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Casino Mmorpg or Real Cash Economy (RCE)


Why Entropia Universe and not another Mmorpg ?

First of all, other Mmorpgs aren't based on a Real Cash Economy, meaning that the virtual economy inside Entropia Universe is worth something ! It's worth 1/10 of our Real Life economy, and the currency is called the PED. So if you deposit 10$, you'll get ~100 Peds ! And what can you do with 100 peds ? Basically you can buy a small gun or a rifle, and with the rest buy 90 peds of Ammo. With all of that, it depends of the loots you'll find on the creatures you'll kill, but if you're lucky with the rewards… You'll be able to hunt over and over until you run out of peds… This is the basic explanation ^_^

example : the laser rifle below costs 4 Ped, and uses 166 ammo every time it fires 1 shot ! And on the right picture, you can see that 10000 “ammo burn” costs 1 Ped. So if you buy 1 Ped of Ammo (representing 10000 ammo burn), with this laser rifle you'll be able to shot (10000/166) = 60 times before having to buy more ammo ! And also every time you use it… It decays ! That means at some point you'll have to buy another rifle ^_^

You see It's not like you would be playing to World of Warcraft, where the virtual money would be worth nothing… I mean ingame it would be worth something, but out of the game nobody would care about your massive virtual fortune because it couldn't be exchanged with real dollars. In Entropia ? Yes you can… The money you deposit ingame, the profits you can make overtime, all of these you'll be able to withdraw !

So from that point we're going to refer to that game Entropia Universe as EU for the shortcut, and as RCE for the Real Cash Economy. A game like EU can impact your life much more than any Mmorpgs out there ! As stated above you're playing with your REAL money, that you can deposit ingame like you would on your real life bank account.

But wait ! Why should you play to EU when every other mmorpgs out there are cheaper ?!?

Because of the little Carrot you can win at every corner of the game ! 🙂

The little Carrot ?… What are you talking about ?!?

EU is what you can call a “Casino Mmorpg” ! Every action you do… Killing a creature, Mining for resources or Crafting new gear can bring you a “Global” and even one worth to be displayed on the “Hall of Fame” ! Basically a global is like when you play to the slot machine and you hit the Jackpot ! The slot machine is going to pour money over you, make some “Talatatatataaaaa” noise, people around you are going to applause or say “Gratz !” for Congratulations, and you're obviously going to make some profit from that Kill / Mine / Craft.

Here is a “HOF” meaning a global worth of the daily “Hall of Fame” that i hit back in 2010 !

Entropia Universe Beginner GuideSo what do you make of that ? It says i have killed a creature called “Atrox Old” and got 378 Peds out of it.

  • Atrox is the name of the creature
  • Old is its Maturity (in EU Maturity defines how tough the creature will be)
  • 378 Peds is like winning 37 Real Dollars !

And why does it say that the record was added to the HOF ? Because 378 peds out of a “Kill” is not a common thing ! More something Rare or Very Rare ! Most of the time you're going to kill a creature you'll get maybe 0.2 to 1 ped, and if you get more like 2 to 5 Peds, it will already be considered a lucky loot ^_^ So 378 peds is definitely something you'll remember 😉 The average amount of a Global is more in the 50-150 Peds range.

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Then you probably won't withdraw this money right on the spot… Because that's more peds to make your avatar evolve, buy stronger gear or more ammo to hunt even more ! That's also on what “MindArk” the company who design EU is counting on… If everyone was withdrawing all their virtual money at the same time, MindArk would go Bankrupt in weeks… Fortunately the time you invest in playing EU makes you psychologically attached to your avatar, and you want to continue the adventure and re-invest your wins… Not take them out of the game 😉

Therefore in EU it's better to see your deposits not only as “wasted money to play a video game” but as an investment ! An investment as if you were depositing money on a bank account, and then depending of your knowledge of the game, and the amount of money you're ready to invest, you can make this deposit grow overtime at a better percentage than any Real Banks in the world.

The players who know how EU works make an average of ~10% Return on Investment per year ! There are players who invested a lot like 20000$ or even largely more ! And who got their money back in just a few years, are now making profit and EU basically became their Day to Day job ! ^_^

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #1This guy passing by in his Quad Interceptor above my head seems to be a successful player 😛

But this doesn't mean you'll also be successful 😉 Anyway here are the ways to make money in EU :

  1. Hunting monsters (It's fun but you shouldn't rely on that to make profits)
  2. Mining as in searching for ores or energy matters (can be profitable)
  3. Crafting things to sell them, and even opening your own shop (even more profitable)
  4. Selling your services like “Space Travel” or “Taming Creatures” (even even more profitable)
  5. Buying Deeds, meaning acquiring the ownership of EU lands (Expensive but VERY profitable !)

But once more i have to repeat… To make big profits will mean to make BIG deposits ! EU is like Real Life, you're not going to make 1000$ out of 10$… Well yes in real life there are people who managed to do that, but it takes a long time ! So let's be realistic and let's not talk about “exceptions”, let's say you're the “average joe”… Then the average joe will have to deposit BIG to earn BIG, it's as simple as that.

So if your goal is to make money out of EU, you better prepare yourself with an “Entrepreneur mindset” ! Because you might have heard stories of people who have managed to profit BIG from the game, but these people are 99% of the time those who invested “MUCH MORE” than the others ! And the 1% left are those who have been so lucky, that they should have played to the Grand Lottery instead of playing EU ^_^


A little history and Playing for FREE ?

EU have been created by the swedish company “MindArk” and have been released in 2003 (originally it was called Project Entropia). Personally i only heard about it in 2007. And at that time there was an advertising like “The only mmorpg where you can play for FREE and make real money !“. Trust me that's the kind of promotion that works ^_^ Free and Money in the same sentence can bring thousands of people in, and that's what happened !

But i said earlier that you had to deposit money in order to enjoy the game… so how the fuck can you play EU for FREE ?!?

Well even if this game is a giant “Space Opera Casino” or “Sci-Fi Casino”, where you'd expect people to Pay first with no free activities (although Mindark always claimed it wasn't a video game based on gamble, but sure it is ^_^), there is ONE Free Activity… and It's called “Sweat gathering“, and no… you're not going to gather your own sweat -_- (that's disgusting Man !)

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #2Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #3Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #4

Sweat Gathering is most of the time a team work ! You make out a circle where one of your teammates is going to pull in a creature (a “mob”) inside the circle, and then all of you guys are going to target the mob and “extract vibrant sweat” out of it, with a tool every player get at the start called a VSE Mk.1. Of course the creature won't be happy about it and will start to randomly hit every one of you guys. So from time to time one of you will die, and then you'll resurrect, heal overtime and come back to the circle once you're healed 🙂

Okay and then ? What am i going to do with that “vibrant sweat” ?

Well… Vibrant sweat can't be sold to the terminal (which is the terminal you use to sell things and make money), but it can be sold to other players who already have money… and who also need Vibrant sweat for their Mind Essence purposes (we won't go into details). So what you need to do once you've acquired 1000 sweat, is to advertise in the local chat or the trade chat that you have some sweat to sell !

example : WTS 1k of Vibrant Sweat for 1.5 peds. (I Want To Sell 1000 vibrant sweat for 1.5 peds)

If someone is interested he will send you a PM (Private Message and you'll both trade). So ultimately there is nothing really FREE in EU… Even if the Sweat Gathering activity is free, you're going to sell your vibrant sweat to another player who probably deposited money to have what he has ! Because remember… If there was no one around who deposited money, and you would all just gather sweat all day long, as vibrant sweat can't be sold directly to the terminal, then there would be no Peds around ^_^

So if you never deposited real cash ingame and you're selling sweat to another player, always remember to thank him/her. Also the price of Sweat is generally between 1.4 and 2.5 peds per K (1000 units). 2.5 peds is the BEST price you can find… But don't dream, the average price is 1.4 or 1.5, it's real money in EU so there are no samaritans… We all want to win the deal but ultimately you'll have to negociate.

Also keep in mind the fact that to get 1000 units of Vibrant Sweat, you generally have to gather sweat during 1 FULL Hour ! It's not hard, you just target the mob and right click and then you wait… But still… Most people do something else on their computer while they sweat (You Alt + Tab and change of window), because 1 hour to get maybe 1000 Vibrant Sweat that you'll sell 2 peds at most ? That's 0.2 cents per hour… Talk about Slavery ^_^

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So… Many people work at the same time, and just go back to the EU window to right click again on another mob. Others take this time to chat… But as many players will be AFK (away from keyboard), you won't talk with many people ^_^ Then again… It's up to you… Personally i do something else because i am paid largely more than that in RL for a full hour of work. So if you're not happy with this gathering sweat activity, just Deposit !

Good thing though while sweating… You can win many points in sweat gathering, concentration, courage, athletics, combat reflexes and evade ! Not as much as if you were really hunting monsters with peds, but it's always better than nothing for a F2P (free to play player). Don't brag that you're a F2P in EU though… We're not too kind towards people bragging they never deposited any money, when we fucking did and then paid for their sweat with our fucking money. Just be respectful towards paying customers 😉

Back in time in 2007-2010 there was a famous place called Nea's place, where many players gathered (up to 100+ players) to make several “sweat circles”. But now this place is not as good as others… As an example on the planet called “Next Island”, the designers have put 2 concrete circles where players are gathering to sweat, and in case you die, you re-appear in front of an automatic healing device healing you in seconds ^_^ So this place among others definitely became the new standard for sweaters !

Sweating on Calypso : There are already 2 places which are worth going to at any time !

Boreas TP (coordinates 74368, 67332) and Osere TP (coordinates 81164, 72667)

These 2 places contains Kerberos creatures which can be sweated, there's no sweating event ongoing there, there's no real host, no healer, or killer. You just go there when you feel you want to sweat, the result is a little messy but i went to both places and it works ! 😉

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #4a

Then if you're the type of player who prefer when the sweat gathering is organized, wait for BIG Industries (a company on EU) to begin their sweat gathering event. These events are scheduled on all planets, they're 1 hour long, there is a healer, a killer and 10 players will be able to sell up to 1k sweat for 2 peds. (2 Peds is a good price, the average is 1.5 peds)

In that case the event can be found at the Royal Club TP (coordinates 30840, 40282) – screenshot below.

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #4b

BIG Industries guys generally advertise their events on the “Rookie” Channel available to everyone.

Sweating on Next Island : Just ask for the Crystal Bay Teleporter in the #nextisland chat

Oh yeah… to join a specific chat in the chat window, just type /join #chatname (example : /join #nextisland)


Where to Start ? What to Do ? Where to Go ?

When you'll start a new Avatar on Entropia, it's now advised to begin on “Next Island“.

Why ? “Calypso” planet is the original world created in the Entropia Universe, and it's basically where everyone starts… So it's now the most crowded planet, and Next Island is the latest addition to EU so it's more of an empty place… But ! Next Island is well known for its starting area where you can get lot of free stuff ! And the loots on creatures are also way better than on Calypso.

The average ROI on Next island is basically better than Calypso… If you want more details about the ROI % between planets, you can go and visit the Official Calypso Forum where people are discussing ROI every fucking day ^_^ Now without precise numbers, i can tell you that on Calypso my ROI was around 90%+, meaning most of the time when i was hunting mobs, i was losing 10% if not more of my resources on every run. And on Next Island with the very same gear, i was more around 100% so i was able to cope more often with my losses, and hunt more with the same amount of spent money.

as an example : I myself traveled from Calypso to NI (Next Island) with only 29 fucking peds as you can see on the screenshot below, that's what all i had left after buying my own spaceship ! Because every day i was tired to lose more and more peds on Calypso. And with only 29 peds, i managed to hunt for 2 Full weeks once arrived on NI, killing about 1500 Papoos, 200 Boars, 400 Cyclops in Ancient Greece (which is a part of Next Island Planet) and even finishing my Mentoring (we'll see that later). So in the end i managed to make the best out of my little peds on Next Island, where on Calypso i couldn't.

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #5

So below i am going to speak about starting on Calypso, because that's where i started. But in case you're interested to begin with on NI, there is a well known website created by the Lady Avatar cat1000er at this address : . It contains everything you need to know about the planet “Next island”, the missions you can do, the rewards you'll get and so on. You can see her website as the Full Official Guide on how to make the best out of your journey on Next Island.

Don't worry… That you choose Calypso or Next Island as your starting position won't get you stuck, as you'll be able to travel from planet to planet later on. Besides there is a FREE Space Transport on every Sunday from planet to planet, and if you got enough money (just deposit 5$ and you'll have enough) you can even make the trip from one planet to another yourself… (like i did!) More risky though and it takes time (1 hour+), but we'll talk about this later.

So let's start our Journey on Calypso !

You remember previously i told you that i began to play to EU in 2007, and it was on Calypso ! Next Island was not existing at that time… My main activity was “Sweat Gathering” and now you know what it is 🙂 And i had spent maybe 100$ at that time to speed the things up ! Because as i already said, sweating is very long… And you're not going to entertain yourself with that ! I was “unemployed” and maybe that's why i needed a little entertainment, and EU provided me both the Mmorpg and Gambling entertainments at the same time.

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I played a couple of months with these 100$ and then i left… for 3 years ! ^_^ Yeah… i came back in 2010 because… Funny thing i was once more unemployed ^_^ Well… It's not that funny but yes it is, because it seems i only enjoy EU when i am without a job ahah ! In 2010 i deposited even more 400$ more exactly, so a total of 500$ with what i had deposited back in 2010. This time i burned it very fast by playing with expensive gear, making my first Hof and in 2 months i was already out of the game. and then… i had a fucking Break of 11 years ! Woaw ^_^

To come back in September 2021 once more unemployed lol ! And so i had to re-learn everything…

11 years later… The game had drastically changed !

When i managed to retrieve my account details (had to log in a support case with MindArk for that, and to provide my ID) i logged in and appeared in the middle of nowhere Naked with around 600 peds on me ^_^ I didn't know where the fuck i was… I didn't know how the game worked anymore… Fortunately there is a “Rookie” Chat where i asked several questions, and all the guys told me to go to Camp Icarus to begin with, which is the Noob starting place. Allright, there was a TP (Teleporter) near me, so i used it and selected “Camp Icarus” as a destination.

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #6

Teleporters are free by the way, there are several on every planets and they're the main and faster way to travel. So i arrived at camp Icarus and received a Pop-up to participate to the “Gauntlet”, unfortunately for me the Gauntlet is a Teamwork Mission only available to people who haven't passed level 5 in their main combat profession, and it seems i was already level 15 ! Don't go right there from the beginning though…

The first thing you want to do at Camp Icarus is to go South down to the beach. There as you can see on the screenshot below, you'll find a CDF Officier (Calypso Defense Force), and behind her a shuttle ! From there you can go 2 ways…

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #7

  1. You go click on the shuttle to access the “Thule” Area which is only for starters (i couldn't access it)
  2. You click on the CDF officier and enroll yourself as a CDF recruit (that's what i did), and from there you'll embark on a chain of missions that will entertain you for at least 50 hours ! And it's good because it provides you with a purpose to do ingame.

You'll explore the world, do many courier missions (meaning bring me that, and i'll give you this), hunting missions, scouting missions and so on… And one important thing to do is to click on every NPC (Non player Character) with a yellow question mark above their head ! That means they have a quest for you, and most of the time a reward will be given ! Even if the npcs are not part of your CDF missions, they have side quests which will bring even more entertainment and benefits (Ammo, weapons, stuff you can resell…)

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #8

Another very important thing to know is the implementation of what MindArk calls the “Codex

Every time you're going to kill a new creature, it will be added in your Codex like a book referencing all the creatures you have met in the world. And it's not only about information on the specific creature, it's also about “Hunting Ranks” ! When you kill a creature for the first time, you're at Rank 1 and a % counter will increment… The more creatures of this kind you're going to kill, the more this counter will grow towards 100% !

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #9

And once you reach 100%, you gain access to a “Skill Reward” that you'll select among a panel of skills, and your avatar will go to the Rank 2 for this specific creature. There are many skills in EU, and if you can boost them by completing these Hunting Ranks, it's even better ! Of course the more you raise in Ranks, the longer it will take to complete the next rank… And the amount of % you win for killing a creature will depend on its maturity ! You'll gain more Hunting points in your Codex if you kill an Old Caudatergus than a Young one. Finally… Higher Hunting Ranks will grant you Higher Skill rewards 🙂

So in EU Grinding monsters is also rewarding you with skills and that's good ! Also in the screenshot above you can see the window of my skills on the left, and you can see that i already had more than 2500 points in the skill “Anatomy”. Yeah and ? Well in the next section we're going to speak of the next VERY IMPORTANT thing in the game called “Mentoring“, and you'll understand that i was late !

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Mentoring ! How to Graduate as a Disciple ?

Okay let's say it another time ! It's VERY IMPORTANT to do your Mentoring ! And the sooner the better… I have myself finished my graduation, it took me a little less than 2 weeks and as a level 15 who already had won many skill points, it was even more difficult ! Okay so what's Mentoring ?

Basically you choose to become the Disciple of a Mentor… Like a Jedi Padawan if you prefer 😉 So how is it working in a Mmorpg like EU ? You'll have access to this little window below with a Skill Progress, and 3 badges that you have to earn.

  1. The hunting Badge, just team up 1 time with your mentor and it's good.
  2. The Mining Badge, just seek out ores or energy matters 1 time with a mining tool
  3. The Construction Badge, just craft 1 thing on a manufacturing machine (like a “Basic filter”)

These 3 badges are very easy to obtain… What's long is the Skill progression Bar… Basically you have to win points in either Hunting, Mining or Construction to make it progress towards 100%. And when you're a new player, you won't put your money in Mining or Construction, you'll be ruined in 30 minutes ^_^ So the only choice left is to Hunt and Kill monsters ! Because the only hunting skill that helps with Mentoring is “ANATOMY” !

You remember above when i told you that when i began my mentoring i was already at 2500 points in Anatomy ? Well… the more points you have in a skill… The longer it will take you to get even more -_- So as a starter it can go pretty fast, but as a guy like me it took an ETERNITY -_- Yes i have completed it in less than 2 weeks, but because i played A LOT ! Up to 12 hours a day my man ^_^ By the end i was fucking sick of it -_-

So do yourself a Favor and also… you can do me a Favor 😉 Find a MENTOR as QUICKLY as possible ! You can even take one as soon as you start the game, even before beginning your very first CDF mission. And… as it happens i have finished my own graduation, i can myself be your mentor ^_^

So here is the screenshot below to find me ! First ingame, type on the “N” Key on your keyboard, it will open a kind of “Table of contents” of all the things you can have access to ingame. Type in the search box “mentor” and you'll find the “Mentor Register”.

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #10

In this “Mentor Register” window, type in the search box “Marco” and you should easily find me “Marco Magnifico Schiffano” the name of my Avatar, and also my real first name in real life 🙂 Click on my profile, read the details at the bottom if you want to, and finally click on the Request button at the bottom right. I'll accept your request and you'll become my disciple ! A Mentor is made to help you start the game, to guide you… Like i already began to do with this Entropia Universe Beginner Guide 😉

But it's also about the big rewards for Graduating !

Because let's be honest… If there was nothing to gain, no one would care about Mentoring ^_^

Just for you to know from the start, a Mentor is not there to give you FREE stuff / money or anything… Just Guidance ! remember we all play with our real money, and like in real life we don't give our money to others just like that 😉 No the real rewards will be given to you once you have completed your graduation ! You'll receive a FULL Armor and a Car ! Take a look at the screenshot below ! Cool isn't it ?

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #11Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #12Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #13
  1. First screenshot is the message you get when completing your graduation
  2. 2nd screenshot is the Armor you get from graduating on Calypso and your Car
  3. 3rd screenshot is the Armor you get from graduating on Next Island

So yes… Before graduating, make sure you're on the right planet 😉 Personally i graduated on Next Island, i got the Calypso armor as you can see but it was a known bug. So i filed in a Support Case to MindArk, and 3-4 days later they replaced my Adjusted Pixie Armor with the white and fashioned Atlas armor from NI ^_^ This armor and the car are worth around 30 Peds of free stuff !

The Mentoring is a way for MindArk to attract new players to Entropia Universe, you can see it as a way of rewarding people who get active into the game. We all win from this system… You get your 30 peds of free stuff, i will also get 1 part of armor (value 20 peds), and MindArk will get a new active player in their database. It's a Win – Win on the 3 sides. Also by the end of Mentoring, don't forget to give me 5 STARS !

Don't worry about being a disciple. I am not going to be behind your ass 24/24 7/7… not at all lol ^_^ You live your life the way you want on EU, and i'll live mine 😉 I'll answer your questions if i can, give you some guidance if you want to… But i will never judge you, i will never tell you “Do this my way !”. No i want you to have a good experience of the game, i want you to enjoy the game, i don't want you to feel this mentoring as a constraint 🙂 We'll just have to team up 1 time to kill a creature and then if you're a very independent person, suits me fine ! ^_^

ps: Don't beg me for money, stuff or whatever… Do this with anyone you want, just not me or i'll stop mentoring you.

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Daily Missions and Tokens for more Rewards !

I quickly talked previously about doing the CDF chain of missions, finding a mentor, and also grinding monsters to gain rewards from the Codex. Because these things are very important and should be known and done by any new starters to EU. So now we can go a little into details and speak about the Daily missions and Daily tokens to mix in for even more rewards.

Before going to grind a specific type of mob, you should make sure that there is not a quest or a mission available for this kind of mob… Like “Go and Kill 200 Kerberos”, that's why i also talked about speaking to every npcs with a yellow question mark. It would be a shame to grind 50 Kerberos, that won't be counted towards a local mission because you didn't speak with the guy and he would have rewarded you for these…

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #14

There is also what we call the Daily missions, these missions are repeatable and can be done once a day. They can be found either at a npc giving them or at a Daily Mission terminal. As an example on Calypso you have these terminals where you can choose a Daily mission on Hunting, Mining or manufacturing. You can see that as a daily challenge and their difficulty range from Category 1 to Category 3.

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #15

  • Category 1 daily missions for players level 20 and below
  • Category 2 daily missions for players between level 20 and 40
  • Category 3 daily missions for players more in their level 60

When you choose a Daily mission, the result will be totally random ! As an example if we select a daily mission in Category 1 Hunting, you'll get a mission to maybe hunt 50 Argonauts, or 50 Merps, or 50 Daikibas and all of these mobs will only be required to be of Low Maturity. So just take the mission and go on the world to find the specific kind of mob you have to take down, thencome back to get your reward.

These rewards will be either Daily Tokens if the mission comes from a Daily Mission terminal on Calypso, either something else if it comes from another planet. Tokens can be exchanged at a Daily Token terminal for Weapons or other stuff, and these generally have a high durability ! Meaning these weapons will last a long time, and when you know that every weapons in EU are decaying overtime, it's good when you can exchange tokens for them, so you won't have to spend your peds to buy a new weapon directly at the usual terminal or in the auction.

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #16Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #17Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #18


Finally, make sure you use a weapon you have mastered ! What does that mean ? check the 3rd screenshot just above… When i exchanged my token, i also looked at the stats of the weapon and you can read these : Damage Interval, Range, Hit Ability and Critical Hit Ability

  • The numbers to the right are the maximum this weapon can offer you if your skills are high enough
  • The numbers to the left are what you're going to get with your actual level of skills

So if the numbers on the right are equal to the numbers on the left, you're going to be Good 🙂

If the numbers on the left are FAR from the numbers on the right, that means your skills are not high enough for this weapon, you're going to make less damage while using it, shoot from a shorter range, miss the creature more often, and rarely do a critical damage (which is double damage). There are people in EU who wants good gear right from the start and who end up losing many peds, because they can't use their weapon at its full potential.


How do you get into and Travel through Space ?

When you play to EU… Everything seems to be expensive ! You need to pay for everything you do, and even the little weapons you can buy at the terminal will not last as long as you thought 😉 So when you see a spaceship passing by… You just dream about it, that one day you too will have enough money to buy one… But you know it won't be tomorrow because it must be very expensive ! And so you're staying on your planet… Well guess what ? That's WRONG ! ^_^

  1. What do you need to get into space ? a basic spaceship called the Sleipnir Mk.1
  2. Does it fly by itself ? no, you also need to buy Space Thrusters and some Fuel
  3. Then what ? Attach the Thrusters to the Sleipnir and Refuel it as it comes empty 🙂
  4. What's the cost ? ~35 Peds for the Spaceship + Thrusters and ~5 Peds of Fuel.

So 40 Peds total to get to space and fly to the farthest planet, because we'll go to Next Island ! As for the price it's because you'll have to buy all this stuff from the auctions, so you'll have to pay the Markup of the Sellers. Okay you're good to go ! Right click on the Sleipnir in your inventory to select “place” in order to place it on the ground, then interact with it to see the menu, and just enter it 🙂

The controls are roughly the same as when you move with your avatar, you just need to know that to take off, you have to push and stay on the “Jump” Key. Do this until you're high above the ground, and again until you see the message asking you if you want to go into space as on the 3rd screenshot below. Just a little warning… Whenever you land on ground, do it slowly… Otherwise if you land too fast, your sleipnir will take hull damage and that's even more peds to repair -_-

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #19Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #20Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #21

Congratulations you're now into space ^_^ Now just be aware of a few but very important things…

  1. Space is PvP enabled (Player vs Player), that means Pirates can shot down your ship !
  2. Space is in 3D (high, medium and low position), Pirates tend to be on the middle so stay high
  3. It's always good to depart with 5 Peds of Fuel, otherwise you could run out of it and be stuck…
  4. There are zones where you can encounter space creatures, if you do… FLEE !!!
  5. Traveling from Calypso to Next Island takes a LONG time ! (a little more than 1 hour)

Okay now that all is said, open your map like on the 1st screenshot below, look for “Next Island” planet, right-click to create a Navpoint, close the map and look around to find your created navpoint. Once you found it… Put yourself on autopilot (same button to make your avatar run alone) and just enjoy the ride 🙂

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #22Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #23Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #24

Well… maybe “enjoy” is a big word ^_^ As i said you can encounter pirates and creatures so… Stay focused ! Do something at the same time why not, but always keep an eye on your screen 😉 I myself haven't encountered pirates but i did encounter a few Giant Space Squids ! And my spaceship received 150 damage to its hull ! Fortunately i was able to flee / fly out of their range.

Now on the 2nd screenshot above, you can see my inventory with MANY Weapons ! Why is that ? I didn't know what to expect on Next Island, i didn't know if there would be many weapons sellers… I just didn't know what i was going to find, so i stuffed on CDF weapons (the ones you get with daily tokens) and also took all the other weapons i had bought / found on small mobs. Ultimately i was right to do so as there is indeed… less vendors on Next Island -_-

How much fuel do you need to go from Calypso to Next island ? i didn't know that, so that's why i put 5 peds of fuel… But in the end (if i remember well) i arrived with more than 2.8 peds of fuel left in my tank. So the trip to travel space from west (Calypso) to east (Next Island) took just a little more than 2 peds of Fuel.

Finally when you arrive to the planet, you'll pass by a space station before… It's not where you land, to land on the planet you have to go towards the planet, not the space station. And then you'll get the message to ask you if you really want to land on the planet.

That's it ! You've made your very first space travel all by yourself ^_^ Again Congratulations !

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Buying & Selling, Good use of Auctions and Markups !

We're now going to speak about the most important part of EU Economy…

In EU you buy and sell all kind of things different ways…

  1. Buying and Selling from a Trade Terminal
  2. Buying and Selling from other players
  3. Buying and Selling from the Auctions

The Trade Terminal is also referenced as TT ! When you buy or sell something at a TT Value, it means you're either not going to profit from your sale, or the person you're buying from is not going to make a profit. So as a result if you buy something at TT Value… It generally means a GOOD price ! And it happens if you buy from the Trade Terminal, or from a “friend”. Because most people will want to profit and won't sell you things at TT price… Remember we play with our real life money, so when we can have some of it back… we do ! 😉

Okay let's take an example now ! There is a material on Next Island called the Purpurite Crystal…

If you right-click on this material and click on the market indicator at the bottom right, you'll see a little window with the recent Markup (that from now on we'll call MU), indicating this resource have been sold up to 500% its price in the last week, and that during this time there have been more than 178 peds spent in trades ! 1 Unit of Purpurite Crystal is 0.06 Peds, so at 500% it means you can sell it for 0.3 peds per unit ! And if 178 peds have been spent in the last week, that means there is obviously a big market for it !

So if you have let's 10 units of Purpurite Crystal, don't sell it to the TT ! You would only make 0.6 peds out of them (0.06 x 10) when you could sell them all for 3 Peds to other players ! (0.06 x 10 x 5). MU is everything in EU to make more money and profit when the game is not nice with you regarding loots -_-

How do we sell to other players ?

Very easily… Just contact someone in the game, maybe someone from your list or someone from the chat who advertised for what he had to sell… Click on his name and you'll be able to send him a private message. You don't really need to negotiate unless the price is bad, just ask the person the MU he does on his stuff and the exact amount in Peds. Then go meet him at the nearest TP (he can also send you his location).

Once you're in front of the person, right click on him / her to start the Trade.

Then in the window each of you will have to place what you want to trade.

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #25Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #26

As an example above on the first screenshot i made a deal with someone who was willing to buy SWEAT ! (You know from the sweat gathering activity). Frankly on Next Island it's RARE, so i haven't been greedy about it and only told him my price was 1.5p/k, meaning for every 1000 units of sweat he would give me 1.5 peds. He wanted to buy 5k (5000 units of vibrant sweat), so we agreed on 5k for 7.5 peds (1.5 x 5).

On the second screenshot above i wanted to buy 880 units of Lysterium Ingot, it was for a mission related to Manufacturing. So i contacted a guy on my friend list who is a very nice Reseller ! His prices are more than fair, and i am glad he is on Next Island. Just told him what i needed, he gave me his MU of 105%, then the total in peds and we traded near the sweat circle (as he spends a lot of time there 😉 ).

Just for Your Information (FYI) when you want to give your money, you have to right click on your Ped card like on the right of the 2nd screenshot, select “Extract Peds” and extract the amount you need. Then just drag and drop the Peds and the Cents from your inventory to the trade window 🙂

How do we sell via the Auctions ?

Even more simpler than doing it with the other players… Auctions can be browsed at “Auctioneers”. These NPC's (Non-Player Characters) are scattered around planets, but mostly can be found in big cities or big outposts. It's up to the will of the designers to place them where they think there will be enough players to use them… That would be irrelevant to place an auctioneer in the middle of nowhere -_-

Important to know : Every time you sell at an auctioneer, there's a small FEE of 0.50+ cents. So make sure it's worth it… It would be useless to sell something for a price which would barely cover the fee expenses of the auction -_-.

So as an example let's take this Auctioneer on the screenshots below, this one is located in a place called the “Oasis” on Next island. You simply interact with him with a right click, and then the auctions window will appear. As you can see i already typed the word “purpurite” into the search box, to know at what price the other players were selling it 🙂 Useful to determine if your price will be in the right range to compete !

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #27Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #28Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #29

Click on the “SELL” Button to open the Sell Window, then drag and drop the item you want to sell.

  1. You need to indicate the opening bid you're ready to sell it
  2. You need to indicate the number of days you want the auction to run (max 7 days)
  3. You need to indicate if you implement a Buyout Bid or not…

If a player Bid at the “Buyout Price”, the auction will stop and the buyer will get your item instantaneously.

So on the 2nd screenshot above, i indicated that the players must bid a minimum of 2 Peds (MU of 175.44%), and i agree to let it go at any moment for the price of 5 Peds (MU of 438.60%). When you put your Buyout Bid at a lower MU on an item where the demand is high, you're obviously going to sell it fast !

Now be careful on 1 thing… If someone bids on your auction, even at a price where you're not very happy with because you would have thought it would have gone higher than that, then you won't be able to stop the auction ! Look at the 3rd screenshot… I wasn't happy with the price, i clicked on “Remove” but of course it wasn't possible anymore to stop the auction.

There are players who are buying and reselling all day… It's all a matter of finding good prices and reselling at a higher MU to make a profit. Hunting, Mining or Manufacturing are good activities… But Ultimately You will not beat MindArk. A Casino is always against the player and always wins in the end. Obviously you'll be able to profit if you invest your time and money, but from MU only ! That's the name of the game, and that's what you have to realize and understand if you want to prosper or self-sustain in this game.

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The man who lost all its economies (3 minutes read)

Now that we have spoken about the auctions, it's important to speak about when someone decides to invest all of his money in Virtual Landlords Deeds, which most of the time is a good thing to do… But then one day he decided to sell them and make a nice profit, as he was later going to withdraw all of that money… So far so good right ? But maybe he celebrated a little too much ! Before creating his offer in the auction menu, he had a beer or 2 or even largely more ! and he screwed up by selling them for 100 times lower than their real price !

That's like giving up your 10000+ dollars worth of Deeds for… 100$ -_- And you know there are many resellers like in a lot of other games… who are waiting for “opportunities” like this ^_^ I have strictly nothing against resellers… They profit either from the mistakes of others, or from cheap auctions and there is nothing bad with that. They wait a long time in the auctions for good prices, and thousands of them also exist in real life so that's not a problem.

But then the guy who made the mistake went onto the forum in shock to create a thread, to try to find and ask the guy who had bought his deeds, to please give them back and he would give the guy a nice big gift for that. And then this thread became a very “Stinking” one ! People judging the reseller, people beginning to say sentences like : “i hope this guy will be honest and give back the deeds

Listen… It's not up to anyone to judge the actions of the guy who bought them, he didn't do anything wrong ! he's a reseller yes, but then if you want resellers out of the game, just file a fucking complaint to MindArk or shut the fuck up ! Because i don't like when people begin to judge others just because “they were not the people who made the profit !“. Let's not be naive… They were not trying to defend the guy who lost its economies, they were jealous of the guy who had made all this profit in an instant. If you had the chance to buy something at 1% of its real value, would you give it back ? Yeah i am sure everyone is a fucking samaritan in this world ahah ! ^_^ We would all have kept it, and begin negotiations with the seller who made the mistake 😉

But the biggest issue was that MindArk heard about it (of course that's their forum) and they decided to “Lock down” the account of the reseller for further investigation… As if the guy was guilty of a crime ! That was one step too far from MindArk. Because of course they're not the law regarding financial investments, they can't take measures like that, they could be sued for that. Because by locking an account, you show the players that “at any time, if they just feel like it” they can lock down a player account, and just say “it's for your own protection” when it's absolutely not !

From this moment the thread turned even more Toxic, and it seems some people were banned thereafter… But it's not surprising as the Admins of the Calypso Forum are not people you can really communicate with… Hopefully in the end the guy who made the mistake and the reseller made a deal in private. So the poor guy was able to retrieve a good part of his economies, and the reseller received his nice gift. (I imagine 10% so 1000$)

Back in time this story definitely hurt EU… The way this whole affair has been handled by MindArk, but also players banned from the forum by the Admins (they're of the worst kind), some others have just quit the game since disgusted.. And also because players were asking for a better auction system / menu since YEARS. So far in 2021 there is now a message of warning appearing when you create an auction, just to warn you if you're selling under the average price.

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Mindforce ! How does this Magic work ?

Wanna know how to launch Fireballs ? In EU there is Magic ! And it all comes from your Mind ^_^

So let's get down to Business ! Mindforce requires a few things to work…

  1. a Payn-Inc Implant Inserter (Buy it from the Trade Terminal for 15 Peds)
  2. a NeoPsion Mindforce Implant (Looted or Bought from the auctions)
  3. a Nanochip (Looted or Bought from the auctions)

The Payn-Inc Implant Inserter is used to “Insert” the NeoPsion Mindforce in your head !

  • Open your inventory, Drag and Drop the NeoPsion on the Inserter
  • Then Equip the Implant Inserter by right clicking on it and select “equip”
  • Finally, the Inserter will be in your hands, you have to click the left mouse to activate it

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot 29b

Your Avatar will then start the insertion, twist and feel pain ! He will move like if he had an Alien (from the movie) trying to fuck with his head, or if he was trying to insert the same implant Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to remove in Total Recall ^_^

And so… By the end of this little “animation”, your avatar will now be ready to use a Nanochip !

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot 29c

Using a Nanochip is then as easy as a Gun or a Healing tool… You equip it or assign it to one of your keyboard keys, and you'll be good to go ! There are many different Nanochips for Attack, Healing, Teleportation, etc… and each of them uses a different kind of resource. As an example the Combustive Attack Nanochip uses Synthetic Mind Essence, and it's just a different kind of ammo that can be acquired from the same “Ammo” section of the Trade Terminal.

For your Information i just went towards Mindforce, because i have been lucky enough to Loot both an Attack and a Healing chip from Argonauts (in the daily scientist mission). If i had not looted these i would probably have waited a long time before trying it… Well in terms of Price, seems Mindforce is not that cheap… But of course it's always good looking when your Avatar starts throwing fireballs at the enemy, or heals people while being surrounded by an Aura of Magic ^_^

Finally concerning the Implant in your head, the NeoPsion… 2 things to know about them !

  1. They have a Max Profession Level
  2. They have a Deterioration %

Max Profession level : When Buying a Neopsion, only buy one granting you the ability to use the Nanochip you have… Don't buy a bigger Nanochip that would be wasted money, and don't buy one too low if your Nanochip is higher, otherwise you won't be able to use the Nanochip -_-

Deterioration % : The Implant will absorb 20% of the deterioration when using your Nanochip, so you'll be able to use the Nanochip for a longer period of time. (L) Limited NeoPsion offer a bigger deterioration help, but they can't be repaired… Once they're over, you'll have to buy a new one. (UL) Unlimited NeoPsion offer a low deterioration help, but once they're over you just have to take them to a Repair Terminal.

The choice is yours on buying a (L) or (UL) version… I went for the (L) because the (MU) Markup was cheap !

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Mayhem Event and MindArk Deception !

Entropia Universe have several events every year, like defending a Fort against Robots forces or pushing back creatures from the swamp ! When it happens all the players in the area are invited to participate, and the loots will be evenly shared among the players depending on the damage done by each one. Let's say 2 players attack a creature which would have given 3 peds as a loot (so it's a nice loot), the first did 66% of the damage and the other 34%, then the first would receive around 2 peds and the second around 1 🙂 It's fair share.

Then among these events there is one MAJOR event called the Mayhem ! Personally i participated to it for the first time ever in 2021, and it occurred during the Halloween period. This event is a global instance which can be accessed from any planet.

Just push (and stay on) the “interact” button until you see this little window below, then go to System and Event List.

Then the Global Event List window will open, go to Global Instances on the left, select the Mayhem Annihilation of your level on the right (the higher the number, the tougher it will be !), double click on the line and it will open a smaller window (on the right) with more information about the event. Finally click on Register and it will ask you to confirm your choice. Once you do, you'll enter the instance ! So be prepared !

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot 29a

Congratulations you're now in the Mayhem Instance ! In contrary to the previous seasons of Mayhem, the 2021 is a SOLO one… If i understood well they removed the “Team Competition” from previous years… Well fine with me as i had no team, no society (left the one i was in because it was useless to me), so a SOLO instance to grind mobs and maybe gain a global (always have hope !) was all good ! ^_^

First of all as you can see on the left screenshot below, you arrive in front of a statue where all the details of the instance / mission are given to you. It's pretty simple, the more mobs you kill, the more you'll advance in the different stages of the mission, and the more rewards you'll get ! Also you can see on the middle screenshot below, that there is a Trade and a Repair Terminal in the instance.

Basically It's made to make you Grind Zombies (and spend money) as long as possible ! Though there is a Timer of 5 hours… That's the limit you can stay per instance in the Mayhem. In case you leave the Instance and come back (happened to me as my computer crashed) When you come back you'll retrieve your progress and the Timer will be reset to 5 hours. Remember that EU is a Casino, and the Mayhem is the place they designed for you to SPEND A LOT of peds, as you're going to NEED A LOT OF AMMO to kill the Zombies !

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #30Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #31Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #32

So how to start the Mayhem ? You just interact with the statue at the center of the graveyard and zombies will appear ! (right screenshot above) The mission then is pretty simple, find a spot where to pull the mobs one by one 🙂

For a newcomer like me the zombies were not so easy… Even in the Mayhem 01 in Bronze Category, which was the smallest category… They were level 8 with 640 HP ! So i had to buy a new gun (from a nice vendor i know who has very good prices) an Armatrix LR-10 which was the minimum required to kill these mobs.

Fortunately i have been lucky enough to get enough loots to reach Stage 2, 15 peds, 14 peds, 8 peds, 17 peds etc… All the time in the form of shrapnels that i always directly sold to the TT to buy more Ammo for my gun ! And i told myself… If i manage to get a Global above 50 Peds, i'll call it a day and i'll leave the instance 🙂 And after 40 min + 34 min i got one as you can see on the middle screenshot below ^_^

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #33Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #34Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot #35

So when i say something i stick to it, and also because i am not that of a Gambler and i know my limits. I cashed in the 60 Peds and went to the exit gate to leave the place… I was thinking to come back the next day but one thing happened… I was…

Deceived by MindArk on the Codex rewards !

While i was killing the zombies in the Mayhem i unlocked twice the Halloween Creature challenge from the Codex ! Meaning i had nice bonus skills to claim 😉 Only issue is when i went to the Codex Window there was nothing aside from the Next Island creatures. I tried to change the filter, i tried to click on Next Island to see if there was another location… There was nothing ! I tried this inside and outside of the Mayhem instance, same problem… I just had no access to this “Halloween Creature”, and so no access to the rewards 🙁

So i opened a support case on the Entropia Universe website, i wrote everything in detail, it was late like nearly 11 PM… Then i went back in the game, and 5 minutes later received ingame a notification that the support had answered me ! Woaw strange they generally never answer so fast (always took 48 hours if not more), and not so late ! They answered at 11PM so maybe it had something to do with the Mayhem event…

Well i opened the case and was “astonished” by their answer you can see by clicking on the screenshot below !

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot 36

They literally told me it was “normal” ! I entered the Instance from Next Island, and i should travel all the way from Next island to Calypso just to get 2 fucking Codex rewards ?!? What the fuck are those swedish people smoking ?!?! I'd like to know their drug provider because it seems to be strong stuff !!!

When the Mayhem was announced on the forum they have clearly stated that :

“Halloween Mayhem event instances can be accessed via the Global Events List from any planet or location within Entropia Universe”

When you say that… It means you can access it from every fucking planet, and the logical thing to do would be to have access to the codex rewards from these very same FUCKING PLANETS !! Why on earth do we have to travel to fucking Calypso to get them ?!? I have no fucking business on Calypso !!! This is another way from MindArk to fuck with us, and even get more money !

I feel deceived and betrayed by MindArk ! Such attitude is so miserable ! Such Greed is so shameful !

So they closed my support case and then i received a mail to note their work… ^_^

Entropia Universe Beginner Guide Screenshot 37

Well… you didn't think i was going to drop my pants did you ? The worst thing is… I was going to buy their fucking Platinum Pack and come back to the Mayhem !!! How can they be so stupid to lose a potential customer ?!? After that little incident i completely lost faith in EU… That's the kind of stupidity i don't like to see, and even more from a support service as i am myself an IT Support Manager in real life.

I'll continue to play to EU but very scarcely… Gathering sweat on Next Island while i do my daily workout, as it only requires me to right click on my wireless mouse every 5 minutes to target the mob. Aside from that don't expect me to buy anything. When i feel betrayed it's very hard for me to forgive.

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All the little things you want to know !

On every things in this world, there is a bright and a dark side… So far it has been very bright i think 🙂

But we also have to talk about the hidden side of the moon too… EU is a game where there have been bad stories in the past, and you want to know them in order to avoid any problems or bad surprises. You may not want to take hours to read them in details, but at least to hear about them… So when the time comes you'll know how to react. But not only dark things as we'll also speak about “practical” things !

#1 Let's cut the crap, how much does EU costs ?

Okay let's take my example ! I came back on the 23rd of September 2021, and after opening a support case i managed to retrieve my avatar with 587 peds on him, that means i had a little less than 59$ of virtual currency available to play.

  • From 09/23/2021 to 10/07/2021 my Peds Balance went from 587 Peds to 70 Peds
  • So on an average i was spending 34.46 peds / day (~3.5$) to play.
  • Playing an average of 6 hours per day, so it costs me 5.74 peds / hour (~0.6$) per hour.

Context : i was on Calypso Planet re-learning the whole game, like if i was a complete newbie ! Memories came back at some point, but still there were loads of things i had to learn and re-learn. So while i tried my best to play ECO (meaning to be careful about my spendings), i played A LOT up to 6-12 hours per day. I was unemployed at that time, and so i felt the need of being entertained, basically i wanted to enjoy the game 🙂

Between you and me i even burned money twice just for fun in Manufacturing crafting something higher than my level (cost 70 Peds) and for the Red colonial Jumpsuit which was only cosmetic (cost 60 Peds). If i had not did that, i think my money could have lasted 1 more week for sure ^_^

  • From 10/08/2021 to 10/20/2021 my Peds Balance went from 29 Peds to 36 Peds
  • So on an average it didn't cost me anything and i profited 0.58 peds / day (0.06 cents)
  • Playing an average of 6 hours per day, so i benefited ~0.1 peds / hour (0.01 cent)

Context : After all my virtual money was nearly gone on Calypso, i decided to take the leap, buy my own spaceship and travel through space to Next Island. A place i had heard about like it was basically cheaper to play there, and guess what… It was true !

So in the end… The price you'll pay to play EU will depend on your knowledge of the game, on how to make the best out of what you have in your inventory. Don't use a big gun to kill little mobs, don't use healing if your natural regeneration can do the job, use an armor that decays slowly (the one you get from mentoring is great for that !), check the market prices on everything you find, and when you find something other players need, keep it until you have a big stack and sell it to make an even bigger profit.

These little tips are obvious things to do, but in the heat of the game we don't always think about them.

#2 Can i withdraw all the money i won ?

Not just like that… It takes now between 50 to 60 days to withdraw money from the game. So every withdraw has to be planned accordingly… You can't take it out like you would from your bank account. MindArk reminds me of Bernie Maddoff Ponzi Scheme… There is a lot of money invested in Entropia Universe, but if every players wanted to withdraw at the same time it would cause MindArk bankruptcy in no time -_-

So i assume that's why they have a long withdraw time, they don't want that to happen 😉

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#3 Don't Fuck with Calypso Forum Admins (5 minutes read)

When we speak about Forum Admins, it's generally in a bad way…

But it's wider than that in the IT domain. Administrators have not a good image… Oh trust me all Admins are not bad, but it's true they're not the “talkative” sort, they don't like “conflicts” and try to limit their communication. So they're seen as people on their pedestals, which whom you don't want to argue, because they won't, your post will be deleted if they don't like it… And unfortunately Calypso Forum Admins are just that kind of Admins.

It's sad because i have been a System Administrator myself 20 years ago, before slowly evolving on the IT Manager i became some years ago, and i evolved because i am someone who likes to communicate, and also to step in “conflicts” ! I am not afraid of them in Real Life, not at all ! That's why i became a Manager, that's part of my job of handling conflicts. And I have seen the behaviors of Calypso Admins in various situations… They're not going to waste their time talking with you if you're not happy with their decisions.

1- When MindArk took the decision to cancel strongboxes for swedish players, here was the admin answer :

Our legal advisors informed us of the proper action and policies to take, and we trust their professional advice.

That sentence reminds me of the last Asshole i had as a country manager (1 level above me), who previously used to be an administrator for a long time… One day i told him that the guy i had to work with was a good-for-nothing ! And he answered me like that…

XXXX is a valuable member of our team since 10 years, i trust in his skills

My country Manager was not even in the fucking company since 1 year… So saying that is like he knew the guy since 10 years, but that wasn't the case at all ! It's basically just a sentence to say “Shut up ! I am the boss

2- When players began to complain on the forum about cheaters, and the weak punishments they received… Banned for just a small period and coming back like if nothing happened, the admin answered :

Since it seems people are unable to stop themselves from violating the forum rules… (and he locked down the thread)

Again they knew the players were right, but they didn't want to argue… they don't like conflicts.

3- When a player began to complain that the Trade forum was over abused, the admin answered :

There are no plans for changing the trading subforum. If you believe threads are violating the rules, report them. Now, since there are so many rule breaking posts in this thread from both OP and others… (and he locked down the thread)

First of all it wasn't to this person to report them… That's the fucking admin job ! No wonder there was no plan to change the trading sub-forum… The admin is of the lazy kind, he doesn't like conflicts, and once more he just locked the thread… Easier for him “i don't like something, i lock it” ^_^

Funny thing is this thread was ongoing since some time and it was locked when the player who started the thread, posted a picture of an item sold at the same time both in auction and on the forum, which is “AGAINST THE RULES” and then the thread was locked because the admin knew the player was right…

So then the player followed the answer of the admin… as he believed threads in the trade forum were violating the rules, he reported them to the admin “who didn't want to do his job by himself”. Then you know the result ? The player have been banned for 3 fucking days and the reason was “Trolling” 😀

Hello ! My name is Calypso Forum Admin, I am paid but i don't really like to work… I don't communicate either with the people on the forum, only when their opinion is the same as mine 🙂 You see i don't like conflicts, if not behind my screen i am a weak person, so i'd rather close their threads, copy-paste the same message every time about rule violations, and if the persons still don't understand i am the god father, i ban them for “Trolling” reasons because that's a word i have discovered on Wikipedia.

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#4 The man who won 30000$+ out of the blue (3 minutes read)

There have been a widely discussed story about a guy who was fairly new to the game, and who managed to win the Biggest HOF ever made on EU ! More than 300.000+ Peds won on a dangerous creature, but not THAT dangerous… Not a boss, not the kind of creature that could give this kind of HOF on a daily basis you know… So the story was widely spread by MindArk, and even a local newspaper made this story one of their titles… Well of course it's not every day that a person wins this amount of money in EU ^_^ The problem began when the guy said that he was new to the game…

The creature he had killed was in NO WAY accessible for a new player… A new player would have been crushed in no time… But he said he had good friends and Uber gear… Again to use Uber gear, you have to have some serious skills ! And again it was very surprising to see a player “new to the game” killing such a creature, with skills high enough to wear Uber gear -_-

So although the story made its way… Again there was a thread created for this discussion, and people began to argue “how the fuck was it possible ?!?”. And of course you have players who invested a LOT of money in this game in years and who never found such a HOF… So some people just said “you're jealous”, but if you were digging a little deeper, it was indeed strange ! It wasn't only jealousy… It's like it wasn't possible !

Fortunately we had the answer in the very same thread by one of the guys who was part of the team (and who made 6000$ out of this HOF) when it all happened… And his message hasn't been read / seen by everyone, because people continued to argue for days ^_^ This HOF was genuine, the guy was new to the game since a few months… But he wasn't the average kind of EU player…

He was an Entrepreneur in the video game “Second Life”, he made a lot of money out of this game and decided to play to EU one day… Investing no less than 15.000$ to boost his avatar VERY FAST ! So in less than 9 months of Buying skills at a very fast pace, he was capable of handling Uber gear ! And he was in a team with Veterans… So people who also had Uber firepower and Healing capabilities ! So he didn't get 30.000$ just like that out of the blue by himself… He invested BIG in a very short time, and in the end he was also very lucky and so he received BIG !

This story also confirmed the “Theory of the investors”… The more you invest and cycle peds, the more you'll win. It' not guaranteed though… But someone who invest high, will have higher chances of winning Big ! In away that should be obvious and not just a theory ^_^

The funny part of the story is… This guy is no longer playing to EU, he just went in for some months… Investing BIG, and after his HOF was at the top of the All time HOF list… He simply got bored of EU and went back to his Entrepreneur activities in Second Life ^_^ Problem is many players thought by reading this story that they could also Win BIG just like that ! Sorry… that won't happen guys ^_^

#5 Losing money and locked for others misdeeds !

That's the story of a honest player who suddenly got his account “locked for investigation“. This guy deposited a large amount of money ingame from his own credit card, but still he had not enough as he wanted to buy many expensive deeds ! And so from contact to contact, he found a “friend” in game who agreed to lend him more Peds. Peds he would then later give him back (with a higher %) with the income from the deeds…

Unfortunately time passed and the “friend” in question got banned from the game ! He was dealing in shady activities involving reselling stuff out of the game which is illegal. Then as our poor honest guy did a transaction with him in the past, he was immediately suspected to be a Fraud partner !

This account is locked. Further inquires about this matter should be directed to Support.

He submitted many support cases to the official EU Support, and all were closed without further notice or any communication from MindArk. 3 months later he re-tried and got 1 answer…

Thank you for contacting us. We can see that you have already addressed this issue in another case and will now close this one. If you have any further questions, please contact us again via case xxxxxx.

After 1 Year the guy just gave up, losing in the process 1000$. That's the reality of EU, even if you invest a lot of money it won't prevent your account to be locked down, and also be very careful ingame with whom you trade… You could just end up like this guy a collateral victim.

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The Entropia Links you want to know about !

There are many websites which have been created on Entropia Universe, speaking about it in Good or Bad 😉

  1. The Official Calypso Forum
  2. The Official Next Island Forum (a little empty though…)
  3. Entropia Life (widely used by serious EU players)
  4. Entropia Peds (for those who are desperate about peds…)
  5. cat1000er Next Island Helper
  6. Oblivion – Everything that MindArk promised and never happened

There are also some streamers, and they're very important to attract new players to the Entropia Universe ! I will only put the most important streamers below, meaning those who are really contributing to the online marketing of EU. Let's be honest, if EU was more crowded, i think we would all benefit from this crowd. Owners of Lands would make more money, the shopkeepers too, people offering all kinds of services would have more customers… etc… etc… We need to grow by at least twice or thrice the actual population ! So streamers… you have big responsibilities on your shoulders ! 😀

  1. Bonnie (Alaina ingame) on Twitch
    (Beautiful Scottish lady married to ♥ John Black Knight ♥ proud owner of the Normandie)

If you're a Streamer and want to be part of this list, just post in your comment below and i'll add you !


Communication is a Known Problem !

One sentence which often comes back on the Calypso forum is “Communication is a known problem/issue

I am speaking about the communication between MindArk employees and the community (the customers !), the communication is VERY BAD in time of crisis. Whenever a problem happens, the admins just write the same generic message and then nothing else happens… You can see them lurking the forums though, but they don't discuss the matter further. The community knows communication is broken, and it seems they widely ACCEPTED it !

Because it's a Touchy subject… Whenever one guy on the forum yells louder than the others, we do not hear from him / her for days. The person is just going to be BANNED by the “Touchy” Admins from one day to another, and no explanations will be given. You know the problem of a Casino ? It's that it's close to a MAFIA Mindset… We don't speak of problems, everything is dealt with in the background, shady business happens and it's how the things are working ! And if you don't like it… ? You're free to leave the place. That's exactly how MindArk is running their Entropia Universe business…

No wonder they have an issue with “Player Retention Level“, because we're now in a society where we want to speak directly with the developers, with the company ! You can see examples every day on the Steam store, where the best companies are known for their good communication with their customers. They listen to their feedback, and then word spread fast that the game is great ! And the company don't even need to market their product, sales are just coming in as a result of a good communication.

Unfortunately… MindArk miserably failed at this stage, and since more than a decade. You would think that at some point, the staff would be changed, admins would be replaced by people who can speak, face conflicts, accept the community arguments, show an overall positive face of MindArk as they're on the front line… But no ! It stayed the same Mafia Mindset, there is no will from MindArk to change and accept things they didn't accept before, we're the company and you're the small people !

Well… As you know (or not) they bought the rights to use the Unreal Engine number 5, and are working to migrate Entropia Universe from CryEngine 2 to UE5… And they also plan to be advertised on the Epic Store which could potentially bring thousands and thousands of players ! But trust me when i say… The people who could come from the Epic Store are not those who are already playing since years to EU… They're players used to “communicate” with companies, and they're not going to invest money just like that if they see MindArk is treating them like shit… The actual players are accepting it by force, because they invested too much and are scared to lose their accounts, but new players won't give a fuck !

Again… If MindArk doesn't care, and rather stay with the same population of players… That's their own “growth” problem. But then people should stop complaining about the low player retention level offered by MindArk in EU, meaning to see all those people leaving the game, because that's indirectly the result of veteran players staying silent on the forum whenever MindArk actions are bad. By staying silent and accepting everything from this little Mafia company, you're all indirectly participating to this big Emigration.

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