Profit from them, and so for them it's great ! But for New Players that's just a SCAM to buy these at more than 3000 Peds !

New Smart Players don't buy Deeds anymore

Deeds are only bought by people who don't know what they're doing, and who are just glad to own a Deed…

So what would be a Fair Price to buy Deeds ?

Calypso Land Deed (CLD) : 2350 Peds and it will still take you 10 years to refund your purchase

At the present price which skyrocketed above 3000 Peds, you are SCAMMED.

Arkadia Underground Deed (AUD) : 26 Peds and same as the CLD it will take you 10 years.

At the present price of 95-100 Peds, many people are praising the AUD as they pay every 2 days (or so…) 1 Pec per Deed… It seems all these people have put their Brains on Holidays, because it will take them 36 Fucking YEARS to reimburse their purchase. Yes that's crazy, and yes there are many people in this game who should have done more Maths.

Arkadia Moon Deed (AMD) : 5 Peds because that's the WORST Deed to own…

At the present price of 25-30 Peds, people who are buying this should give me their money… They'll profit more with me, while hunting mobs with their money for a potential HOF, than waiting for these to Pay off ! Joke aside… the AMD should be LEFT ALONE.

Now let's talk about the Shares !

Just right-click on your Ped Card and select “Entropia Exchange” to access this Market…

Okay you want the best advice someone can give you ? DON'T EVER BUY THESE

You already have some of them ? SELL THEM AS QUICK AS YOU CAN

Why ? because even the best Share on this list “Ancient Greece” will take you 15 years to refund !

Let's not even talk about New Treasure Island or Crystal Palace Space Station, as these shares are… how to put it simply ? these are Trash Bins where you can throw your real life money 🙂 In that case again… If you have too much money, please send it to me!

Finally… You have to understand that for 12 Weeks / Year, most players are coming back on Calypso to participate to the Mayhem event. Yes they could participate from other planets, but doing so they wouldn't be able to claim their Codex rewards ! So they're forced to come back on Calypso… And once the average player travels to a planet, he tends to stay there for at least a few weeks.

So that means MANY less players on other planets like Arkadia, Next Island and Satellite like Crystal Palace… And as a result less money earned from these deeds / shares. Understand that it's NO LONGER interesting to buy Deeds or Shares in Entropia Universe.


Ships like Sleipnir or Quad are Important !

Obviously when evolving in a HUGE world like Calypso planet, it's better to have your own Transport ! ^_^

Running is nice but it has its limits… There are missions for newcomers where you're asked to travel from point A to point B, and trust me all the mobs on the way are not lower than you… Some are WAY stronger and can one shot you if you come too close.

So you might think that you'll be careful and so on… But creatures have also different level of “Aggro”, that means they're more or less Aggressive… And some creatures have some Strong Aggro ! Meaning even if they're far on your radar (symbolized by a little red dot) they'll run at you from far away, then eventually catch you and kill you and you'll respawn at the nearest revival terminal, which will not always be the best spot… like surrounded with MANY creatures ! And you'll be… Stuck -_- Don't worry there is a channel where people can come to save you…

But sometimes there is no one and so you can have to wait for a long time…

Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #17Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #18Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #19

That's why Buying your very own Sleipnir (cheaper choice) or Quad-Wing Interceptor (more expensive but also twice as fast) will be a Time and Life Saver ! It will be in your inventory, and when you need to use it, just place it on the ground and then Fly and go to your destination.

Also for your information, a Quad is a little more touchy than a Sleipnir when placing it on the ground… Let's say it needs more “stable” ground, so whenever you want to place it, check your little mouse pointer it will be either a Red Cross or a Green Validation. Just move around your cursor on the nearest ground and eventually you'll find a Green spot to place your Ship 🙂


Fighting Smart is better for your Wallet !

Fighting Smart means the right weapon for the right mob, or the right weapon at the right moment 🙂

There's no use to equip a Gun doing 60 damage if the mobs you're killing have only 30 Hit points, because no matter how low the hit points of this creature, you'll still consume the ammo needed to do 60 damage ! And that means twice as much ammo as if you were using a 30 damage Gun !

So if you're like me a Daily Mission Junkie (read above the section about daily missions), I encourage you to have several guns on you ! Maybe not at the beginning of course… But the more you'll advance into the game the more these will be needed !

I have myself 3 guns at all times i really use : (Dps means Damage per second)

  • A low 10 Dps gun (that's a 20 Daily Token CDF weapon)
  • A low medium 35.3 Dps gun (that's a 40 Daily Token CDF weapon)
  • A medium 53.5 Dps gun (that's a 60 Daily Token CDF weapon)

Obviously with my level i don't have higher guns than that 😉 (not yet ! because i will !!)

Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #20Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #21Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #22

As you can see on the screenshot above, for the Feffoids i am using my highest gun because they have some high regeneration… So if i had to use a lower gun, the battle would never finish and i would lose more ammo than anything. On the contrary on the Equus, i began with my highest gun then as the creature's health was going low i switched to my low medium gun to finish it.

There's always a different situation for different mobs, it's up to you to apply the right dosage.

edit 2022 : Obviously the weapon efficiency is Very important ! And as CDF weapons are basically FREE of charge, the more you advance in your skills proficiency, the more you'll access to CDF Weapons with higher Efficiency. And as per Loot 2.0 rules from MindArk, Efficiency directly influences your TT Returns (loot), so you might want to stick with the Higher Efficiency weapon at all times…

Then… It's also up to you to test what's the best for you ! If you're killing small mobs with your highest Efficiency weapon doing too much damage, you'll overkill… meaning you'll spend too much ammo. And if one day you hunt with other people, it's always good to have several weapons on you to make the Team Hunt Fair. You don't want one person in the group to do all the damage and take the loot.

Armors and Armor Plates for specific mobs

First of all you should find a Mentor (Like me 🙂 Open the Action Library in the game, then the Mentor Register Icon to find me) and finish your Mentorship ! Very important as you'll get an Armor which will last for a LONG Time ! Then only after that and several weeks of fighting with your Mentorship Armor, you should consider buying other armors depending on the mobs you encounter on a weekly basis.

As an example : if you want to fight Robots, you'll have to think about buying a Vigilante Set of Armor, or any other armor which will provide Protection against Burn and Penetration damage. It's very important to understand that in EU, there's not One Armor to rule them all ^_^ Every armor has its purpose, and buying one or another will highly depend on your fighting needs.

Now sometimes having the right armor for the right mob is not enough as…

Reinforce your Armor with Armor Plates !

Armor plates are “Armor Attachments“, that you just need to drag and drop on the piece of armor you want to protect even further. As an example with the screenshot below, i bought Armor Plates adding Electric Protection when i participated to the Easter Mayhem in 2022. The Robots we had to kill in the mayhem were doing 33% of Electrical Damage, and my Armor had only a low Electric protection.

Of course you need 7 of those as a Full Set of armor is composed of 7 pieces ! These armor plates are usually crafted by the players and can be found in the auctions. They're usually sold for more than their TT Value, as people are using them a lot so… Markup on them is going up 😉

Then you can see this as an investment, as these armor plates have a STRONG Durability and they're not going to be depleted any time soon ! For your information i spent around 47 hours in the 2022 Easter Mayhem, and the armor plating which suffered the most damage was the one on the Torso, and after 47 hours of shooting (which is very long trust me !) it still had 26% utility left !

Now let's say you don't have the money to buy 7 armor plates…

Which parts of your armor should you Prioritize ?

  1. The Harness : Suffers Damage 20.09% of the time
  2. Face Guard : Suffers Damage 15.77% of the time
  3. Shin Guards : Suffers Damage 14.66% of the time
  4. Arm Guards : Suffers Damage 14.35% of the time
  5. Thigh Guards : Suffers Damage 13.99% of the time
  6. Foot Guards : Suffers Damage 11.09% of the time
  7. Gloves : Suffers Damage 10.05% of the time

The Harness which is the Torso (bigger part of the body) suffers the more !
…And the gloves which are only protecting your hands suffers the less.

As a rule of thumb, always remember to detach the armor plates when you don't need them.

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Winning Auctions against other Players !

As you know or not, there is an Auction system in Entropia Universe. Players can bid on items sold by other players which can last for a maximum of 7 days. And sometimes on popular items there can be several players fighting to get them 😉

As an example i recently have acquired a Beautiful Blue Wazir Pleat ! It's the competitor of the master coat which is very popular by old school players, and still… not worth the high price for its low design. On the contrary the Wazir Pleat shines and sparkles ! Basically you really stand out of the crowd !

So when the auction was near its end… One guy began to fight for it, and the funny thing was… He made a bid 2 minutes before the end thinking i would not have the time to bid higher ^_^ First i was ready for that, as i was in front of my screen refreshing the auction every 10 seconds, and Second… In Entropia Universe when you bid higher than the other player in the last 5 minutes, it Resets the counter to “5 Minutes” 😀

So whenever you Bid higher… At 5, 4, 3, 2 or 1 minute before the end of the auction… The counter will be put back to 5 minutes for everyone ^_^ That means you can't “Ninja Bid like it was possible in other games, auction platforms on the web or real life systems… No ! On EU, everyone will get the chance to outbid their opponents with 5 more minutes and take their time, to think about if it's worth it or not.

So the guy had to wait for 5 more minutes, and then i made a bid at the last minute to outbid him ^_^ Basically by doing that we were both forced to stay on the auction screen, waiting 5 more minutes every time there would be a higher bidder… So yeah if both bidders are stubborn it can last for a LONG time -_-

Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #23Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #24Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #25

And in Entropia Universe, other players like to Bid with just 1 Ped higher… I wasn't ready to stay 2 hours in front of my screen so i went to Bid 10 more Peds every time ! The guy even searched for my name in the global roster and sent me a message as you can see on the middle screenshot above ^_^

Telling me that if i was going to his position (or really just a position he randomly took from the map) and giving him 5 peds, he would let the auction go to me lol 😀 That's the kind of trick which could work on someone New to Internet, a little Naive maybe… But i am on Internet since 1995 so i have seen all kind of shit going on, so i didn't even care to answer the guy… I continued the fight in silence !

And eventually as you can see on the same screenshot, he wrote me that he was giving up. It's all a matter of not falling into your opponent trap and showing that you have bigger balls. By bidding way higher than this person, is also a way to show your opponent that you're not afraid to Bid Higher, as opposed to a 1 ped Bidder who seems to be very cautious about its Ped budget.


Don't Believe in Fake Success Stories !

Internet is full of Fake Stories of Successful people… and why ? Because it helps to sell ! It can be used to sell tangible things like products, pills, things you can touch 🙂 And it can also be used to sell intangible things like Ideas, and this one works very well on Internet since years !

Entropia Universe is not devoid of them, but the most perfect example will be this story you can read below

How i Turned Entropia into a Full Time Job

In this thread you can even read answers from Naive people like :

Divinity : Very inspirational story and thanks for sharing.
Katie Chalmers : Success stories are what drives interest in our lovely little game
Jambon : Pretty awesome post

One guy was smarter than the rest though as Mihaimnb answered : Kind of sketchy story

Because this story is not awesome and even less Inspirational at all ! It's not a success story and if you drive people in with that, they'll feel deceived and will leave as soon as the treachery will be discovered !

These 2 sentences are important :

  1. I don't know if I would've kept going on with my Entropia journey if I didn't meet Eve at the time I did.
  2. I remember the first week I started mining hardcore I made around 4000ped profit, and I knew this was it for me. The rest was history.

There are 4 long sentences on the Player Eve… Eve is the local Uber Asshole who likes to tell people

you don't listen, you don't understand” as soon as you don't agree with him.

I find it very hard to believe that this guy whose reputation is not good at all, apart from the fact he is respected by some because he is a UBER, would have helped our little Fake successful guy…

Also This Zach OnlyGodPlays Lusk has hidden his profile on EntropiaLife… Even Eve doesn't hide his profile ? What do you have to hide Zach ? Maybe the fact that your little fake story is all bullshit and you never profited more than 1 week ? 😉

Because EVERYONE can hit a HOF or have a Good Week of Nice returns on investment ^_^ I know i did ! So 4000 peds profit can be made by virtually anyone… You just need Luck ! We can see MANY of these HOFs in the game every fucking day ! It doesn't mean that these people are going to become Profitable on the long run, and moreover it doesn't mean luck will forever stay on your side -_-

So The rest was history ? I say the rest is all Bullshit ! This story was made between Eve and Zach to Re-brand Eve bad reputation, and at the same time to make people believe you just need to invest $5000 and do it Eve's way… Because obviously all the others who are not making it are just…

not listening, not understanding” (Eve)

And you know the funniest thing in all of that ? Zach came back on January 2022 😀 What happened poor little Zach ? Lost a job you recently found ? Lost a woman you thought would have dragged you out of EU ? ^_^ Ahah… Sorry but i just can't be a nice guy towards Fake People.

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Explosive Projectiles BP Money Maker ?

If you go into Crafting in Entropia Universe, you have to know about a very important BP…

By the way BP stands for Blueprint and basically everything you manufacture is made out of a BP.

This BP is the Explosive Projectiles one you can see on the picture below (click to enlarge)

Entropia Universe Tips and Tricks Screenshot #26

What are the important facts you need to know about ?

  1. There are 4 levels of Explosive Projectiles BP, from Number 1 to 4.
  2. The higher the number, the more expensive it is to Buy and Craft !
  3. All of these BP's can help you to skill up in the Manufacturing skills !
  4. These BP's are used every day for GAMBLING in its purest form ^_^

As an example i began directly, and stayed on, the Explosive Projectiles BP number 2. I bought it from the auctions for 100 peds, and it was a QR 100. Blueprints have a Maximum Quality Rating of 100, and the more the QR, the better chances you'll have to get nice results from the manufacturing process.

Also the higher the number, the higher skills you need to use the Blueprint. So most people begin by the Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 1, and when their skills in Mechanical Engineer reach level 5-6, they think about going for the Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 2.

What's the material you need to craft Explosive Projectiles ?

Only 1… Nanocubes ! And they're directly available from the Terminal… Which makes Explosive Projectiles VERY EASY to craft, as you don't need to buy any MU (Markup) from other players. Nanocubes are available in an unlimited quantity from MindArk terminals, because obviously MindArk love Gamblers !

Entropia Universe Tips and Tricks Screenshot #27

And Gamblers are now what we'll talk about… as crafting Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 3 and 4 are for another league of players ! Those whose Peds Balance is WAY above the average Entropian, and who can afford to Lose a LOT on the Short run, because they know (or Hope) they'll make it back on the Long one.

Explosive Projectiles Money Maker or Money Sinker ?

Here is another fact you need to know about EP BP (Explosive Projectiles Blueprint)

  1. EP BP 1 cost 0.02 peds to craft every clicks… (so it's a very cheap way to skill up ! 🙂 )
  2. EP BP 2 cost 0.2 peds to craft… It's still not expensive and very good to skill up !
  3. EP BP 3 cost 2 peds to craft ! And now it's more about getting results than skills…
  4. EP BP 4 cost 20 peds to craft ! Here we're now on a $2 Casino Slot Machine -_-

So by now you understood that the higher you'll go, the more expensive it will get ! It's also recommended when you craft Explosive Projectiles to go for at the very least 500 clicks ! So depending on your EP BP level, it will cost you between 10 and 10.000 peds (that's what 500 clicks on an EP BP 4 will cost you).

When you manufacture you also have the option to put a slider on Quantity or on Condition.

  • Quantity gives you the best chance to manufacture something but with less Big Outcomes
  • Condition cuts your chance by 4 but with Best chances of getting a Global / HOF / ATH.

So let's do some Quantity and Condition testing !

For more than 2 weeks i went on some Intense testing of this Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 2… And i didn't want to test with only the recommended 500 clicks per Run, but more like an entire night ! Because by day i am a Hunter, so i am doing the Daily Hunting missions on Calypso, and by night my laptop is running by itself in another room of my house, so while i am sleeping my avatar is peacefully manufacturing EP BP.

So i went for Big Runs where i cycled each time 1500 to 2300 peds ! And for this amount of peds you get between 7500 and 11500 clicks ^_^ Even more in fact, as when you “nearly succeed” on one attempt, you get some nanocubes back, and that means more attempts !

Here are 3 screenshots after an average of 10000 to 12000 clicks while testing the slider on QUANTITY

Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #28Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #29Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #30

And 3 screenshots after 10000 to 12000 clicks while testing the slider on CONDITION

Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #31Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #32Entropia Universe Tips and tricks Screenshot #33

You might think that the 3 last screenshots are better, because the VALUE column is filtered by the best results i had over the entire night, and it seems CONDITION offered better results ! But not really… Because what you don't see are the next entire pages of FAILED Attempts ! Unfortunately to put the slider on CONDITION also means you're going to FAIL 4 times more than on QUANTITY.

Here are the Real Results with an Excel Spreadsheet !

Entropia Universe Tips and Tricks Screenshot #34

Basically this excel spreadsheet shows :

  • 3 different periods where i was unskilled on Quantity, skilled on Quantity then skilled on Condition
  • The green period is the “Skilled on Quantity” and the Losses are acceptable 🙂
  • I always convert the Shrapnel to Ammo because you gain 1% of ammunition to Hunt.
  • You have big amounts of EP and Metal Residue to sell, so you'll win a few dozens peds of MU.
  • The Recycled BP are the EP Recycled BP you can find, and their MU is really high ! ^_^

An Excel spreadsheet in EU will always speak more than a few screenshots… That's also why if you already saw screenshots of people doing Explosive Projectiles and saying they became Rich ! Just ask them their full results over the course of days, weeks and even months ? Pretty sure you won't get a detailed answer from them, because the truth is IT'S ALL ABOUT GAMBLING, and so ALL ABOUT LUCK !

You know if one guy gets a HOF (Hall of Fame) or an ATH (All Time High), it generally means he already lost a lot of peds in the past, and so this HOF or ATH is barely covering the damage from the past, or the guy will make some money but not that much… Or it means the next EP Runs are going to be a disaster ^_^ You know i don't wish anyone any harm, but remember EU is a disguised Online CASINO and it ALWAYS wins in the end !

Anyway… As you can see on the screenshot below, you'll have many things to sell after every run 🙂

Entropia Universe Tips and Tricks Screenshot #35

The deal is to get as much peds back as you can ! And you see my starting bid is always LOW… Because i am not a greedy player, and so my BO (Buyout Price) is the lowest every time on the auctions. That means i KNOW my offers will be sold at the BO, so i don't need to care about the starting Bid.

You see, several players are scared about their offers being sold to the LOW price because their BO is not interesting at all (too high), and so they put a High starting bid as well… The only problem is these Greedy players are paying more auction fees when they do that ! I am paying only 0.5 peds every time, and these guys are paying much more fees than me… And in the end they don't win more than me because of the high fees. If they weren't so greedy they would just put a reasonable BO, and their offers would be sold very quickly ! My offers as an example are always sold in the next hour, even if i put all my offers on 7 days ^_^

You saw i was cycling 1500 to 2300 peds every night, because i was on the Explosive Projectiles blueprint 2 where each clicks cost 0.2 peds only… Imagine now that there are guys who are doing the very same thing with EP BP 3 and 4 ! That means these BIG WHALES of EU cycle between 20000 and 200000 peds every fucking night ! As one guy said it one day… “EU runs because of 1% of players, the remaining 99% are just trapped

Which kind of player are you ? 😉


Big BankRoll will Help to Profit from EU !

Being a Free to Play player is one thing… Profiting from the game is another ! In order to minimize your Losses in EU, you need to have a Big BankRoll… And that means to have several hundreds of Peds (if not thousands) available at all times.

Why ? Because when you hunt mobs, there are many loots from them you can sell with a Markup of 101% to 110%. Problem is… 101% is not much when you're about to sell 5 or 10 peds of this loot. You'll have to spend time to find a player to sell your stuff to, and sometimes it takes hours, all of that to get 1-5 pecs in the end (or 0.01 to 0.05 peds if you prefer).

But isn't there an Auction system ?

Yes there is… But the auction system is taking a minimum fee of 0.5p ! So if you plan to sell even 10 peds of stuff for 101% on the auctions, it will be useless as you'll get 0.1p (101%) and then you'll subtract the fees of 0.5p, so 9.6p in the end… All of this to lose 0.4p -_- And you can't try to sell your stuff to a higher price like 102% or even 105%, because there are many other people selling their stuff ! So if your price is higher than the rest, you'll lose the 0.5p auction fees and nobody will ever buy your stuff 🙁

That's why you need to make stacks of ~100 peds value !

Every time you have something to sell… Check the Daily and Weekly Market Markup, and if you see 101% or more, that means there is a business for it (as low as it can be) and you have to wait for the total value of your loot to reach 100 peds ! That's why the personal storage terminal is useful, put there all the loots you find, and only sell them in the auctions when the value of a stack have reached 100 peds !

But doing so you won't be able to sell your loots right on the spot, you'll have to wait and hunt even more, until you find more loots and it can take days depending on your activity. But in the end it's to profit even more ! And only the players who have a Big Bankroll will be able to do that, only them will be able to really Profit! Free to Play Players who need the money urgently in order to go on another hunt won't be able to wait.

Yes you can also go back to sweat to make ridiculous amounts of peds for days… :-/ But let's be honest, if you have to sweat 4 days to hunt 1 hour… where is the FUN in that ? Is your life so boring that you'd be willing to spend days gathering sweat ?!? Remember you make money with money ! So if you really want to Profit from EU, think about Deposit Money first !

Shrapnels Buy them Low and then Convert !

All the shrapnels you find can be converted with a 1% profit (101%) in Ammunition. This Ammunition can't be sold, it has to be used through hunting sessions, but it's always more peds to fight and so more chance for a potential Nice Loot 🙂

Some people don't want to convert and so they're selling their Shrapnels ! In that case always Buy it LOW at a 100.2%, that means for 1000 Peds of Shrapnels you buy, it will cost you 1002 Peds, but then you'll convert it to Ammo (101%) and it will make 1010 Peds ! So a Profit of 8 peds 🙂

Little short story about a Disciple…

Unfortunately Entropia Universe is still advertised as a game where you can Earn Money ! This is a lie as those who are Honest with themselves know it's a Big Disguised CASINO, where the house always wins in the end.

There was this guy named Tamha (or something like that), who said in the #calytrade channel that he was looking for a new mentor because his own mentor wasn't helping him. Well this is something happening a lot in EU, as many mentors only care about the stuff they can win from Mentoring and not caring about their disciples. I got that too with my useless Mentor (a guy called Root) so i understood and suggested him my services.

That was obviously a mistake…

I quickly saw that the guy had not the Mindset to become a successful Entropian Player ! First he wasn't listening to anything when i was giving him advices… It was like i was speaking about things, and he was going on other subjects… And then he was also complaining a lot like :

If i don't recoup by the end of the week, I'll Quit !

The guy only arrived in the game since 24 hours and already he wanted to win money -_-

Funny thing is he told me he was An American Indian, a man full of patience, and all other people were his brothers by heart… LOL ! Very patient indeed… complaining already after 24 hours and here is the sentence he sent me…

How did you become successful yourself ?!?
You must had a very good Mentor or you have a LOT of money !

That's the kind of sentence someone says when he/she feels Superior to you… because obviously if he isn't successful, others can't without having more money than him or the Best Mentor out there… At this point, i understood that i would no longer mentor this Arrogant Bastard !

He told me he was going to part ways with me, i told him “Good” then “Bye” and then kicked him.

You want to be REALLY Successful in EU ?

First you have to show you're motivated, and that means Deposit money… Otherwise you're full of shit ^_^

Try to enter a CASINO in Real Life without money on you… I'd really like to see the result 😛

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